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Spinymouse 03-20-2007 12:40 PM

I love sauerkraut. There is actually a "sauerkraut club" and "sauerkraut chat."
check out www.sauerkrautrecipes.com

Spinymouse 03-20-2007 01:16 PM

more of the same
an article from the Mayo Clinic which appeared in the ediets newsletter. Pretty basic stuff but reinforcement is always good, right?

carolr3639 03-20-2007 02:01 PM

Thanks for the article, Jo. My family loves ruebens but we do it a little different. We use ham, rye bread, baby swiss, sauerkraut and a dressing called Dorothy Lynch that was first made in NE where we grew up.

Spinymouse 03-20-2007 02:38 PM


Originally Posted by fiddler (Post 1616981)
Jo (Spinymouse) took the picture so she gets the credit. I just stood there. :D

HA. You just stood there lookin' lean!!! The Credit is Thine!! One of these days I'm going to be worth of an "after" picture....... (dreaming)

carolr3639 03-20-2007 07:11 PM

Jo, "Those days" will be here before you know it. How do you do the "quote" thing that's just above your message?

shelby897 03-21-2007 01:46 PM

Sorry to jump in here, just wondering if there is a beginning thread here that kind of explains how this works. Having a hard time counting calories because I obsess too much, wondering if I should try this out.

Have a great day.

CinnamonGirl 03-21-2007 01:56 PM

Hi Shelby,

Check out this thread


that's where I fist started reading about it. There are a few references to books in that thread that can help you too!


shelby897 03-21-2007 02:15 PM

:) Thanks!!

Obsidianbbw 03-21-2007 04:08 PM

Hey everyone, welcome new people.

Eating has returned to normal. Jumped on the scale just to see and doing ok. Not an official weigh-in but I think the gain was more TOM than anything else. I seem to be back to pre-TOM weight. I broke down and bought the 100 calories snacks. I seemed to have a problem on my late nights at work about an hour before I was supposed to leave work. I would hit the vending machine only to find nothing I wanted and settling for something ( I still have a half finished bag of wheat thins). Only thing I try and eat all my fruit for the day and if I am still hungry I eat the 100 calorie pack. Funny, I haven't touched the pack I through in my bag on Monday.

Off Topic. BF and I had a VERY long talk so we're going to maintain until he heads to IRAQ. I think I can't just walk away knowing he might not come back again...no make up in 6 months..he might not be alive. Anyway....still marinating, but looks like things will be ok.

ok NSV-Back in Jan I ordered Girl Scout cookies. I had completely forgotten. So the wicked cookies (75 calories a cookie). While I am doing IE...all I could think when I looked at the content was the 2 lb gain. So I gave away three quarters of the box. Had 4 cookies over 2 days and was fine.

Working out has been kind of a trial. Mostly because of wacky schedule and late nights, but managed 20 min last night. Something else. While I used to LOVE WATP. I absolutely can't stand watching her now. Just too much chatting, can we sweat already?

Lastly, anyone make sushi at home? It's one of my favorite snacks and thinking if I could do it at home I could have it for lunch a lot every week.

Spinymouse 03-21-2007 04:43 PM

Hi Shelby!
Beth - thanks for that link you posted for Shelby - it makes me wonder where all those people went, though...
Carol - I just clicked on the "quote" box on the right of the post I wanted to quote
Obi - I make my own sushi! I will post some recipes later when I get to my home recipes. Most important thing if you use raw fish is to use sushi-grade fish. I would not use any fish I got at the regular supermarkets. I would go to fish markets or directly to the fishermen who dock here. Maybe in NYC you have good access to sushi-grade.
Also I use brown rice and honey instead of white rice and sugar to make the sticky-rice. I'll post more details later!

carolr3639 03-21-2007 05:50 PM

Obi, I know how you feel about WATP. I gave mine away. I'm into long walks right now but since it rained today, I road the stationary bike. At least I can read to my hearts content on that. We have lost of hills in WI and sometimes I take a pocket book to get me up the big ones. ha! I've never tried sushi. The raw fish always scared me away. Welcome, Shelby. How's everything going, Beth? Thanks, Jo, I finally see how to do the quote thing.

