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LAWL Salt Police
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Morning all.. Did a WI before getting ready to head to the hills for a prescribed fire. Should be a good day of exercise going up and down the mountain.

After today's WI, I think I'm back on track.. No more blue funk..

See you all later!
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Megan........I almost always make up for missed food with a salad. I know........doesn't sound so great......but you just have to mix it up. I keep aupplies for chicken cesar salad, and Asian chicken/almond/mandarain orange salad in my house AT ALL TIMES. If I have used up all of my protein exchanges that day, I make it without the chicken. I almost always broil a couple of pounds of chicken breasts EVERY week, at least once a week. I marianate them in terriaki and soy sauce while they defrost in the microwave, and then broil them on low for 6 or 7 minutes a side. It takes almost no time. Then I either refrigerate or freeze the chicken chunks, and they are good to go for a delicious salad........with virtually no work. The cesar salad fixes my salty, and the Asian salad fixes my sweet. I use real dressings, but small amounts, and I add fresh grated parmesean or ramano (sp) to my cesar. It is yummy, and 1T of rf cheese or almonds is not as many calories as a peanut butter sandwhich. Also.........SF jello and FF cool whip. LIFESAVERS. YOu can make SF jello in 30 minutes if you use the speed set method (on box). I put it to go, tidy up a bit, or watch one show, or check out this website, and is ready. And in all can have a bit more than LAWL recommends. It is only 15 calories per serving. It is way better to eat this sweet treat at night than a 180 cal lite. I like to eat my jello soft serve. As a matter of fact, if it sets up all the way before I remember to eat it, I usually chuck it. I think it is icky all stiff. Strawberry SF jello and FF coolwhip are my treat most nights

Oh, I also wash and get lettuce or romaine ready every other day or so, so that I don't have to prepare it when I want a's good to go. Also, baby carrots and RF ranch dressing are quite tasty. They never used to be to me, but now.......YUM.

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Nicole... so you broil the chicken and then but it in pieces to either refrigerate or freeze for later, right? I guess you could refrigerate them for a day or two and then freeze if you don't use them? Do you use croutons on your ceasar? And, lastly, what kind of dressings do you use? Sounds like a great idea, and you're always ready for a quick dinner or a fill-in if you need some more food.
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It's mine for the taking
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Juliemarie -- My son's bedroom is painted the same shade of green, with white trim. I find it's so fresh looking. It's also been very versatile...he's 2 now, and we've moved in a twin bed, and new bedding, the green is very vibrant and looks awesome with the browns and blues in his new set. Congratulations on your upcoming adoption! We are also considering adoption as we had fertility issues when we conceived our son. How long was the process for you?

Nicole -- My friend recommended that book/author to me. After reading your endorsement too, I'll have to pick up a copy. I have a 2 yo as well, we're also experiencing the daily (hourly really) test of wills. No, I"m not doing the slimdown challenge, I just couldn't face another round of TO yet since I just did one when I started.

Cassi -- Thanks for your words of encouragement. I'm going to try to incorporate a cup of lemon water 1-2 x a week. The menu planning is really a godsend, I know I'd have been waay off track already if it weren't for that. It's also really helpful to have this site to peruse if I'm tempted. I love looking at before/after pics and just hearing everyone's excitement about reaching their goals.

Libby -- Yes, I feel the same way, we can be weight loss buddies. How has it been for you so far?

Pearl -- Good luck in finding the right job for you.

Rhonda -- 3lbs in a week is fabulous! You must have worked hard for that, I hope it feels great!

Wendalina -- Welcome!!

Katie -- What kind of dogs do you have? They sound cute!

Dan -- Did you lose 4lbs at WI? Wow! Way to go!

I have my weigh in tonight, so crossing my fingers for another loss.
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Barb on LAWL
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[QUOTEAfter today's WI, I think I'm back on track.. No more blue funk][/QUOTE]

Yeah Dan!!!!!!!!!!!!
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LAWL since October, 2006
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Good Luck today, Dan. Think of it as your workout for the day!

