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Obsidianbbw 04-02-2007 03:55 PM

Between no internet because of a stupid splitter and more drama with the boyfriend haven't been posting.
For me I use the scale as a guide of what I am doing. Since I don't measure and I can't always tell the difference in my clothes its helped. I don't use it as a way to determine success or failure though. When I gain I look at what I've been doing and say ok lets try something different. I don't think I believe in failure as long as I've learned something from it. I don't think life is that cut and dry and neither is weight loss.

Ok ya'll are making me think...stop it :D

Wiffle 04-03-2007 01:24 AM

Fiddler, I really hope that no one slips up and tells me my weight! Ugh!

When I started my temp job (it is the same seasonal temp job I had last year) a few people mentioned I had lost weight. And, I went to a specialty bra store and the fitting lady told me that I am not that big in my band measurement (38" or 40") but wow, my cup size is big. But I did take it as encouraging that she thought my band size was not that big. So there were two "good things".

Curves has been great. I thought it would be too "lightweight" for me but it seems just right. This is my third week going and my heartrate is getting better. I can put effort into my routine and still keep the heart rate around 20. The first week there I was alarmed by how high my heart rate was going when I was doing next to nothing.

Over the weekend we bought a lot of fruit and I am determined that we will stop wasting food. We are shooting for two pieces of fruit a day. I've decided to put fruit out at dinner instead of having it when we get around to it.

Obsidian, I'm going to let the lady at Curves weigh me and put it in my chart and if I get comfortable with myself I may want to go back and look. But for now it is too likely to upset me.

I am sorry to hear about your boyfriend. I know that is so upsetting. The last breakup I had was terrible. I need to go back and read your story. It is so hard to read all the posts after any absence.

2frustrated, who in the world is being your food police??? That is so funny, yet annoying. About the gaining weight, your "Beyond Chocolate" sounds like Overcoming Overeating in so many ways. The gaining weight part is when you eat the chocolate biscuits when you feel like it and then gain some weight with the confidence that it will drop off later when the biscuits aren't such a big deal anymore. But maybe there is a difference in the programs after all! Regardless, it sounds very close and I look forward to your writings.

Well must sleep now!

2frustrated 04-03-2007 04:05 AM

Heh! It was a lady who work who called me on eating choccy biccies! They all think I'm a super-healthy fitness freak who doesn't eat pizza and stuff. Well they're only right on one front - I AM a super-healthy fitness freak, but I DO eat pizza and stuff. :p And I think I will eat less if I "officially" let myself eat it, rather than rebelling, or "treating" myself with a pizza. It's JUST FOOD!!!!! :tantrum:

So yesterday I "tuned in" and journalled my little heart out for most of the work day :lol:

This morning I did the naked mirror thing and I thought, "Oooh I look good today!" I'm sure it's 100% mental since I haven't lost 7lbs overnight, but my stomach, I thought, was looking flatter! Maybe TOM is de-bloating me today :dunno:

Yeah, so it's all good. I'm feeling balanced. :bunny2:

Obsidianbbw 04-03-2007 09:47 AM

Wiffle- The only thing you can do wrong is not do what is right for you. Hope that makes sense, glad to see you're enjoying the exercise.

Short story on the boyfriend. We've known each other for 7 years, dated for 6 months, stoppped, got back together when he said he was going to iraq been dating for a year and 2 months. The last 3 months have been ****. Yesterday he told me he was annoyed I wouldn't get with the program. Trust and believe no one wants to get with his program. I have stopped caring. I don't believe in being unhappy its against my religion so my phones are off and he can talk to the answering machine and maybe IT will get with the program cuz there is no way I am.

Something interesting I've probably experienced every emotion in the last 3 months and none really had an effect on my hunger, but rage and anger have been great appetite suppressant.

2Frus speaking of the food police. The guys at work have been monitoring me and the girl scout cookies, which I have been doing pretty good with. Every one of them has asked me once while I was eating the cookies. Hey you're not supposed to eat that.

Here are my responses.
I don't remember asking you if I could eat the cookie.
Really well losing 30 lbs says I can.
I'm happy leave me alone.

No they aren't the most diplomatic answers. LOL...but they only ask me once.

2frustrated 04-03-2007 10:04 AM

Perhaps, "You're not supposed to put your foot in your mouth but you do it anyway!" :foot:

Obsidianbbw 04-03-2007 11:23 AM

:D thanks I needed that...


