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OMG - I can't believe someone actually came up with this! Too funny!
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Barb on LAWL
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Megan: that is a great idea!
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OK, since Cassi did such a great job on personals I’m gonna give it a try. Here goes:

Deb…..AWESOME WL! I am doing my happy dance for you! You are truly an inspiration to all of us. You really personify perseverance. It’s not the always the destination so much as the journey. You show us everyday that we can all do it if we just keep pluggin’ along.

Kristen…….I know I’ve said it before but I’m gonna say it again – WTG on your losses. You look fabulous - so, pretty and so happy in your pictures. You are so positive and supportive to everyone on this forum – funny too. Your posts always put a smile on my face. It is wonderful to know you are here every day and giving us your good thoughts. BTW, if you ever need bail money, you just let us know . That poor Mike doesn’t have a clue what he’s up against. Oh! And thanks for getting the ball rolling on the Valentines Challenge. I am planning to join in on the fun.

Dan….next time someone offers you a little treat
Gotta do something to get back POP again.. I'm just having a hard time saying no to things... Focusing on the goal, and going through all the reasons isn't cutting it at this point.. Grrr!
try to take a step back, a really deep breath, and think, “is taking this going to make me happier than reaching my goals?” or “Will I be happy I had that in 1 hour?” I know it’s hard. And, it’s not automatic, rather something you learn to do over time, but it has helped me in the past (especially the deep breathing thing). It is something I am really trying to retrain myself to do.

Lori…….You are doing so great. You are so close to your goal. After that Valentine challenge you’re gonna be there!!!!! Keep your eye on the “prize”. p.s. I’ve have some trouble keeping up with the acronyms too.

Barb…’re amazing - so, good at these personals. I still feel like I am trying to get to know everyone and like I’m the new kid in class. I like what you had to say on your “soapbox”. I feel the same way. Coming here, posting and reading posts is really helping me get my head in the groove. I’ve done this before (even reaching and maintaining at my goal) – but too many times. I really want this to be that last time. Coming here, I am finding more support than I’ve ever had before. I know now it can be done.

Christine…..I think it is so cool you have chickens and fresh eggs! My DH and I were at the National Western Stockshow a couple of weeks ago and got to see all the birds that had been brought in for competition. Some of them were so funny looking. Many were for sale. But, I couldn’t convince the hubby we realoly needed one.

Nance….Congratulations on your weight loss so far. You are doing so well!!!

Wendy…Welcome and good luck. You’ll do well. Keep coming here for tips and support.

Angie….Feel like were almost partners since we started at the same time. We’ll have to keep each other motivated!!!

Joni….Love your avatar. You remind me of a friend of mine. Good luck on the Valentine challenge! It will almost take you to goal!! What a great motivator. And good luck with that lottery. I keep telling the DH that is my retirement plan.

Princess Heather….Welcome back! I know you can do it. Even with your hands full. Wow, 3 under 3. I must applaud you.

Nikki….Congrats on getting back on the wagon. You are doing the right things. The gym can be a great way to keep your head clear and keep you on track.

Kim….You crack me up. I love your sense of humor --- Mrs. Potato Head with cornrows indeed!

Evette….What can I say? WOW. You are a knockout! What a transformation. You must feel so amazing – and you should!!! That’s a lot of hard work and determination. Congratulations.

Pearl…I am keeping my fingers crossed for you with your job apps. I know the right thing is going to come along for you because you have such a lovely spirit.

Nisha…Congrats for getting back on plan. I know the weather here can be such a downer that all I want to do is curl up with a nice warm (delivered) pizza and a mug of hot chocolate.

Nicole…Great avatar. You look so happy! I know what it’s like to be in the middle of renovations. I spent 6 years redoing my 100 yr. old house mostly by myself. I am dying to see pictures of yours as you progress. It is so rewarding in the end it makes the mess worth it.

Liz…Congratulations on joining Curves. I think you’ll find it totally worth it.

Carol…Good luck at the COD tonight and let us know how it went. You’ll love having internet access at home – even if it is a little addictive.

JulieMarie…Congratulations on the baby. How blessed are you two to now have each other??? On another note: I didn’t think it snowed in Portland. I have a girlfriend who moved up there about 15 yrs. ago and I keep wanting to go up and see her. I think I’ll wait for summer though.

Alannah…Welcome back. I’m sure it feels good to be on the back end of your move. It can be so discombobulating (sp?). I am sure you’ll be back in the swing of things and POP soon!

Dolphn…Congrats on your NSV. Restaurants are my downfall too – especially when they have a particular dish or dessert I like. You’re doing great!

Ulanda…Good luck on the new plan and let us know how it is going. A stall can be so frustrating! But at least you are sticking with it and willing to experiment to figure out what will work for you. That demonstrates true perseverance.

Megan…Great suggestion about Amazon for JM. There are so many moms on this board I am sure they know some really great resources for a new mom.

And for all the folks I’m sure I missed – Keep up the good work and stay positive. We can all do this if we just take it a day at a time!!!