Obsidianbbw 03-21-2007 05:55 PM

Ok Spiny Mold me, shape me..

What exactly is sushi grade fish, just so I know when people try and jerk me around. I am going to try the whole food market and see if they have it.

fiddler 03-21-2007 10:46 PM


Originally Posted by Obsidianbbw (Post 1620804)
Ok Spiny Mold me, shape me..

What exactly is sushi grade fish, just so I know when people try and jerk me around. I am going to try the whole food market and see if they have it.

Since Spiny is probably off dreaming up yet another entry for the Pillsbury Bake-off contest so she can win $1 million and retire, here's a link for you, Obie :D


Hey, Spiny, what about a corn muffin with a chili filling instead of the traditional chili with cornbread? You could "frost" them with some kind of sour cream/chipotle chile/cheese mixture.

CinnamonGirl 03-22-2007 01:21 AM


Originally Posted by carolr3639 (Post 1620799)
Obi, I know how you feel about WATP. I gave mine away. I'm into long walks right now but since it rained today, I road the stationary bike. At least I can read to my hearts content on that. We have lost of hills in WI and sometimes I take a pocket book to get me up the big ones. ha! I've never tried sushi. The raw fish always scared me away. Welcome, Shelby. How's everything going, Beth? Thanks, Jo, I finally see how to do the quote thing.

Oh, I'm really off! I've been off for over a week now. Can't seem to eat right (types of foods are good but too much and for the wrong reasons), not exercising much to speak of, sleep's been really bad. We're trying to get a bunch of work done for a gallery and we're pushing waaaaay too hard so everything else has fallen to the wayside. My days and nights are all mixed up so YUCK! I need to get my balance back. :(

My goal for tomorrow: eat a "normal" amount of food because I'm hungry NOT tired and get outside for a walk! Also NO Kashi Go Lean - it's become an obsession, I'm eating waaaaay to much of it and is not doing me any favors trigger-wise. I've got to somehow find my motivation that has gone missing over the past few weeks. I feel like I'm on the edge of that ***HORROR*** slippery slope and don't want to go there!

Any help or words or motivation would be greatly appreciated you guys! :(


2frustrated 03-22-2007 05:46 AM

:hug: Beth - We all have cruddy days/weeks etc. Giving up on the Kashi sounds like a plan at the moment. Also - TAKE A FLIPPIN NAP! I know it's hard, spesh when there's no time, but even sitting in the bathroom stall and closing your eyes for 5 mins is better than nothing (I know, I have done this!!!! I have also slept out in the car park in the back of the company car at lunchtime! :lol: ) Also, when you need to take a break, go for a nice brisk walk - it will make you feel better and you'll come back feeling refreshed. :hug: Hope things come back to normal for you soon!

Well in Frus-land things are going particularly well. My exercise plan is spot on for the week, however I am TIRED :yawn: from it all - but never mind, just today and a weights workout tomorrow to get through, then it's NAP TIME! :lol:

Eating wise I blew last weekend, this week has been good even if it was a little higher in calories than I would've liked. I mentally add it up at the end of the day and most days have been coming in at around 2000, which is fine by me since I think I "naturally" burn around 2300 not including exercise. And BOY have I been exercising this week??? :lol:

I'm tempted to post my scales to my mother so that I have this scared thing. I figure, if I don't want to put on weight, and I don't KNOW if I've put on weight, then I will automatically choose the healthy choice... It could work! Maybe I should just try a fortnight without weighing :dunno:

Anyway... I have a good mantra now - "Running a Marathon will be easier if I'm lighter..." :dizzy: It's true to a certain extent and I hope it makes me more aware of what I'm shoving in my gob! :lol:


