which direction would you go?

  • Aloha guys,

    I am a LAWL dropout, until today that is..........
    I live on the big island of hawaii, there are no LAWL thingys there, I know big surprise. But I can do it by phone, etc, weeks are half price and they would send me bars by mail. I don't know if I should try to go it alone or spend the $$$ and get the support, etc. I have about 20 lbs to loose, not alot, but I am a support needer, hmm, interesting word, hu?
    What do you guys think? And what would you do, does anyone do this program long distance?
    Aloha and mahalo,
  • Aloha Lizzy,

    Have you looked into LA at Home. Its a way of following the program online. I currently do LAWL online because I don't have a center close to me and it works great for me.
  • Hey Erika,
    Actually I went to the web page and couldn't find anyway to sign up for it, do you have a suggestion on how to do this?
  • Lizzy -
    I'm not too familiar with LA at home, but you are always welcome here for support!
  • If it were me I dont think i would do it over the phone. I do not know anything about the LAWL at home so cant give you any advice on that but there are some here that do it. I just think if you cant get the support in person then everyone here can help in the support area. This board has been a constant support for me and some here are better than the counselors lol.
  • Ok, go to laweightloss.com- then it says something like lose weight now. Then enter your zip code. It will take you to another page that has whoppi on it. There are tabs across the top, says Home, La plan, loss weight in a center, loss weight online. click on this tab- get signed up from there. Let me know if you still need help!
  • thanks and confused
    Thanks guys for all your ideas and help. The only reason I would do it via phone is for the bars, get kinda burned out on the Lunas.
    Sara, I still don't get the tab you are talking about.
    Only success stories, the la program, nutrition and health, about us, la community, and press room, I have clicked on eash tab and nothing about online, am I nuts?

  • Lizzy, I think it depends on your zip code whether or not you get the tabs Sara speaks of because I don't get them either. I went online and found a California zip code, and I got those tabs. I guess they only want people from certain parts of the country doing LA at Home. Doesn't seem fair does it?
  • Wendy! thats nuts, but way to investigate! I will call the so helpfull ladies at the online center and ask them about this. CRAZY! I will report my findings tomarrow!
  • My Indiana zip code does not offer LA On-Line either...
  • Oh great.. Another Lizzy.. How many Wendy's do we have now?

    I give you a lot of cred, trying to do this on your own with no local LAWL place.. I have an idea that left to my own devices, I'd have a hard time sticking with it..

    Good luck, and keep us posted!