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Christine - LAWL
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Pearl - You quack me up!! Next avatar will be the real me - a ball cap and no make-up!! The pic on there now was after church or work one day.... The chickens are fun - I love the fresh eggs!

Here is to a POP week everyone!
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Christine - LAWL
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Nicole - I just have a few friendly barnyard animals!! LOL!! I wouldn't say I was even close to being a farmer......just live in the country!
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LAWL since 9/06
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Took me awhile to catch up on everyones posts. I wanted to say congratulations to all that have been successful. It is such wonderful and inspiring news.

I had my WI today and am up 1.4lbs. TOM has arrived so I believe it is TOM that has made my weight go up even though I have been drinking lemon water and green tea. Oh well, it will come back off. I am not happy with the gain, but it will come back off.

I also started Curves. My first class is on Thursday and I can't wait. I am really determine to get this weight off, plus no more excuses of the gym being a ways away. LOL.

Well, better get back to work. Talk to you all later.
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Kim - IP 9/10
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Liz - good luck at Curves! I have to say that I feel better mentally and physically when I work out, even when I don't see scale losses. I hope that you like it and stick with it!
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LAWL Salt Police
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HEY.. Who is this TOM guy? Huh? Huh?

I think the thing with working out is that it cuts your body fat and helps reduce inches, even if it doesn't make actual pounds come off.
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Nicole - Bad weather today so I AM GOING to COD tomorrow. I wish it was in the same town, well, maybe I wish that...
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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Liz - congrats on joining Curves.....
Benefits of working out...great post by moderator Aphil a while back

I am going to have to disagree with all of the COD's recommendations of "cardio only" and avoiding strength training. Strength training is actually the BEST exercise that women can do...
For best results in your exercise regime-you should be doing both cardio AND strength training-because they work differently.
Cardio burns a lot of calories, and helps to burn excess fat. It is also healthy for the cardiovascular system.
Strength training builds muscle, and also strengthens your bones. I am going to get rid of a common myth here...WOMEN DO NOT GET LARGER WHEN THEY STRENGTH TRAIN!!!! You will not "bulk up" and get bigger!!!
Men and women are VERY different in this have different hormones and bodies-and only they bulk up and gain mass with strength training. Women's muscles get leaner, stronger, and tighter. For women to gain "size" like a female bodybuilder-they have to go on very strict regimes, down expensive protein powders, and basically train like mad with huge weights to get to that way...regular strength training for women will not bulk you up.
I have been strength training for YEARS-and it is what gives your body that lean, tight shape-flat abs, shapely thighs, firm tricep muscles (the backs of the arms that are often "jiggly". Strength training is what helps that. Every woman on the cover of Shape or Fitness magazine does SOME sort of strength training...
Don't be afraid of it! Embrace it!!!!
Don't be afraid about "gaining weight" either...because we are only really talking about 1-2 pounds if there is any gain at first-if any at all. Women cannot put on 5 pounds of muscle in a couple weeks-so don't think if you are going to pick up some weights that the scale is automatically going to go doesn't happen that way for women.
Basically-you can walk around the neighborhood, or on the treadmill all day long for cardio...but it isn't going to do anything for jiggly arms, or a jiggly belly. You have to do strength training for that-plain and simple. (Ab exercises ARE strength training as well-but you are using your body weight as the resistance.)
Go for it! You will only love the results!! Strength training is the only thing combined with weight loss that gets me my body back after my babies are born...
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One pound at a time...
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Afternoon everyone! Well I am off to the COD tonight (Kristen-I made need bail money, as I don't think driver Mike has made out to my neck of the woods).

Deb-Congrats on the 80lb loss!

Dan-TOM is the nephew of Aunt Flo

Really busy at work, but the great news is I have broken down and I am getting internet connection at home on the weekend, so I will be able to post more often.
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Let's try this again . .
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Pearl-I'm here! Just lurking a bit lately. I'm pretty distracted and very busy and quite frankly, not very motivated to stay POP. I keep restarting only to blow it. I'm doing the slimdown challenge and the biggest loser challenge and am hoping to get back on track. My goal is to be in onederland by the time I fly to pick up Josie!

Speaking of-I've been in baby prep mode the last few days. Went to BabiesRUs on Saturday and finished registering. I had started online and thought I was being good and frugal (but still safe!). Add my SIL and mom to the mix-they talked me into a different crib, stroller, and carseat. All way more expensive than the ones I picked out online or at Walmart. Good reasons though. We picked out stuff that would last a long time-a crib that will eventually convert in to a daybed and then a full size bed. A carseat that goes to 100lbs instead of 40, etc. A stroller i could actually figure out how to fold . . .