Nicole, you have some great ideas there. I am culinarily (is that a word?) challenged. I will take any tips anyone has to offer. SU laughs and says that I am not a bad cook - just not terribly creative. I always need a recipe to follow or I'm pretty much lost.

Angie, Your DS's room sounds cute. Green is so fresh. GL on your wi tonight

Any book recommendations for 9yo boys pushing their mothers to the brink with their attitudes??!! Mine is so sweet, but as sweet as he is, he is as miserable at times to deal with. (on a daily basis of late) Some days I seriously want to hide from his nit-picking. my 12yo hormonal ds is much easier to deal with than him. It's the old "but you said this.... I want that... No, that's not what you said..." grrrrrrrr
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Originally Posted by Makena View Post
Any book recommendations for 9yo boys pushing their mothers to the brink with their attitudes??!!

I think there is a series of books out there specific to each age group. I got the one called "How to Sell Your Testy 3 year old on Ebay".. I'm sure there was one for each age and stage.
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One pound at a time...
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Afternoon everyone!

to Wendalina!

Kristen-They had LIMITED stuff in. I actually was a little sneaky and called ahead to see what they received. They put aside for me the chocolate crunch (2 boxes) and one box of LA Slims (new packaging, now in cans, 6 to a box). They are SUPPOSED to get more supplies in on Friday. So no jail time yet! Other than that, the weigh in went well at the COD. I lost 1.2 lbs from Thursday. I gained some of the weight back from when I was sick, so I am up overall, but I now losing properly if that makes sense.

Nicole-I do the same thing with chicken breasts. I cook them with lemon pepper, but I will have to try it with the teriaki marinade.

Dan-Good luck today!

Pearl-Continued for your job hunt!

JulieMarie-Josie is a sweetheart! You will have to post some pictures of your new nursery!

For those that I missed have a great day!
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I remember my mother had this book titled "So this is why animals eat their young".. It was something to that effect
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I was talking to the manager of my center today and she said they were changing the website to include an online diary and some other stuff. I asked her about an extra fee for it and she said not as far as she knew. I said that in the US they pay extra for access to a website like that. She said that probably because we pay a personal care fee when we start that is why we may not have to pay. She was saying when I joined I paid around a 135 and got the cookbook but the new members pay $99 and don't get the cookbook. So it will be interesting to keep an eye on the website.
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"Santa" paid $75 (?) for the website since it was on special and we had to buy the cookbook seperately. They should just really give it out when people join, it makes the meal planning so much easier.
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Christine - LAWL
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Good Afternoon Everyone!!

Went to WI today and got my FAV counselor - she actually listened and agreed with me when I said that even with 10 HR days that I was eating too much food!! YAY!! I might be able to make the 10 lb Valentines Day Challenge!! She also said that when you switch plans NOT to eat bullets for a couple days. (My weight was the same as I am averaging less than 2lbs a week)

Looks like everyone is doing well!! Another thought on preparing meats in advance - last weekend I baked a turkey breast that has been fab in pita bread and on salads this week!! YUM!!
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Hi all,

Hope you are all having a great day. I am not sure if I am coming down with something or what, but I don't feel so hot. I wasn't hungry for lunch so I just ate soup. I know that Campbell's Chicken noodle is not LAWL approved, but I didn't feel good and I didn't want to skip eating lunch.

I have Friday off so I am going to use it to plan my strategy for next week.

Have a wonderful day everyone!
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Christine - LAWL
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BTW - another new Lites flavor......Chocolate Raspberry!! It was pretty yummy!! I think I like that one better than the Key Lime....
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Wendy II
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THanks for the warm welcome folks!

I had a big NSV over the weekend.. first night out with all of my friends (none of whom I've told I'm doing LAWL) and I survived and even lost a lb.

Does anyone else do ? Or how about Yoga Booty Ballet?

Makena - whenever my kids are going through an annoying stage, I hug them or kiss them evrytime they spout off. Usually around 9, they really hate that
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