Intuitive Eating #4

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  • I forgot to mention that I think that my spirit wants Chocolate Cake, I think it really does
  • Quote: I forgot to mention that I think that my spirit wants Chocolate Cake, I think it really does

  • Obi, Thanks for the links. 2frus, Sorry you had a bad day. Our power went out for 4 hr. this morning just because they were working on something. It was supposed to be off for 3 hour so finally I called them and got it right back. ha!
  • Quote: I forgot to mention that I think that my spirit wants Chocolate Cake, I think it really does
    Spiritual Chocolate Cake Recipe:

    Sit or kneel in a position of reverence.
    Light Candle and incense.
    Meditate upon Chocolate Cake in such a manner as to cause the Chocolate Cake brain cell receptors to vibrate in a chocolate-like frequency.
    Chant: Cocoa, Cocoa, Cocoa. Breathe deeply. Chant some more.
    There - you've now had your spiritual chocolate cake.
  • Quote: I forgot to mention that I think that my spirit wants Chocolate Cake, I think it really does
    I thought my spirit wanted chocolate cake the other day. Chocolate cheesecake, to be exact.

    So I went to the supermarket and they had "Aztec cheesecake" on sale. It was a cheesecake covered in chocolate ganache and chocolate chunks with cinnamon sprinkled over it. So I picked up two of them (I have a chest freezer)

    They also happened to be having a great sale on umm...feminine hygiene products, so I picked up about six boxes of those, on the theory that it's like toilet paper--you're not going to stop using it anytime soon, so might as well stock up.

    I was in a hurry, so I didn't pick up any other items. It wasn't until I got to the checkout and plopped my multiple boxes of chocolately cheesecake and "cigars" on the conveyor belt and the female cashier gave me that oh-so-sympathetic look that I realized I looked like a walking advertisement for PMS.

    Anyway, I had one slice of the cheesecake later that night, decided it wasn't that good, and chucked the rest. Guess my spirit didn't want it after all.
  • Fiddler MAN! You crack me up!

    Nelie - if you want chocolate cake, have chocolate cake! Like fiddler I sometimes find that it's not as good as I expect it to be! I had a Mars bar yesterday for the first time in ages and ages and ages and it didn't taste as good as I remembered - however it did fill me up for about 5 hours, so it was worth it!

    I think I did ok yesterday - I was battling the blues but I think overall my calories were pretty low, so I'm fairly happy. I wasn't 100% switched onto IE yesterday but near enough

    Today I'm doing alright, I waited until I got to work to have breakfast and I'm going to get myself some nice tea in a mo.

    Those threads that Obi posted yesterday were interesting. I think that "not being scared of hunger" is something I have to get over. However I think as one poster said that going to bed ravenous is a bit silly. I can never sleep if I'm starving hungry. I wish I could control my snappiness when I'm hungry. I think I've been moodier with DH these past few weeks when I've been waiting to be hungry..... Perhaps I just need to re-introduce some more protein so that I'm not a 3 headed she devil
  • 2frus, Did you find the cherry oatmeal cookie recipe? We have loads of company here so lots of cooking to do. Last night was great. My son was here to help me. He's a great cook. Right now he's having back problems and was considering surgery. But lately he's been getting better and his wife is really hoping he will not need surgery.
  • Fiddler, For 20 yr I was pregnant or breastfeeding so I hardly need those products you spoke of. Then menopause hit and my dh said I was keeping the fem hygiene companies in business. Thankfully, I can't remember the last time I needed them.......probably about 5 yr. ago.
  • Sorry carolr - I had a bonkers weekend and have only just remembered that I owed someone an e-mail on Monday

    Basically, get an oatmeal and raisin cookie mix and use glace cherries instead of the raisins, and substitute the mixed spices for just cinnamon, although you could just use the mixed spices if you want! I'll see if I can remember to fish it out tonight for you
  • Hi Pals -
    Fiddler and I had a conversation about why things that aren't even "food" are the default things to eat. I have been more and more aware of how that is true. Today I went into a little corner market and couldn't help but notice there were several different fruit flavors of Pop-Tarts but zero apples or real fruit of any kind. Isn't that kind of weird?
    We also had joked about making a diet non-food that dieters could eat bowls of. Something like a mixture of Z-trim and Benefiber and Cool Whip Light. Help!! I think I was sent to the wrong planet by mistake!!!!
  • Quote: ...Something like a mixture of Z-trim and Benefiber and Cool Whip Light. Help!! I think I was sent to the wrong planet by mistake!!!!

  • I agree with Beth! And I never could see how anyone could eat pop tarts. Guess everyone likes something different.
  • Oh, just to clarify, that it really was a joke about the dieter's food, I'd like to add to the theoretical mix.... undigestible puffed pillows of cellulose.
  • I know what you mean about some shops. I've been out at night looking for vegetables to be sorely dissapointed. Most shops just keep packaged cwap that doesn't go off easily. I think it's too expensive to buy in a load of fresh fruit and veg if there aren't many people that are going to buy it.

    As for Pop Tarts, well I used to eat lots of those when I was a child, but now I couldn't even think about eating something that was 1) so processed and 2) so nutritionally void of everything! I know I'd crash in about 5 minutes of eating it, if not sooner!

    Yesterday and the day before have been fairly low calorie for me, but I still felt like I was eating too much Since I was snacking on apples and cereal bars when I wasn't REALLY hungry. Today I'm listening more closely.
  • Purely for accountablilty

    Gained 3 lbs. Official weigh in is tomorrow, but I got on early knowing it wasn't going to be good. I think it has been a couple of things, too much eating out and not eating when I was hungry. So back on the wagon.

    I think as long as I've learned something from it, can't say I overly upset...Just know what I need to do.

    You may now tune into your regularly scheduled posting.

    BTW, I've been reading, but work has been kinda hectic.