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2frustrated 03-14-2007 12:14 PM

:hug: Obi, it'll come right off again once your head's back in the game! I'm got an extra 2 I'm going to send them packing with your 3! :)

Obsidianbbw 03-14-2007 12:44 PM

Right back attcha. :D Getting to know my hunger again.


Originally Posted by 2frustrated (Post 1610618)
:hug: Obi, it'll come right off again once your head's back in the game! I'm got an extra 2 I'm going to send them packing with your 3! :)

CinnamonGirl 03-14-2007 02:22 PM


Originally Posted by Spinymouse (Post 1610049)
Oh, just to clarify, that it really was a joke about the dieter's food, I'd like to add to the theoretical mix.... undigestible puffed pillows of cellulose.:D :p :dizzy:

Oh, I got that, Spiny. Just too gross and funny. BTW you'd probably make a fortune if you packaged it right! :dizzy:


2frustrated 03-15-2007 05:05 AM

Yeah - I'd eat it! :lol: No calorie food :drool: :lol3:

I'm doing ok, the weekend weight has come off again, now I'm hoping to get below the vicious 174 that has been plaguing my scales for months :p So I am completely tuned in today. I must drink lots, get to the gym and not snack too much, that should be pretty easy actually since I just remembered I left my 2 apples at home :rolleyes: :tantrum: :p

I've got double kickboxing tonight, so hopefully that should get me back in the swing. DH and I were going to go out and join a running club but he didn't get home in time. Never mind! I was wussing out of it anyway! It's far too scary :eek: :lol: We'll go next week.

Obsidianbbw 03-15-2007 08:46 AM

Final weigh in was 335, so feeling better. Went to lunch with a girlfriend of mine (Indian again) and did much better was actually hungry, and managed to eat what I wanted and not be tempted on anything else. Also instead of the gooey aloo popri (crunchy bits, with chick peas yogurt sauce and some other stuff) I got before I stuck to fish tikka (marinated grilled salmon basically) for an appetizer. Lamb biryani for main course .

Anyway my girlfriend know i have been trying to lose weight. She feels like she won't find a man until she loses some. I don't agree, but she didn't want to hear it.

Anyway, funny thing is she said she only eats when she's hungry (woo hoo) and stops when she's completely full (booo, hiss). She eats vegetables maybe twice a week and she love bread and rice and pasta. She refused to give up breads (she knocks out a whole loaf in about 2 days) and she thinks fruits and vegetables is something that should happen to other people. So we negotiated and she is going to only eat till she's satisfied and maybe 2 pieces of fruit and veggies a day and try and reduce the bread and pasta and rice.

We'll see how it goes. I don't think she's really ready. The funny part is I was EXACTLY like her six months ago. I was thinking that with IE i can have anything I want, but at the same time there is no food that I feel I cannot give up if I had to. Food is nice, it isn't the end all and be all it once was.

fiddler 03-15-2007 10:41 AM

Good for you, Obie! I'm glad your weigh-in was good, and it's great that you're trying to help out your girlfriend. Hopefully she'll take your good advice.

Hello to everyone!

carolr3639 03-15-2007 01:03 PM

I tried an experiment the last 2 days. I got up and walked 5 mi. one day and 6 mi. today before I ate. I wasn't hungry for one or 2 hr. later. I only did this because before I eat is when I have more energy. I have a really cool place to walk out here in the country. Anyway, Why does this curb the appetite? Good to see the lb still coming off, Obi.

Spinymouse 03-15-2007 01:18 PM

Ok, Obi and Carol are walking; 2frus is hitting the gym, Fid is doing Curves....I think I am the only one who is totally inactive. How do I get motivated? I hate to exercise. I've always been that way. Even as a kid; well, as a kid I wasn't even allowed to exercise because I'm sort of a borderline between normal and handicapped in that regard - if I tried to run I'd just fall down! I have no speed or coordination or grace whatsoever. I have in the past forced myself to work out, and I hated it. The only two things I ever liked are not available (swimming in a WARM pool, or a certain aerobics class that nobody offers any more which did not require any kind of dance-like coodination.)

carolr3639 03-15-2007 03:51 PM

Jo, Try walking just a little bit farther each day. I've heard people say that if you just get your foot out the door you'd be surprised how easy walking is. Tell yourself you can always turn around and go home if you want. I'm not even close to a gym so it's about the only thing easy for me. Just listening to the birds and thinking about whatever is relaxing. My trouble is that I'm not supposed to be in the sun so now is a good time because it's cool enough that the only place that needs sunblock is my face.

fiddler 03-15-2007 09:43 PM


I, too, was an exercise hater. Not that I completely disliked physical activity--I could work in my yard for hours on end. But I always hated exercise for its own sake. That's why Curves works so well for me. I thought that even as much as I hated exercise I could manage to do it for 30 minutes 3 times a week, as long as it was structured and I didn't have to think about it. Once I started, I actually began to enjoy it, much to my surprise. Especially once I started seeing results. So really it only required excessive amounts of motivation the first couple of times.

CinnamonGirl 03-15-2007 11:21 PM


I don't like exercise either - at least not until I'm actually doing it then I really like it. But I think my natural state of being would be total stasis. I'm naturally a slug. However once I decide to exercise I really enjoy it and it gets more fun and easier to do the next day and the next. But if I let my routine get out of wack and let a few days slide by then a week goes by and it's so easy to fall back into slugdome.

So now I have a plan and try to stick to it like my other routines. I brush my teeth, take a shower, eat, work, etc everyday so I try to look at exercise the same way. I just do it everyday. I'm not always very good at it though. Last week I didn't do a thing the whole week but work. This week I've done something aerobic everyday and lifted weights evey other day. I'm back in my groove and enjoying it.


2frustrated 03-16-2007 05:03 AM

Yup Jo, just find something you enjoy, even something completely stupid like trampolining or skipping or walking or dancing to a CD when no-one can see you, or jumping around the house, or climbing stairs.

Well my scales are being nice today - I've really concentrated on eating ONLY when I'm hungry, not when I think I should eat so that I'm not hungry later on, or eating because it's about time.... I've also cut back on silly carbs and tried to up the protein a bit, which means that I'm actually eating less but feeling more full :cheer2: I still have to get round to the stopping when I'm satisfied bit, but I don't tend to serve myself very big portions anyway, so I figure that the amount I serve myself is probably just about right since I don't seem to be stuffed after eating.


carolr3639 03-16-2007 09:01 AM

I've tried the low carb thing in the past and recently but then I got scared off by the fact that people with kidney problems shouldn't do low carb. Always something. ha!

Obsidianbbw 03-16-2007 11:22 AM

I'm a low carb-er just naturally....Also have a preference for sweet potatoes versus white. :?:

Well aunt flo came to visit this week, and you would think I would recognize the signs by now, but still not used to paying attention. back to listening to my hunger.

I'll chime in with everyone else. I try and schedule it and make it a routine, eventually I got motivated to do it because I enjoyed it and it wasn't such a chore. Also helps that I found stuff I liked. I'm a dvd person so I switch when I get bored,right now I am going to do some kickboxing. Also you might want to try weights. I find that I like that it doesn't involve bouncing around and you can put your ipod or whatever on and be in your own little world. Only problem I have is since I am focused on losing not interested in seeing the scale bob back and forth even if I am losing inches.

carolr3639 03-17-2007 02:56 PM

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you eat and it doesn't taste as good as you thought it should that you start searching for something else, hence you overeat? How can we know exactly what it is we want? Or shouldn't we be so picky?

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