Originally Posted by 2frustrated (Post 1637622)
Perhaps, "You're not supposed to put your foot in your mouth but you do it anyway!" :foot:

2frustrated 04-03-2007 11:38 AM


Glad to help!

I'm coming to a revelation... I don't want to eat anything else sweet today! I probably mentioned that I was doing the thing with the "forbidden" foods... Well I've been eating a few biccies, but not as much as I could've done. Nor as much as I would've done if they were still forbidden. :D Anyway, so I've had about 3.5 biccies today. I had a banana caramel pancake for brekky, some biccies, then beef bagel for lunch, another half biccie, then a yoghurt with nuts & cranberries, a kiwi and some strawberries and now I'm a bit gutted because I think I'll probably be hungry while I'm training tonight and I've only got chocolate biccies to take with me :( I have a pot of rice pudding too, but that's pretty sweet. Although I might take that with me since it'll be a bit nicer than flippin choccy biccies!

Oooh I never thought I'd be here, but I think my sweet tooth's going! Which is good because I've been eating sweet stuff since the weekend! :D :hyper: YAY! I love this intuitive eating thing! :broc: I'm going to have some cauliflower for tea! :lol:

carolr3639 04-03-2007 01:02 PM

Well, something wierd happened. I usually put a shortcut to the page we are on and then when the next page comes up it show up. This time it didn't show up and I thought everyone had quit posting. boo hoo. Well, when I was looking at the main page I saw Obi posted and then logged off.....can't remember why. When I logged on I couldn't find her post. I was so frustrated (he he 2frus!) so I clicked on her name to find all her posts and low and behold there was a page 15. So now I'm not trusting this page thing anymore. Good to hear all your stories. What are biccies? I tried to buy the Beyond Chocolate book and it was $26 for a paper back book!!! A bit much, I think. Isn't it funny how some days you feel thinner? I'm not sure that's a good thing, ha! Now here's a question. Yesterday my dd and I went shopping and didn't eat until we were starving. Shopping is more important, right? Well, 2 hr. after we ate I was still hungry. The cool thing is that I ate soup and was really satisfied for the rest of the night. I never dreamed it would hold off till morning. I usually wake up really hungry. So would you, in general, eat if you were hungry and had just had a big meal 2 hr earlier?

carolr3639 04-03-2007 01:05 PM

Dear Obi, I know all about the food police. If it wasn't my mom then it was my dh........or my 10kids!!!!!!!!!

Bunnababy 04-04-2007 12:12 PM

:coffee: Good morning all.

Food police huh??? They are so annoying trying to be helpful but really being a hindrance. :devil: :devil: :devil:

I have been working a lot the last few days. Had our weigh in at TOPS last night and I managed to get rid of one half pound. :woohoo: At least it was downward.

Besides working I have been trying to find a foster home or assisted living unit with a bed for my mil. Feeling very very:tired:

One of the issues I am having with the intuitive eating is that I am not supposed to eat white flour, sugar, or artificial sweetners so that narrows the food field considerably. I will do this though.

:congrat: Carol on getting through the night on the soup.

Obi: Sorry about the boyfriend troubles. He is probably nervous and not acting himself. I know I would be if I were heading for Iraq. I am sure you nervous about it too. :hug:

2fru: Did you get through yesterday without anything else sweet? It was good that you recognized that you didn't want anything else sweet. :cheer2:

wiffle: I agree that weighing yourself can be harmful to this WOE. I also think that is an individual decision and I would encourage you to post here and join us as there are many many NSV's to report along the way. Hope you decide to stay. :^:

fiddler: Glad you are enjoying Curves. I belonged two years ago and decided to join the gym instead but I don't go to that either and unfortunately just having a gym membership doesn't change anything. :frypan:

shananigans 04-04-2007 03:01 PM

Hello ladies, :wave:

I happened across you little group here and have enjoyed reading about your experiences with IE. I started my efforts to lose weight and get healthier by counting calories and keeping a fitday journal, and it did work to begin with. However after a couple of months I was really sick of spending so much time measuring and obsessing and trying to figure out how many calories were in every single thing I put in my mouth. So I took the general principles that I learned during that phase and kind of applied them without being a nut about recording everything. I basically learned how many calories are in the foods I eat often, what one portion should look like, eating when I'm hungry and not when I'm not, and tried to stick to whole healthy foods most of the time. But I am not the kind of girl who can go forever without some beer, pizza, wine, Chinese food, etc. I am a big social eater, so if Iím out with my friends I will be engaging in eating and drinking right along with everyone else, but I do find that now I will eat less and tend to make choices that are a little healthier. Sounds a little like IE?