Obsidianbbw 03-22-2007 09:44 AM

:hug: Beth, I'm with 2Frus sneak sleep in whenever you can and if possible take a small walk, even if it is around the block or car park. I find when I work 8 hours or more straight. I NEED to get away from my desk for sometime even if it is 10 min doing nothing on the toilet. Or sleeping in an empty office. Hope it gets better :hug:

The thing about the eating. When I was doing the whole house buying thing I tried to ask myself if I was hungry and and how much. Sometimes I ate anyway and sometimes I was able to walk away from whatever it was. I was able to maintain until it was all over. So don't be to hard on yourself :hug:

Spiny,Fiddler-ok I am now fully educated in sushi fish requirements. I am going to walk up to the whole foods supermarket since I trust them a little more than other places and see whats poppin' in the fish department.

Spiny. I was thinking about you and the exercise thing. Exercise is what you make it. and I say do it intuitively. OK no idea why I needed to say that, but there it is.

Something else I have been rolling around in the ole noggin' the whole self esteem thing. We are all beautiful women and :censored: anyone who doesn't see that can move and get the :censored: out of the way.
I spent the first 21 years of my life walking behind people and have NO self esteem I will be darned if I let anyone treat me other than the complete Queen that I am. Period.

I think we all have wishy washy days, but sometimes You need a little. I am a Diva...you should be honored to be in my presence attitude.

This is not to say go out and step on people, but I think everyone needs a little diva in them.

Ok. I am off the soapbox and will no longer subject you to my ramblings.

Obie Out...

carolr3639 03-22-2007 02:00 PM

Hi Beth. The other day when I got really down like you I decided to start walking again. I had been having way to many crying episodes. Since then I've been walking 5 to 6 mi. a day and though it is killing me it has stopped most of the crying and feeling sorry for myself. It seems to have lessened my appetite, too. This was my 8th day although I skip Sun. I'm amazed how quickly the soreness goes away if you skip a day. Healing is wonderful! Obi, I love reading your posts........they're not too long. 2frus, I read some of your other posts and ran into YP. She is amazing! I read some of her blog. I have a big week, too, as we are having a Bible conference for several hundred people and I'm one of the cooks. Most things we prepare ahead so it's not too bad. We also keep people in our homes so cleaning is kind of a priority right now. Good thing I have a 16 yr. old daughter who like to earn money.

CinnamonGirl 03-22-2007 02:08 PM

Thank you, Fru, Obi and Carol! :hug: You are all so very supportive and helpful I can't thank you enough.

I will go for a walk today. It's bright and sunny and WARM here so I want to take advantage of it. I'm not much of a napper but a break is always good. It's so nice to have 3FC to come to when you really need a shoulder to cry on or an arm for support. Thank you again!

Carol, I'm glad to hear the walking is helping you! :hug:


carolr3639 03-23-2007 12:24 PM

Thank you, Beth. It's is getting a little easier every day although it does take quite a bit of time. When it rains, I try to use the exercise bike and my dd wants to get an eliptical. My married son has one and likes it. It's just nice to have something when the weather is bad especially in the dead of winter. I do a lot of gardening so that helps in the summer.

2frustrated 03-23-2007 02:29 PM


Beth - hope you're feeling better.

Stuff is straightening out for me. I had a REALLY bad binge-attack last night and it made me feel so sick :barf: I even yelled at myself in the middle of it and it made me slow down a little at least. :rolleyes:

Well I felt ill till about 10am, so then I've had a pretty reasonable day today, lean protein, fruits and veggies. I even asked myself what I'd like for dinner and the answer was "VEGETABLES PLEASE!" so I emptied all the veggies we had onto a tray and baked the lot! :lol: I am one happy camper now! I feel like I've got all my vitamins! :D

CinnamonGirl 03-23-2007 03:22 PM

Hey Fru :wave: I'm better today. Inching my way back from the abyss. I just started re-reading the Relapse thread in Living Maintenance. I found this quote of yours...

