HELP!!Tricky Question for you Overnight Workers!!!

  • So here is a tricky one, well at least for me.
    To start off let me give you a run down of a 2 week period work and school schedule.


    Week 1: Week 2:
    Mon- o Mon-o & x
    Tues- Tues-
    Wed- o Wed-o
    Thurs-x Thurs-x
    Fri-x Fri-
    Sat-x Sat-
    Sun- Sun-

    What is tricky for me is planning my meals out according to my schedule and spaced out well enough that I do not go too long w/ out a meal.
    What is really hard for me is not working on Sundays and having school Monday morning and then working later that night at 11pm. I wake up in the morning Monday at 8am and eat breakfast and get ready for a 1 hour drive to school. I go to class for 2 hours and drive an hour home. I usually eat lunch after class, so around 1pm. But then what about dinner? If I eat dinner at a normal time like let's say 6pm... then what about from 6pm until I work the overnight shift which is 11pm-7:30am? This happens to be a hard thing for me and is starting to get a little discouraging PLEASE HELP..SUGGESTIONS WELCOME!!!!

    Cross your fingers.. I'm going in for my second weigh in today
  • Christine - Do you sleep on Mondays between lunch and work?

    It looks like Mondays is your only real problem day. But since this is a regular occurence, you should bring it up to your COD. I'm guessing you are on gold. Maybe on Mondays only you could go on blue which will give you and extra starch and 1/2 protein. You obviously need more food that day. If your counselor doesn't give you a workable solution, ask to see the manager. If you still don't get a solution, call the 800 number (it's on the lites box) and speak with someone in customer service. Good luck!
  • hi..

    i work 12 hours shifts and most of them are night shifts. what i do is have my breakfast every morning at the same time even when i'm working. its best to have 6 smaller meals than just three larger ones. having a nap in between on the days you are up all day and all night is helpful as well. on the days that i'm up all day and all night.. i space my food out farther than usual so that i still have my dinner and evening snack to have at work which is usually around 11pm. and my COD said to space those portions out too so that i'm eating throughout the night. their reason for that is that if you are up and don't eat it may slow your metabolism. to fill the gaps i just drink more water and that usually fills me. try to have protien at every meal even if you have to break up your protiens.. that helps me too. but talk to your COD and see what suggestions they may have for you. good luck
  • Christine,

    What I can reccommend is breaking things up smaller. Also, if you're working 11P-7A, you might be able to count some food towards Tuesday, I assume you sleep most of the day Tuesday.

    I ended up on reverse shifts during a week in January (3p-3a, when I usally work 5a-1p). I ate 9 small meals over those 3 days. It looked something like this. Granted I'm on RED so the extra food made a major difference.

    8 am: S, Fat, V
    11 am: Lite
    1 pm: Dairy, Fruit, 1/2 P
    3 pm: S, V
    6 pm: P, 2Vs,
    9 pm: F, 1/2 P
    11 pm: Lite
    1 am: S, F, 1/2 P

    It got me through a week of nuttiness. I found on the insanely long days breaking things up worked the best.
  • hey all! thanks for the responses! in response to some comments.. i have kind of two problem days. mondays and thursdays because i never work the overnight shift the day before and i am on the purple plan. I spoke w/ two CODs and they suggested i try to do a reverse hourglass.. on the days that i work overnights i eat lighter during the am and day and more at night and on the days that i do not eat more during the morning and lighter as the day goes on. if i am still hungry they may have to alter my plan. cross your fingers!! THANKS!