Oh, and I can’t remember who asked about the Apple Cider Vinegar, but I have used it in the past – not in liquid form but I take the pills. It is a really good natural diuretic. I did The Diet Center (really similar to LAWL) about 16 yrs. ago and they gave me ACV tablets. Now I just buy them at the health food store. Great for TOM.

Thanks for being here, L.
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Debbie on LAWL
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Good evening Friends!

I wanted to hop on quickly to check up, uh I mean IN on you guys.

Congrats Deb on making the 80lb mark! I am inspired by your WL journey, thank you.

Megan - GREAT idea...I would LOVE to participate in a cyber babyshower.

Cassie - I am sorry for your loss. My prayers and thoughts go out to you and your community.

I remained OP during my Cincinnati trip and am now glad to be home. I must admit I am proud of myself for planning ahead and am trying to plan all my really does help. I am going to check out the VD challenge (that's valentine's day for all you sassy pants!!!)

Glad to see all is well on the boards.....Dan I hope your funk is subsiding...give Liz a TOM hug for me.

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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Juliemarie - I just caught up with your blog and before saying goodnight, had to shout out.......YIPEEEE!!!!! I'm not a mom, but I watch Super Nanny and use some of her ideas on my dogs! Do you have any idea when you will be able to pick up Josie???

Nicole - you and several others on this thread sound like you are just amazing moms. I don't know how you guys do it and stay sane. My hat's off to all of you. It's all I can do to take care of myself, 2 dogs and 1 DH.

Night all - boot camp tomorrow so I'm up at 4:30 AM!
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Joni-Forget the boot camp.. sleep in.. join us in regular food after TO

Libby.. you rock! How nice to take the time to do so many personals.. wow you just bumped off Pearl and Cassi in the testimonials with all heart stage! And your kind words were wonderful, you made me blush!

Pearl any word on the job

Kim.. just keep being you.. I'm going to have to move to be closer.. and get my care package.

Dan are you hanging in?? SaskNewfie are you stuck in a snowbank somewhere?

Deb way to go on staying OP on your trip. You sounded pretty prepared before you left so I had no doubt.

Evette.. your new avatar is gorgeous.. go get a modelling job would you?

Nicole.. my fellow mommy! Keep the kids off the new stairs.. glad you had some down time today. My girls are in school tomorrow and I'm looking forward to a catch up day after WI.

Carol do you have product?

Alannah you keep at it, life will all fall into deserve it!

Nisha the 4lbs will be gone by the end of the week unless you are having a personal chocolate fondue party for one every day! (call me if you are!)

For those that were collecting my bail money MIKE SHOWED UP! He didn't have all his product but I got some. Lives have been spared, cities left intact, counsellors unbeaten and my COD still standing.. lucky for them! I walked in and I'm sure three of them dove behind the desk! I'll have a file like Kim's soon.. red flagged, skull and crossbones on the front etc.

congrats on the great work everyone.. I'm off to make my final meal of Takeoff.. can you actually call that wee amount of food a meal? I'm off to saute my scraps and then convince myself I'm full!
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Well, ODS and I dropped went to drop off our apps today but as soon as our friend saw us coming in the door she yelled, "You're here with your applications, right?!" and when I said, "Yes", she called the acting manager right out and told him he had two people here with applications that he needed to hire!
So, he came out and immediately knew who I was because I've worked with him on setting up a couple of leagues... to make a long story short, we're meeting him tomorrow at 4 to discuss money and "put us on the schedule"... he wants to put me on as a weekend manager, but since I HAVE to be at church on Sunday a.m., we may not be able to work that out... Can't you just imagine my Pastor if I call to say I got a job working weekends and can't be at church anymore?!? OMG!!!

Anyway, I also applied online for a P/T district manager position with a greeting card company. I had all the necessities, so we'll see how that goes.

As you can see... I'm keeping my options open. I got my paycheck for my current job for the month of Dec.... $56.50. Can you see why I need something else?!? Even my YDS makes more than that a week doing lawns!

Been POP, got on the Gazelle, drank my lemon water, and dh told me our Nordic Trak treadmill is now acting up... (good grief!)
It got cold here today - well, not really cold compared to some of you guys... it's in the 41 right now and after the 70's that feels pretty chilly with the blustery winds a blowin'!

Did I mention my current boss gave me a HUGE amount of work due the end of this month?!? BUMMER! Well, if I get on schedule tomorrow, I'm giving it back to her! Fortunately for me, she didn't put anything in my contract about unfinished work and she'll still have 2 weeks to have someone get it done.
Gotta go,
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Princess Heather
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ok...a few personals for the night before the time when i pray to the good Lord that my baby SLEEPS!

Cassi: the adoption of DFS#1 is back and forth at this time. We were told in November he was going back to his bio far he's still with us. I am waiting on a small act of Congress to get Dept of Children and Family to do SOMETHING! I mean he's been in foster care since he was born...i think 25months is a bit excessive.

Mama Nicole: my DFD was born cocaine positive. So far so good though! No symptoms of withdrawls and no apparent developmental problems. Mostly we take infants and toddlers...*we are a bit crazy* I'm liscensed for four...but we are crazy..not INSANE!