"You become your I ams" - What you think about constantly can shape your behaviour. If you are constantly telling yourself that you are a failure for putting some weight back on and you'll never lose it again, then hey-ho what happens... You struggle. If you constantly tell yourself that you can't (won't) lose weight, then what do you think happens? As some famous dude once said, "The law of flotation was not discovered by the contemplation of sinking things." Think about what you want to become and you will be attracted towards that vision.

Thank you for writing this! It's really true. I have to remember that even though on the surface I'm a lazy slug that would like to dive face first into Ben & Jerry's on a daily basis deep down I'm really an athlete. I always was as a child and even during the first few years of college. Something happened on the way to now that's pushed that athlete out of my consciousness.

So starting today, right NOW! I am an athlete! I eat like an athlete, I think like an athlete, I train like an athlete. :bike: I'm not going to beat myself up when things go wrong I'll just start again! I'm going to print this out and tape it up all over my house to remind myself when I'm feeling low.


CinnamonGirl 03-23-2007 03:23 PM

Fru, forgot to add... sorry about your binge but sounds like you pulled out of it very well. Intuitively too!

2frustrated 03-26-2007 04:12 AM

Thanks for pulling that up! That's something I needed to hear to reinforce a few things.

I've had a pretty good weekend - I didn't order fries or dessert when we ate out on Saturday and didn't feel at all "deprived". I bought some maltesers for going to the cinema, but didn't finish the bag. In fact there's still some left! I put some in a bowl yesterday to eat, but I just didn't eat them! :dunno: :crazy:

Yesterday I went for a run and hurt my knee :p But I bought myself some jewellery and then came home and ate a brownie and ice cream that I'd promised myself after my run, but I only ate half the brownie! I have the other half with me today... In fact that might be next down the hatch! :lol:

I re-read the book "I can make you thin" by Paul Makenna (sp?) and it's basically all about intuitive eating with some NLP in there too. It comes with a CD that I haven't listened to yet because a small part of me thinks it's mumbo-jumbo. Anyway, what I learned, or re-learned is to eat consciously. He says that other diet gurus used to recommend to chew 20 times before swallowing. He also says to put your fork/food down between mouthfuls, so this is what I'm concentrating on at the moment :)

As for binging - it didn't do the scales any harm so I'm not too bothered. I know what happened and why it happened, so I will be able to be "eyes wide open" next time I'm in that situation.

Well I suppose I'd better get some work done... :D

Obsidianbbw 03-26-2007 08:11 AM

:carrot: :bravo: Yeah 2frus. Glad to see you doing ok. I didn't know about the fork thing, will have to try that from now on.

Got on the scales, lost the weight I gained plus some. Went home to visit the parents. Did better on eating there than I have before. Ate some stuff i probably wouldn't have touched anywhere else (white pasta) but not a huge deal I was bonding with the family. I think it also helped I brought fruit and some stuff I eat with me.

Nothing else to report.

Cin hope everything is doing better.

Fiddler, Carol, Spiny...what's poppin?

carolr3639 03-26-2007 10:52 AM

I'm really tired from a big weekend cooking for a crowd so will be back later. Thanks.

Obsidianbbw 03-26-2007 11:57 AM

Christian Intuitive Eating thread...the weigh down diet? I posted there


carolr3639 03-26-2007 01:48 PM

Thanks for that, Obi.

carolr3639 03-27-2007 12:05 PM

After cooking all weekend I had an interesting experience with fullness. We were just exhausted but were invited to a hymn sing Sun. night after gospel meeting. It lasted until midnight. The funny thing was I couldn't eat one bite of the lunch that was served. I had had it with looking at food!!! I did drink a large glass of water but that was it. That night I thought I'd never be hungry again. ha! I finally go back to walking this morning and mangaged another long walk. It's go to be good for you, at least I hope so.

carolr3639 03-27-2007 12:06 PM

That should be got not go ..... in the last 2 lines.

