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It's mine for the taking
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Libby -- Yes, I'm super happy with my first week. As someone else mentioned though, I'm a little frightened by plateaus already (silly I know) and every time I weigh in I expect to see a gain from all the food I'm eating. Good for you on your new assignment (decorating), your NSV at the Vietnamese place, and on the .8 loss!

Katie -- Kids are the Good job on resisting cupcakes yet again!

Kim -- Nice venting! That is crazy, 4 people and a 25 minute wait. I'm a customer service connossieur (read in: impatient with impossibly high standards) so that would have set me off too. I normally have that problem at the pharmacies here...they make you wait even though there's nobody else there, and it can take 10 minutes to get one of them to acknowledge you. Yay for your loss!

Dolphn -- Yes, I'm going to classify myself as a pasta-phobe now. I'm afraid to try to limit myself to such a small amount. Even if I saved 2S for that, I don't think it would be worth it.

My dinner out was cancelled, and good thing too, because DH called to say that our DS (2) was sick and vomitting. Poor little guy. He's really only thrown up a couple of times before. He's sleepign now, feeling better I think. I bought dinner on the way home a chicken rotisserie place (Swiss Chalet) and I kind of went over a bit. My red book tells me to order the 1/2 chicken with veggies, but instead I ordered the 1/4 chicken with a baked potato. I had saved 2S, 1.5P and 1V for dinner, so, I would have been fine, IF I has stopped at 1/2 the potato, and IF I hadn't put the tbsp of sour cream on it. Overall though, I probably only went over by 1S and 1F (is sour cream a fat or a condiment?), so I won't beat myself up too much. I realized though that the baby being sick was an excuse I used to make a hasty decision on dinner, so hopefully with that knowledge I'll make a better choice next time.
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Princess Heather
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ok it's official! call the "nice young men in the crisp white coats". I have added another child to my family. We got a call from a former caseworker that one of my babies i had over the summer was back in the system and did I want her? I called my DH and he said...of course we want here we are! She's 10 months old and we get her tomrrow. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined me having four for those of you keeping track....DFS# 1 age 2, DFS#2 age 5, DFD#1 age 7 weeks DFD#2 age 10 months.....I'll let ya'll know if I ever surface from the laundry pile again! LOL

My menu is about 1/2 done. I plan to finish it tomorrow at work..and then shop this weekend. And I'm counting running after these children exercise!
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Pearl........Oh Pearl? Where for art thou???? And Michelle......haven't heard from you in a LONG time. Hope you're ok.
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It's mine for the taking
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Heather, oh my goodness! That DEFINITELY should raise your base calories burned. Yikes, I'm tested by my one DS on many days, I can't imagine 4 little ones. How do you manage to say OP with all of them to care for? Kudos to you!
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Hey everyone!

Newbie - And just a reminder... please put LAWL in your signature somewhere so everyone here will know what plan you're asking about as well as what plan you're giving advice from. THANKS!!!

I've gotten through 3 of 5 pages of posts for today and last evening... It's a little hectic here. Both ODS and I started work today and we work tomorrow too. Saturday I'll be closing and that could be as late as 2:30... then 45min home and I get up at 5 on Sunday... hmmmmm, may just get a nap Sat. pm and stay up all night.
Had a fun day today. Was told I brink a new level of "class" to the place. My friend was the one training me and her dh called and I answered the phone. He told her to tell me I was wasting my time, I needed to be at a doctor's office or lawyers office. Pretty funny. Learning lots, some moments hectic, some ssssllllllloooooooooowwwwwwww. ODS was bored and he hates being idle. Loves to be busy, busy, busy.
Lots of perks though, 25% discount at snack bar on all foods, free drinks, free bowling lockers, even able to order foods from wholesale distributor that sells to them. Got a case 300 sli of precooked bacon for ds's for $5. Got 30 french bread pizzas for $2.50. Got locarb tortillas 60 for $3.50.
Worked on day and I'm bringing home the bacon!
Well, gotta go. Forgive me for not doing personals. Still working at home to be prepared to be gone all day tomorrow.
Oh yeah, dh and I are doing day 1 of slim down today. I got soooo hungry this afternoon that I had an extra cup of lettuce and some spritzer on it! (oh well!)
Hugs and I'll check back in tomorrow evening.
Blessings all,
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Wow Pearl, sounds like fun. Congrats to both of you! I don't think that a cup of lettuce will kill you.

HeatherCP- Holy cow girl! 4 teeny ones. You are one special lady.

Angie- Good for you for using it as a learning lesson. That's the way!

I am so hungry tonight, it is just crazy. I made Joni's kale chips, but screwed them up, then I realized that I have not used my fat, so I ate a handful of nuts. Now I am going to go get into bed to avoid the kitchen. Night all!
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Lori, LAWL since 11/05
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Joni- Those Chocolate Biscotti's are so good aren't they? I couldn't believe it. I don't buy them anymore, cuz I like em' too much!

Kim - Way to go, I think the customer service at our LAWL Center is terrible too. They need to work on that. Maybe a few emails to the main company would help, I've had the same problem. I like the program, but some of the people that run it are horrible. (I've also had some great people).