Then i primed and painted the nursery. I picked out a really adorable rug from Linens and Things (one of the marykateandahsely ones). It's violet with flowers in bright colors-so I can decorate with solids and ginghams in lavender, fuschia, green, yellow, electric blue, etc . . . I was going to paint the nursery yellow-but had picked up a bunch of paint chips in green too-and they looked awesome with the rug. So the room is now a pretty bright green. You either love it or hate it. It looked a bit day glow when it was wet. i was a bit scared. Paint chips are hard-it seems inocuous when you look at a small square-but when you have a large area-it's way darker and brighter, you know? I think it will be fine though. i really like the color-it's the color of the skin of a green apple. Again, though, when the whole room is that color-it seems brighter. . . .I also plan on freehand painting flowers on the walls . . . Maybe I'll try to take a picture to post when I'm done.

It's snowing here-took me 2 1/2 hours to get here. I spent 2 hours on the bus, we had a minor fender bender with a pickup, and then when we get across the bridge find out no vehicles can get up the hill. The bus driver was nice enough to detour and drop us off at the streetcar. I took that to the waterfront where I rode the new tram up the hill. I don't know how long it will take me to get home tonight. I'll definately take the tram down the hill again though. The view was amazing with all the snow . . .

As you can see-there's not much to do here. It's pretty empty. I'm going to take care of my babies (cells) and call it good. Then maybe I'll go home and try my belly dancing DVD.
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New mommy again :-)
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Oh, Julie, I'm so excited for you!!! I'm sure the room is just beautiful. She is one lucky little girl to be so loved already.(((hugs)))
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Hello everyone! Been a busy day here at work, so I've just had time to read through the thread. However, have to admit that I just skimmed it, so I may have missed some things.

I just wanted to tell y'all how much better I feel since I joined LAWL!! It's only been a little over a week, and my energy level is up. And, other than my psoriasis flaring up, the rest of my skin seems so much healthier. I've noticed that the "glow" is back on my face and my skin even FEELS different...more moist. I had gotten into the habit of eating fast food almost everyday, so I guess my body is loving having all the "junk" flushed out. In fact, that could be the real reason that my psoriasis is flaring. I went on a special diet before that almost cleared me up completely, and I got worse before I got better. I still want to give the all food plan a whirl, though.

Deb - My DH dips, so I think I'll steal your idea and see if he and I can't make a little deal of our own. The only thing I'm worried about, however, is that he is also overweight. In fact, we ran his BMI the other night, and he just falls into the obese range. I'm worried that if he quits dipping, it will get worse. He's actually lost 3 lbs since I started making better dinners, so maybe I will inspire him.

Nicole - Yeah, I mentioned to my counselor as I was leaving yesterday that I may want to try going bar free for 2 weeks instead of one. I think that will give me a better idea of whether or not they are causing the flare up.

Liz - Good for you on joining Curves!! I was a member before I had my second DD, and I really liked it.

Well, back to work I go.
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Hey JM......good to hear from you. I am sure it is super hard to stay focused on LAWL with the baby comming and all. I bet you had a blast picking things out for Josie's nursery. I am just so excited for you. Before you know it, you will be facing nice little struggles, like I am right now. My DS (2 yo) is having a fine time trying to show me who the boss is. He has taken up a new hobby........hurling himself over the crib rail and playing in his room. Every stinkin one of my kids went through this, and it is a major pain in the butt. I feel like I am losing an hour of time a day during this dreadful test of wills. It is very trying to calmly place him back in his crib without reacting to his cuteness, until he give up and goes to sleep I would recommend watching the Super Nanny from time to time for words of wisdom. I have only wathced it a few times, but it is real nice to get reminders of how we need to treat our children with respect, while teaching them self discipline. comes some more unwarranted advice for you........I read this fabulous book, years ago, called "Kids Are Worth It," and I cannot remember the author off hand. Oh, heck, I will see if I can find sec......ok, here is the link of the book on amazon:
Now, call me a freak, but I have given this book to girlfriends of mine with their baby shower gifts. I was lucky enough to read this book when my oldest was still pretty little (well, not this particular one, as it has since been revised), and it gave me sooo much insight to the kind of parent I was choosing to be. (Oprah had the lady that wrote it on her show a LONG time ago.) I emphasize choosing to be, because most of us do not take the time to learn about parenting and choose a parenting philosophy (which we all tweak throughout our years of parenting) until we have children, and don't know what to do with them. The author does not give instructions on how to do this or how to do that........she just helps you examine HOW you want to go about teaching your children to become productive memebers of society when they are grown.........and to realize that that truly is the goal of parenting........whether your child uses a pacifier until she is 5 probably won't determine if she is going to be a criminal or not. I know........I am getting all talky here, but it is a great resource, and I, along with many of my girlfriends, have gone back to it for support many times. It also is a great way to open the door to discussing child rearing with others. I do NOT think any book, or a show, or other's parents advice is all knowing. I have always figured, I can take what I agree with, and use the **** out of it, and the rest of it, I can just ignore . I am ALWAYS learning. Ok, I'm done......LOL. All I really intended to say is, I am truly happy for you JulieMarie