2frustrated 03-28-2007 04:01 AM

Carol I know what you mean about not wanting to look at food! I used to work as a kitchen assistant and did salads, sandwiches and desserts. I used to get home and say, "Muuuuuuuuum, make me a sandwich..." And she'd refuse, so I ended up either eating nothing or just eating a bowl of cereal! I lost about 7lbs doing that job, even though we were allowed to eat free puddings :drool: :D

fiddler 03-28-2007 10:40 AM


Originally Posted by carolr3639 (Post 1628458)
After cooking all weekend I had an interesting experience with fullness. We were just exhausted but were invited to a hymn sing Sun. night after gospel meeting. It lasted until midnight. The funny thing was I couldn't eat one bite of the lunch that was served. I had had it with looking at food!!! I did drink a large glass of water but that was it. That night I thought I'd never be hungry again. ha! I finally go back to walking this morning and mangaged another long walk. It's go to be good for you, at least I hope so.


That's part of the reason I do so much cooking ;) It keeps me from wanting to eat. Ironic, isn't it?

Bunnababy 03-28-2007 01:07 PM

Good morning everyone. :coffee2: I am not new to 3FC but to this thread. I have been doing SBD but am tired of so many limitations in my selections and having to have special food in the fridge and cupboards. I decided yesterday to go back to intuitive eating. It is what works for me and I just need to stick with it. I am currently doing a workbook called "Don't Diet, Live It" and it helps with the emotional crap behind my binging. Last night at my TOPS meeting to the two women who are KOPS (have reached their goals) talked about how they lost their weight and it was just plain eating less food but otherwise they didn't change anything.

I am 55 with 2 children and 5 grandchildren from 3 yo (today) to 16 yo. We own a restaurant, work a lot of hours, take care of my 82 yo mil who is a huge pain in the a** but no one else will do it so we're stuck. Nursing home here we come. :D

Look forward to getting to know you all.

2frustrated 03-29-2007 04:20 AM

:wave: I had a bad IE day yesterday! :kickbutt:

I just about grazed all day. I think I was bored.

Then I got home hungry, but while I was waiting for my tea to cook I just ate... Then I ate my tea and the food in the cupboards was just singing to me. I was reading my book and I kept answering. :( Then DH came home and I had a 2nd dinner even though I wasn't at all hungry. Then we had ice cream :(

I'm fairly mad with myself but today is a new day and I think perhaps I need to eat bigger meals so that I don't feel the need to graze like a :moo: all day!

After dinner all the food was still singing to me but I just said no. I think perhaps that is a bit of progress, but I still feel bad about eating pizza and ice cream! :) :dunno:

Well today is a new day and I feel ok about things. I just feel a little heavy. :p I'm sure I didn't eat enough to put on weight, but it just gives you a bit of a self-esteem knock doesn't it?

Anyway, moving on! I've got the gym and some kickboxing today and I really want to work as hard as my knee allows :)

carolr3639 03-29-2007 10:45 AM

2frus, I had the same kind of day. And isn't it interesting how you can "feel fat" when you know nothing has changed. But, yes, today is a new day and I am feeling better about things. I'm rereading The Weigh Down Diet because I know I really need the Lord to get me through this.

Obsidianbbw 03-29-2007 10:46 AM

:wave: Welcome Bunnababy Hope you stay awhile

I don't have alot of time to cook, so for lunch I usually bring in a frozen meal. I finally got tired of the ones I was buying and switched to the whole food version which are 300-400 calories versus 200-300. I don't have the issue of being hungry the last 2 hours of work and raiding the vending machine. The extra 100 calories and I think it being better food for me....helped. Also I can get Indian frozen meals which makes it even better.

