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Congratulations to all the losers this weekend!

AF is due tomorrow for me, so I just didn't have the heart to go WI today. Instead I decided to do a FF starting today, even though I had a slimdown for breakfast, I'm sure that can't ruin me. It's been surprisingly easy for some reason. I guess I had enough distractions today to not worry too much about food. Hopefully tomorrow will go just as smoothly.

Libby -- A special 'way to go' for you at losing another 3lbs this week!You are doing just awesome.
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Default easy

I am soo jealous suzi,every day Is a struggle for me but I will keep pushing on
I hate WI day.
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Hey everybody- been busy with HOA stuff and soccer mom stuff. Busy as a bee! Congrats everyone on your losses!

Here comes the broken record again Kristen! You are doing great. You seem like a celebrity to me. SMILE!

Ok- I never thought I would be posting this...I lost 5.3lbs this week even with TOM. I met my 10 lb challenge a week before Easter. WOO HOO!

Bobble head counselor was amazed. She wanted to ask if I was taking something...but nope. Just followed the Red 1 w/lites, POP for nearly two weeks.

Oh well, going to bed. Good night and everyone have a great Sunday!!!

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Originally Posted by mamabanana View Post
Vic, awesome inches lost!!! I had the same thing with taste and smell for about a week and a half, it was probably have a sinus infection. If you take a sinus decongestant it might help, you can also try saline nose drops or if youre really desperate...warm water with a lot of salt, SNORTED through your nose one nostril at a time- G-R-O-S-S but it works....
Thanks Kelli! I thought the old pants were feeling a little loose so I was thrilled when I busted out the mesuring tape.

Thank GOD someone knows what I am talking about with this taste/smell thing! It is driving me absolutely nuts. It started last Weds and everyday I think it is going to be better and it isn't. I think you are right...I think it is sinus. I am going to go talk to the pharmacist tomorrow and see what he says. Eating with this is soooo strange. I keep making/ordering things with taste in mind and forgetting it doesn't matter. We went out for dinner tonight and I just got grilled chicken and salad. Too bad, because they had some great tasty fresh fish specials but I wasn't going to pay $25 fo no taste! I hope it gets better soon. Damn!

Hope you're are so close!
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Debbie on LAWL
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Talking Back in action!

Hello my long lost friends and all you newbies!!!!!

Boy have I missed you guys . Life has been super crazy over the last month, I have been traveling non-stop and struggled with staying on the plan. I tried to make good choices and have managed to not gain all the weight back
My account has been on hold for the last month, I went to the COD last week and told them I was ready to recommitt 110% and did NOT want to hear any negative comments (for those of you who don't know me I am a tad bossy! LOL). Amazingly, the counselors were very supportive and totally pumped me up. I went on Express for 2 days and lost 3lbs so I am almost back to where I had left off!!!

I am so happy to be home and back into my routine and feel that I am mentally in the game. I am weighing out portions and trying my very best to stay POP.

Congratulations to all of you for hanging in there and for all your support.
While I still have to travel for work I am committed to staying on the plan and MAKING it work!!! I just celebrated the big 40 and for some strange reason (big smile) I am more motivated than ever!!!

I can't wait to tell you guys about my travels but will save it for another post.

Big hugs to all!!!!!!!

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Happy Sunday all..

Not much going on here today.. Probably some yard work.. All the rain and snow we got over the winter sure has the weeds growing..

Still not feeling 100%.. I did something to my shoulder and I think my pack test this week agrivated it. I have an appointment with a Chiropractor this week to get an evaluation. Unfortunately, this means I'm not going to be able to work out my upper body, as the push and pull on my shoulder may make it worse... I don't know for sure, but I'll find out when I go on Monday.. If I can't do it, I can't do it...
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Welcome back Debbie.. we MISSED you! So glad to know you will be back and sharing your stories.. way to go on recommiting and doing your best to make great choices.. you go!
Hope you all have a great day. I'm off to shotgun some aspirin after a 45 minute screaming tantrum from YD (notice I left out the D for darling/dear)... the two girls have been alternating tantrums this week and I am ready for the nuthouse.. if you are looking for me I'll be locked in a rubber room, rocking back and forth and humming
Joni. can I still trade you for two dogs?
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Hi everyone. Wow! I missed checking in for a few days and it took me forever to get caught up - lots of posts to read!

Congrats to all the losers this past week!

Letisha - Twin - You are doing great! I am hanging in there. Go for WI tomorrow. It's TOM for me so I really don't know what to expect.

Katie - has your Great Dane had any more puppies? Where can I see photos? Hope all is well with Mama and baby.

Have a great POP Sunday everybody!

Going to colour eggs with the kids now
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Remember everyone to jump to the April Losers Thread now!
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