Last edited by Mama Nicole; 01-16-2007 at 02:38 PM. Reason: I am a dork, and transposed a bit........
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So where are Lea Ann and Cassi today? And're a little quiet as well. My company is GONE (TG) and I am kind of a slacker today
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OK everyone, I’m going to try to catch up on some personals today. I am going back to last Thursday, which I know is a long time ago, but I wanted to read how everyone has been doing.

And thank you, everyone, for the support yesterday. I think just typing it out, and talking with a few moms at work really helped. J

Megan – WTG on handling that luncheon. I don’t know if I would have been that strong. That is a MAJOR NSV. As for the hair color thing, gotta love kids and their honesty, huh?

Nicole – How’s the potty mouth cleaning going? I know I said I love your avatar, but I wanted to tell you again. You are just glowing in that picture. As for DH, sounds like you have MacGyver for a husband. Lucky you! Anytime someone asks if my DH can fix something, I just look at them and say “he’s Jewish”. That usually clears things up! LOL. For those of you reading this that may be Jewish, hope you have a sense of humor and are not offended. As for my avatar, I forgot to take a picture on Saturday! I know, I suck. I will try to remember to get my butt in gear.

Katie – WTG on your loss last week. Pearl cracked me up with that “bragging about your poo” comment. Hope you’re staying strong, girlfriend, ‘cause you are getting so close to your goal. Let us know how the acupuncture goes. Its interesting stuff. And I’m glad to hear your boss is coming through. Hope all that works out for you, whatever you decide. MMMmmmmm…. Chicken & dumplings. It’s just been too hot for that stuff.

Carmen – Oooohhhhhh Carrrrrmeeeeennnnnnn….. Wheeeerrrreeee aaarrrrreee yyyyooouuuuu??????

Pearl – Sounds like Monsieur Jerry is going to give Vidal Sassoon a run for his money. Any word on the job hunting? That resume looked great. Good luck to you and ODS on the job hunt. And… if you’re going to brag about the 70s, should I mention that it’s 82 and sunny right now???

Kim (Mom of Three) - Welcome to our boards! I’m so glad you decided to stop lurking and jump in. I know that there have to be a bunch of “lurkers” out there, but when one of them does jump in, it still surprises me. We are all so open on this board and here for each other, that I forget that “others” are watching. Not that I mind, it’s just funny when you realize you’re all out in the open. By the way – your loss so far is great! 40lbs in 3 months is incredible. Keep up the good work. You could probably teach us a thing or two.

Libby – How’s the plan going? Did you end up getting your menu planned? Don’t feel bad if you don’t consistently lose 2lb/week. A lot of us don’t. It doesn’t mean you’re not following the plan, just that your body is doing what it’s going to do at its own pace. However, here’s a big WTG for your first official WI loss!

Nikki – When I plan my menus for the week, I put any upcoming activities in the “activity” area of that day’s diary. That way, when I am planning, I know that if the kids have something going on, or I won’t be home, I am able to plan OP foods, either to bring or pick up, to help me stay on track. When DD has something at school at night, I might pick up a salad at McDonalds. If I’m running all day, I’ll plan a Slim Fast, or plan to pick up pizza (Carb Craver) or salad, etc. That being said, sometimes things still happen, and you just have to do the best you can. Try to focus on veggies and protein if you find yourself out and are struggling for options. Hope you’re doing better. It can be really difficult when things pop up and you find yourself out of your element and faced with food choices that aren’t the best.

Deb – You continue to amaze and inspire me. Even when you “screw off”, you still make some progress.

Liz – WTG on your losses earlier, and sorry about TOM making you gain. DH is so good to you bringing you lemon water like that, though. Hope you enjoy Curves. The alone time is kinda nice. Escpecially because you just go in the circle to the music and don’t have to think, it can be a great time to clear your mind.

Dan – What a guy. Way to take care of your wife! And I see a new slimmer and happier you on that avatar. Take a picture of Liz when you get a chance so we can see her too! Hope your “blue funk” has lifted. I’ve been kinda that way too since right before the holidays. Can’s seem to get my butt in gear. No big gains, but a little here, a little there, and a little up, and a little down. Hoping this TO challenge gets me on track.

Jason – I know I’m late on this, but the “dicky do” comment really cracked me up. You continue to put up great losses. Keep up the good work!