I lost about 35 pounds last year, but Iíve pretty much been maintaining since last summer. I got a little too loose and a recent move and job change kind of took my focus off my eating and fitness for a while. Iím staring to re-engage with that and am hoping to take another 30 pounds off in the next year.

Iíll be back to check on what you all are up to.

2frustrated 04-05-2007 04:14 AM

:wave: Hello!

I was out yesterday and BOY did I have a GREAT TIME! I was stuck in the car for about 6 hours with chocolates and biscuits (biccies/cookies), apples, bakery stuff, more chocolate... etc etc!!! BUT I ate intuitively. I ate when I was hungry and I stopped when I was satisfied. There may have been a couple of times when I ate when I wasn't reallly THAT hungry, but I knew it, and I only ate a little bit, just a taste. We had fish and chips for lunch at the beach and I ate intuitively and knew EXACTLY when to stop. :D I felt really satisfied and yummy in myself. It's a great feeling, this being satisfied. I was even hungry enough for some more food in the car on the way home! :lol:

Then I "exercised" intuitively - I went to the gym because I hate sitting in the car all day. I did a pilates class as well as weight-lifting, and there was a "aerotone" class afterwards, which the old gym-bunny me would've done as well as everything else, just because I could. But the new Beyond Chocolate me decided that I'd had enough and really needed a bath because I was stinky! :lol:

I had my bath when I got home and had some falafels with bread and butter and I ate until I was properly satisfied. I stopped between bites and everything! Then I was watching TV and I just felt so BLISSED. It was fantastic! I felt so 100% amazingly good. :D

I even threw out a letter from my "toxic" grandmother before reading it, because I didn't want her to spoil my day. She really is a :censored: Oh and I also got my ticket for a "No-Diet Day" tea party with the Beyond Chocolate crew in the post, so I was feeling extra-happy and excited about that :hyper: :D :D :D

2frustrated 04-05-2007 04:14 AM


Originally Posted by carolr3639 (Post 1637917)
So would you, in general, eat if you were hungry and had just had a big meal 2 hr earlier?

Yes! If you're hungry - EAT! :D

Obsidianbbw 04-05-2007 08:59 AM

I'm sick sniff sniff and I came into work, so now I am grumpy....blah.....

Well eating on IE while sick has been interesting. Yesterday I HAD to have ramen noodles. Even when I wasn't dieting i HATED ramen noodles. They were what I used to eat when I was young and had no money after the bills were paid so I avoid them at all costs. Well last night sick and all drove to the supermarket bought some and cooked them up. Today rather than my usual cup of milk and water for the rest of the day I had milk and apple juice and really I want more apple juice.

NSV- Finally able to start wearing some of the clothes I haven't been able to even zip up in at least 3 years. Kinda grumpy I am not into a smaller size yet, but appreciating the fact I can get into the old clothes. Pre-IE i was contemplating moving up a size...blah...

I've read all the posts, but my head feels like its packed with steel wool so just a general hope everyone is doing ok. :wave:

Also there is a post about Intuitive Eating on another forum. I have noticed a trend that I could be imagining...as soon as someone asks about IE...you get the same few people saying how could you possibly do that..I could never do that and it sounds wonky....


Ok, off to try and drag myself through 8 hours of work.

OT-MY and the ex boyfriend are speaking, I think we both want to maintain some kinda of friendship especially with the whole IRAQ thing. We are careful to avoid any topics that might set off another set of arguing.

OH 2frus congrats on the day of bliss.:carrot:

carolr3639 04-05-2007 10:29 AM

Welcome, Shanigans. Sounds like everyone is doing great. I've had 2 IE experiences lately that have really amazed me. Twice we have been invited to friends houses for late night get together and I have not eaten one bite because I just was not hungry. I think it goes back to my childhood. We used to eat supper and just not eat after that. I can't believe that is coming back to me.

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