On the other hand completely slacked off on exercise so not going to make my 800 min goal this month, but ok with that. Hopefully my schedule in April will be pretty stable so I should be ok Weigh-in is Friday and no idea where I'm at. As long as I haven't gained I'm ok. March has been a real learning month.


Originally Posted by 2frustrated (Post 1630942)
I need to eat bigger meals so that I don't feel the need to graze like a :moo: all day!

carolr3639 03-29-2007 10:47 AM

Welcome, Bunna. I'm 58 and have 10 children. My dh is a veterinarian and we live on a farm and have beef cows and golden retriever pups for sale.

carolr3639 03-29-2007 10:49 AM

Hey, Obi. You posted almost the same time as I did! I know what you mean about the exercise. Boy, this week I feel like a slug but then it is raining nearly every day and I am not big on indoor exercise.

Bunnababy 03-29-2007 02:45 PM

Okay, so I did this nice long post to everyone and for some reason it said I wasn't logged in even though it showed I was. Computer glitch somewhere.

2fru: Don't be too hard on yourself for yesterday. Today is a new day and you will do fine. :hug:

Carol: 10 kids, WOW! I am guessing some of them are still home? I loved living on a farm when my kids were younger. Now we only have two acres and a good portion of it is wooded and the neighborhood doesn't allow livestock animals. That's what I told dh when he wanted to get a pot-bellied pig but now I want a miniature horse. ;) I, too, need God's help in this weight issue.

Obi: Thanks for the direction the other day, otherwise I would not have found you guys.

Yesterday went pretty well. It was nice to enjoy birthday cake without feeling like I was off plan for a change. I did buy the slow churned 1/2 fat ice cream and it was really good. I am working on getting water down this week and that is the one thing I want to change this week. At TOPS we were talking about how we try to change our whole entire eating world in one day and then we wonder why we fail at it. So just the water this week. Talk to you all later and have a wonderful day.

carolr3639 03-29-2007 05:06 PM

Hi Bunna, My daughter is from Portland. We were there in Jan.

2frustrated 03-30-2007 04:14 AM

:faint: OMG Carol! 10 KIDS! :eek: OMG!!!!! You poor lady, you! ;) Just kidding... Were you going for a whole football team? :D

Bunna - thanks for the hug! Also isn't it a great feeling actually ENJOYING cake and not feeling at all guilty about it??? :goodvibes:

Well I did super yesterday :D I went to the gym and did my full weights routine. I ate when I was hungry, I had a fairly decent and filling lunch which kept me full right through until after my 2 hours of kickboxing. I was going to get some Jaffa Cakes out of the vending machine between classes, but I got down there and thought, "Nope, not really that hungry yet." and I had taken a rice pudding snack with me and I didn't want that either. But I got home and had a fairly big dinner. A big dinner made up of little things! :lol: First off I had a fried egg with mushrooms and toast, then I was still hungry, so I had the rice pudding snack that I took to training, then a banana, then a cracker and some chocolate raisins! :lol: But I didn't over eat at all :D

I think I twigged something with the chocolate raisins. They can be something of a trigger food for me. And I was having a small handfull last night and was just about to pour them all in my mouth, when I thought, "Hang on a minute... ENJOY them! DUHHHHHH!" So I ate them one at a time and was reasonably satisfied! Of course they don't taste as good individually as a whole mouthful of them, but they are more satisfying. Go figure! :lol:

Today I've got the gym planned after work, then I might make this sweet potato custard recipe I got from s.park.peopl.e (it usually gets starred out if you mention it, since we were spammed by some members a while ago. I don't visit the site, but I do get their newsletter). I've also got some quorn escalopes with cranberry and brie on them... I'm really tempted to have the last one for dinner, but I know DH likes them, and it seems a bit mean of me to eat his veggie stuff! :lol: I think I might have salmon and sweet potato fries or something, that would be nice :) DH objects since I stink the house out with salmon but he's just gonna have to live with it! :devil: :lol:

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