Sherry and Jason – Funny you guys said that about the junk food. DH and I went out Saturday and I had boneless wings. I only ate one because it didn’t taste right, but between that and the beer, my “problem” seemed to ease up Sunday.

Sherry – Hope WI went OK. I’m so glad to see you back here posting. WTG on the loss!

Angie – Hope all is going well. Your losses so far are great, and it seems you’re getting the hang of the menu planning. And I know you’ve probably gotten your answer, but, YES, it is normal to be “irregular”, “stopped up”, “bound”, “backed up drain” (thanks for that one, Pearl) or whatever else you want to call it. The hot lemon water works as a natural diuretic both with water weight and the other, and you will see many, many discussions about that from time to time around here!

Carol – The end of year gain of only 1.2 is pretty good considering most of us gained 6lbs. I would love to be able to work at home, even if I don’t have that white-knuckled snow drive. Sorry “Mike” hasn’t made it to your COD. E-bay?

Candace – I love your new avatar. You can really see your face getting slimmer, and you are just beautiful. And happy belated birthday!

Kristen – You are just blazing a trail with your weight loss this year. You’re amazing! And your new-found confidence definitely showing. Would love to see a full-length pic of you in your new non-plus threads.

Kim – “fun bags” seriously made me LOL

Tina – Great job on almost getting to goal! My DS goes to gymnastics too!

Christine – Love the avatar! Glad date night went well. I loved your words to Dan. So often, we give such good advice to others that we forget it when it’s our turn to need help. Also, congrats on winning the chili cook off, and even more congrats for only tasting two bites. You rock!

Kytravel – Good idea adding the jalepenos to the noodles. I’ll have to try that one. As for worrying about DS in college, ugh! You just made me realize that it’s going to get worse! I guess it’s just one set of worries after another when you have kids, huh?

Katie – WTG handling those birthdays at daycare. Very impressive!

Lak – My COD doesn’t carry Trimax anymore. Is that what Excel replaced?

Rhonda – Great losses for you too! DH used to be my “cheat” partner in crime. I’ve put a stop to that! Thanks for the acidolhilus tip. I will be SURE to pass that one on to DH!

Debbie – WTG on your losses! Did the quick trip to Cincinnati help you stay OP?

Lori – Great idea with the “morning blend shake”. Never thought of that. I’ll have to try that one after TO is over. I’m always looking for filling breakfast ideas that don’t make me give up a protein or starch.

Ulanda – I am so sorry that you are having a rough time. Since you weren’t losing at gold, maybe try a week at red 1 (are you SURE it’s red1?) and then spend a week moving down a plan to red and then purple before going to gold. I have to think you weren’t getting enough food before, but if red1 is too much, maybe you can spend a few weeks experimenting. Obviously, I would bring this up to the COD and they should credit you the weeks they screwed up. Thanks for asking about me. J

Joni – How is my favorite southern belle today? I don’t have an appt. with the doctor until Monday. I will pick up the films today and then take them with me to the appt. You would think I was trying to get tickets to the super bowl the way these orthopaedists are all tied up! Good luck with the lottery – don’t forget me when you’re rich and thin!

Wendy – Welcome! WTG navigating that buffet!

Barb – How’s my TO buddy doing?

Meagain – Patience! You were losing around 1.5/week when you were following the plan, right? You’re losing like a lot of us are. Have faith and stick it out. Next month you will be 6lbs lighter than you are now, and in three months you will be 18lbs lighter than you are now. And come the holidays, you will be 60lbs lighter. Isn’t that better than a quick fix and yo-yo dieting? C’mon, girlfriend, I know you can do this!

Nisha – Just get back on the horse. I’m am sure you didn’t consume 4lb of brownie. It’s gotta be water and/or TOM.

Jenn – So good to see you back here! And the fact that you didn’t gain during the holidays is a definite victory. Now… stop thinking you’re on maintenance and get back to posting with us!

Steph – Welcome to a new decade!

Evette – Holy crap! You’re a shadow of your former self! You look absolutely beautiful.

JM – All the Baby Josie talk is so exciting. I remember painting the nursery for DS a few years ago. We ended up getting all maple furniture and the crib that converted to a full size bed too. And the big car seat. Although, just my two cents, now that he’s 3, we’re looking to change the car seat to a booster because I think it would be more comfortable for him now that he’s bigger. It’s all so exciting. I know you can make it to Onederland in time for the big day, but if you don’t, it’s certainly understandable with all the excitement. You will do it when you’re ready to focus on it, but Baby Josie is much more important than LAWL. (Although you do want to be the healthiest mommy you can be!)
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Barb on LAWL
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Julie: I just read your blog... I am so excited for you. I started to tear up when I read how hysterical you were. I have to adopt and I was imagining how I would react and it would be the same way!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a doll she is
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