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Red face Anyone tried Up Day Down Day Diet??

I often steal my grandmother's Woman's World Magazine because it has some good health and beauty tips in it, and a diet majorly caught my eye today. I know that they've had crazy diets before, which I've never really even given a second glance at, but this one seems like something I could do.

Just thought I'd like to get some of your opinions on this before I seriously start thinking about trying it! I tried to do a search to see if it had been discussed on here before, since I'm relatively new, but it kept telling me the words "up day and down" were too small and too common!

Basically, the idea is- you only diet every other day. On an "up day" you eat normally, but not excessively! (If I were to do it, I'd still try to eat healthily, not go crazy on crappy food!) and on a "down day" you eat about half of the calories your body needs to maintain it's weight. (about 1000-1200) The article "says" that it activates a gene known as SIRT1 which prevents the body from storing excessive fat. It also says that it can reduce chronic diseases like asthma, allergies, arthritis, colds, infections among other things.

It gives an easy to follow menu for the down days with 3 choices for your 3 daily meals, and 4 snack choices (1 a day). I'm not sure if it's ok to post it on here or not! It seems pretty sensible and do-able!

Anyone heard of this? Tried it? Or just have an opinion about it?


PS. I sprained my ankle a couple weeks ago...still healing and haven't really been exercising but not been bad about food! But I haven't been near a scale since I don't actually own one so I don't know if my ticker has made any progress or not!!
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I read this too, it would be nice if it is true?
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I SERIOUSLY doubt that doing this activates some gene....

The thing with Woman's World, is that every single issue has a new diet on the cover...and on the same cover is ALWAYS a fancy dessert/cake. Seriously-every single issue.

I am going to let you in on a little secret. Woman's World once contacted me about my weight loss, and interviewed me over the phone. When the issue came out-they completely turned around everything that I said...and basically made it look like I lost the weight magically and effortlessly-when, in fact, I did it through a reduced calorie diet, and exercise. The loss was slow and steady-but they made it sound like I was magically thin overnight.

On the cover of the same issue, was a cake for July 4th-with little stars all over it made from Jello Jigglers.

This diet will not activate any are simply eating much less than normal for half of the time...burning more calories through your regular activity and exercise than you take in through food equals weight loss.

You might lose a few pounds doing this...but you might not, depending on how many calories you actually consume on the "off" days. But, nonetheless, it is simple calories in vs. calories out that would make any losses for you...not the supposed "gene".
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The diet was "invented" by James Johnson, an M.D. who was trying to promote longevity, rather than weight loss. The weight loss was just a nice side effect. Here's an article about his work:

And here's an article from MIT about the science behind it:
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One thing I do recommend is called zigzagging your calories where you don't eat the same amount of calories every day. It seems to make it so your body doesn't get used to the same amount of calories day in and day out. I don't know if it makes a difference but I like it. Your calories still stay within a normal restricted range but they just may not be the same from day to day.
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I will fully admit to looking for Woman's World every week in order to see what crazy Diet is on the cover that week. Sometimes there are a good point or two to the diet listed. But like Aphil said every week there's also a gorgeous dessert right under the diet plan on the cover.

In theory, minus the whole gene activation thing, it could work. The down day didn't have a crazily low calorie account.

To be honest, I did try one of those diets one time for a week, it was a super hydration diet that was drinking roughly 160 oz of water daily. I did lose 5 pounds in the week that I did do it. Granted I was a 200 + pound gym addict that was working out an hour a day. When you're drinking that much water you're peeing so much you don't have time to eat!
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I have to admit I love the magazine, even though I know it's only one step up from the "My momma's a Space Alien and Elvis was my daddy," tabloids.

I probably have bought every issue that had a "miracle soup" diet. I haven't been on an all soup diet since college, but I do love really low cal soups. However since I found free recipes online googling "zero point" and "low calorie" soup recipes, the zany diets aren't as much of a draw. If there were as many "miracle" weight loss cures as WW has reported, it does seem odd that the obesity epidemic keeps growing.
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one more time...
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This sounds similar to what I am doing and I've been averaging a little over a lb a week loss. I'm trying to eat intuitively, keeping a loose count of my calories. My body seems to have settled into a pattern of a low day or 2 (1000 - 1200 cals) then a high day (1800-2000 cals). Hmmm maybe next week I'll try eating that way on purpose and see if it makes a difference.
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Any diet that says it reduces chronic diseases should be run away from as fast as you can go. I have asthma and that stupid diet wouldn't do a thing for it.
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I tried this diet for two weeks and lost 4 pounds in that time. I only stopped because i had opportunity to do the Diet-to-Go for a month...after i am done with DTG, i will probably go back to Up Day, Down Day.

Basically it is just zigzagging your calories. Some people on the forum go as low as 500 cals on the down day (as Johnson says to on his website...Woman's World adjusted that info) but i did about 800 on the down days and was losing just fine. Up Days i just ate normally, let myself have a little treat and didn't overeat.

hope this helps a little.

Last edited by aphil; 03-19-2007 at 07:25 AM. Reason: Put a link to another weight loss website/forum in post
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Sorry about the edit, Aphil!! I wasn't thinking!
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Ity's okay-just doin' my job.
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Didja ever notice on these magainzes that they have the "best, last diet you'll ever need to lose mega tons of fat in just 2 weeks" type diets, then put a picture of some fantastic, mouth-watering dessert on the cover? Anything to sell just one more magazine I guess. Lunacy!!

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Default Rush

This may sound wierd, but I was listening to Rush Limbaugh last week and he mentioned something like this that he is doing. He said he has lost 30 lbs in 40 days by eating a recommended amount of calories one day and the next day much less. He said it "tricks" your body, because if you cut your calories all the time your body goes into "starvation mode" and holds on to the weight. Anyway, I have never tried this and I don't know how good the science is behind these claims. But who knows? Do what works for you.
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