Deb: the new house is fabulous! DFS#1 thinks it's freedom. We have an open floor plan and large large entry baby gates that big. I spend a lot of time chasing him and telling him NO!

Juliemaire: OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you! I read your blog and just cried! I recall the time you started tossing this all around! Looks like you are getting your baby before we adopt ours! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you and for your little Josie!

Ok..time for the last feeding and then off to bed...Pray for my sleep, that I get some! Later!
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Barb on LAWL
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Lizzy: good luck with Curves. I used to belong to a gym like curves and I personally did not like it but I have MANY friends who LOVE it.

Julie: I am so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet it is so exciting.

Wendy: i am so happy to hear you are feeling better on LAWL. This is a lifestyle change for us!

Cassi: i am doing good. I feel so much better after that meeting with that counselor a week ago, I have the next meeting on Thursday. My mind is in it now!!!!!!

Alannah: That is exciting being in a new place! I hope you enjoy it!

Kristen: Mike is lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am glad you got your bars....

Pearl: I hope you like the new job! It will be exciting!

I am headed to bed now. I have to get up early to venture into work to go workout! I am going to do the treadmill and listen to my Guns and Roses CD. It gets me pumping!

Night all...

Remember YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Lori, LAWL since 11/05
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We have a Nordictrack treadmill also and just had to have the electronic panel replaced. It is 1 1/2 years old. The problem I had was I would get on the treadmill and once I started, if I tried to change anything, I couldn't, it would lock up and only go the same speed and incline that was originally set. We had a warranty and it was very easy to work with them, they ordered the part and sent someone out as soon as the part came in.

So, good luck with yours!!

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Joni..........thank you for your kind words You are such a sweetie. You put a big smile on my face And for the record......I'm barely sane.....LOL!!! My DH keeps me grounded.
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Oh you guys!!!!! I just spent the last 15 mins or so doing personals...and POOF!! "The page can not be viewed" and CRASH! Gee whiz.
Well, I guess you get the cole's notes version. I apologize in advance to those who I'm missing - most of you were probably in my original post that is now in cyber space.

Cassi - How is dd dealing with the loss of her teammate? 16 is a hard age to deal with the loss of a friend. She and your community are in our thoughts and prayers. How long until you get your test results? I (and many others) are trusting that they will come back with the best possible results.

Deb, Deb, Deb!!!! 80lbs! That is absolutely amazing. Proof that with hard work and perserverance, it can be done! Congratulations.

Kristen - I'm glad to hear that the money put aside for bail can now be put aside for the next time your COD runs out of lites....
I occasionally make run accross the border (sounds like I'm to get supplies/groceries for LAWL. I just got a salad spritzer. It is great. If you like, the next time I go down there, I can pick one up for you and mail it on over! The 2 choices I saw were Italian and Balsamic.
I LOL'd for real over the sauting your scraps and then convincing yourself that you're full!! (oh so sad but true!)

Joni - you are so close to your goal weight!! Are you enjoying or tolerating the boot camp??

Evette - You hve made such a transformation!! You look absolutely amazing. I am jealous (In a good way)

JM - Exciting times!! I bet Josie's nursery will be just adorable. There is nothing as exciting as a baby/kids in the house! Bless you both.

Debbie - Glad you are back safe, sound, and POP!!! That takes good planning and dedication to stay OP on the road. Good on ya!

Nicole - I bet your renos are looking fantastic. Moving stairs is a major undertaking! We are getting to the point where we are either about to do some big renos or move on....we just can't decide which it will be.

Pearl - It sounds like the folks at the bowling alley need you more than you need them, so maybe they will accomodate your needs for Sunday. It's worth a try anyways.

Wow Heather - I will definately pray that you get your sleep. You need it, you warrior!! (or crazy woman - whichever fits you better at the time. ) You sound like you have a very busy home - with a very worthy cause. Thank you for caring for those beautiful children who need you so much.

I am looking forward to tomorrow - real food!!! I am proud to say that I have not cheated once in the last 5 days (including these 2 of TO). I was rewarded with a 2lb loss from Sunday - 3 lbs total this week. (sorry if it sounds like I'm bragging - I just soooo needed this to keep me on the straight and narrow!) Having you here is making such a difference in my wl journey. Thank you, my friends
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Wendy II
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Hi Everyone - I'm new. I noticed there's already a Wendy here, so I'll just go by my nickname of Wendelina.

I'm 40, mom of 5 -- oldest is 18, youngest is 7 months. Yes, I'm nuts. I've been on LAWL for 2 weeks, and just like the other Wendy I feel GREAT!! So far, so good.. but I have a long way to go yet.

Reading your posts has been inspiring and I'm grateful there's a place to "hang out" and get support like this!

Have a great night!
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Wow, gone a day, and holy cow! Tons of stuff. So glad to see so many posting! I was just really busy with work today, but will be back in the swing tomorrow. I did want to say,

Pearl- Butt and gutt? Oh, you are killing me!

JM- Love your blog, and thrilled for you and your family.

Evette- Thanks for sharing your pictures. You look amazing.

Have a great night everyone!
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Welcome Wendy!
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