Angie- Pasta, whew, I don't bother anymore, the portion isn't big enough to make it worth it!

Hi Everybody else, take it easy!! DH and I are going to the Coast, to go crabbing for the weekend, I can't wait!! No work for 4 days!! WOOOO HOOOOO!
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LAWL Salt Police
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Evening gang...

Not feeling so swift today.. Dunno if it's gas or what, but I really didn't feel well.. And dinner didn't go down so well.. We went to Applebees and I had the grilled lime chicken.. It came with rice and a small quesadilla.. Since I seemed to have made it all day with no starches or dairy, I figured it would be ok.. Well, it seems that now that I've been on the blue plan, my body has gotten used to eating less and boy did I feel it after my big dinner..

Not sure I'm gonna have a good WI on Saturday, but then again, that's what I always say and I seem to do ok.. I just don't want to end up in the 250's again...

Have a good night, y'all.. And a great POP day tomorrow..

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Deb on LAWL
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Barb(kickerRN)- .4 lbs from goal!!! So awesome!!!

Kristen- You crack me up!!

Libby- Good job on the loss and the NSV

Katie- Ouch! Here's a good one, I laughed my butt off, though it wasn't funny at the time. DH took one of the dogs pheasant hunting. He had him on his lead and Jake pee'd on a barbed wire fence. The fence was electric and the current went through the dog and zapped DH. Not funny, but OOOHHH so funny!!!

Kim- Get after em'!!!

Ok before I read all the PB dipping ideas, I was dipping a cheese stick into PB. Pretty yummy.

Verdict on the kaluha syrup in the slimfast-- It's pretty good. I only put in 1 oz. and the flavor was pretty light, it needs more than that to get a good kahlua flavor.

HeatherCP- Oh my! 4 little ones. You are so awesome.
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Happy Friday Everyone!

Christine - I joined you in the SF jello last night, although the oreos dipped in PB did sound better!

Angie - you didn't really do too bad with your dinner last night, even with the sour cream. It's the small changes that will end up working to make the bigger picture work out in the end. Just stop and think - BEFORE LAWL, what would your choice have been? You're doing great! Keep it up!

Heather CP - an angel in disguise. Sad for the baby to have to leave her circumstances again, but good for you!

Pearl - Congrats on your new job!

Lori - Have a great time crabbing this weekend.
ANY of the starch portions in my book don't seem worth it.

Dan - hope you're feeling better.

Not much to post here. Will check back in later.
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Hi guys!! Checking in after being sick with horrible head cold for 3 days Went to WI yesterday and was down 2 pounds!!! I am very happy with that. I will take time to do personals, however, I will probably wait until I am feeling better.
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Well, its friday and it is storming. Supposed to get upwards of 20 cm of snow and then it switches to rain for a bit and then back to snow again tonight for another 5 cm or so. Makes for a very messy day.

Not a lot new here but I thought I'd drop a short note. Internet package showed up yesterday so I pick it up from the post office outlet today and I will likely install tonight so I will finally have internet at home again. I can't wait. I miss being able to go on and at least play a few games in the evening if I am bored.

Pearl - sounds like you like the new job and I hope it stays that way!!

Kim - way t go on the COD and letting them know they need to treat people better. I have a pretty good one so far but they are only a few months old. There is only 1 counselor I really don't like and I try to stay away from if I can.

I don't have time for any more personals as I have to start work in a few minutes.

I will check in later!

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Morning All
I've inherited Dan's blue funk. Scale looks a bit up so I'm dragging my butt to WI shortly. Have had a cold this week so I'm going to attribute that to the mood.. yes lively Kristen is in a funk.. must be the cold as I've no reason to be blue! We've got some big snowflakes falling and girls are in school so hope to get them out early.. after cleaning house.. for some sledding! Hope WI isn't too painful as I've been on plan and doing my slimfast.. any way they could make me go up?
Will check in later and go shake this silly mood out of my head.. no justification for it!!!!
Heather.. you are godlike in my eyes.. I have a 3 year old and my youngest turned two yesterday.. you are a testament to great mothers everywhere. your young ones are blessed to have found you! Congrats on being superb!
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LAWL Salt Police
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^^ Ok, I think I've figured it out.. The "blue funk" is the equivalent of a stock market correction.. After a while, it just needs an adjustment to get us on the right track... I came out of my funk feeling great, so I think it's just something we all need to go through once in a while..

I'm still not feeling up to par yet.. Something I ate is making my stomach kind of queasy, but I think I'll live..

Have a great POP day!
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hdsQrl - Megan on LAWL
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Good morning all...

Just have time for a short note today. I tried making the Kale Chips too, last night, and promptly fed them to the dog. I'll try making them one more time with the rest of the kale I have left, and will drizzle with Olive Oil instead of the ICBINB spray. My DB said that they ended up tasting like seaweed, hah. Oh least I gave it a shot.

Went to WI yesterday afternoon and was up .4, bleh. Not shocked, since I usually WI in the morning, but still, it was a bummer. WHY can't we drop a pound a day, WHY? (har.)

Have a great day, all, and stay POP!!!
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