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Ulanda- You bet you are worth it! Something is gonna give, and those lbs. with start coming off again. Believe it or not, Evette hit a major road block a few months ago and could not lose a lb for quite some time. She just kept at it, and before you knew it, she was losing really well again, and now look at her. You can do this!!!!
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Cassi -- I'm so sorry to hear about that young girl. How tragic for her family and friends. It's easy to understand why you feel like you want to keep your DD close now.

Pearl - I tried lemon water yesterday, it was just really unpleasant. Good for you for drinking it every day!

Carol -- I had much the same drive this morning. I live in Brampton and work in Etobicoke. I hope your drive home (and mine) will be better.
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Hello Again
White knuckled driving is right. I talked DH into doing some errands with me so he could drive me to WI. Mike the delivery guy gets to live! We had product.. but not all of it.. I took 7 boxes of my Lites (prepaid) and said that way you can't run out on me!
Carole if you don't have anything yet start emailing the Canadian [email protected] give em heck. I told them they should compensate us big time!!

Well back from WI and............................... got my 40lbs!! Then went and bought a sassy red top for Valentine's with DH and some sneakers for walking.

Angie and Wendy and the other newbies welcome again and ask any questions away.

Sherry congrats on your great loss!

Cassi.. sending you a big hug!! Hope DD is doing well too. I shall give my girls and extra cuddle tonight as you suggested.

Night school is cancelled so going to get to see part two of 24 and cuddle up on the sofa instead of driving out in the mess and going to class.

Hope those of us that are frozen will soon have weather like Pearl's!

I'm off for my TO lunch and will see you all soon!
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Well, I just had my first regular weigh in (5 days OP) and I am so excited to say I'm down 5.2 lb.s!!!! WooHoo!!!!!!!! This really inspires me to keep going. Yeah!

Kristen, congrats on hitting your 40 lb. mark - you are one giant inspiration. You go girl!

Pearl, loved your sentiments. I truly believe in letting the people you love know it every day. I too lost my father in '99 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. My gift was having the time to let him know I loved him and that I was proud he was my father. We don't always get the gift of time though and so we must live each day as if it's our last.

Check in later. Off to take my mom on some errands.
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Hey girlies....
well, i hate to admit it, but I've been POOP ever since the holidays. I've been so frustrated with the plan, and how even when i was following it perfectly, I wasn't losing, or I'd I kinda gave up a bit. Stopped tracking my meals and everything. I even ate *gasp* PASTA!!! Ugh. I've probably gained a bit, but I don't think it's all that much. My last WI in over a week ago. But I started going to the gym this week (first time in 6 months!!) and I'm headed back to the COD today, and I'm ready to kick my a$$ back in gear.

Also, quick question...has anyone ever heard of drinking apple cider vinegar water to accelerate WL? I read about it here:
My stomach can't handle lemon water, so I was thinking I'd give it a try. Any thoughts?

I can't possibly get caught up on a whole months worth of posts, but I've been thinking about you all!
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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Cassi So sorry to hear that news; my thoughts are with you, your daughter and that young girl's family. What a wonderful outpouring of support, though, from your community!

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Default Intervention Ppplllleeaasseee!!!!

OMG, this has been the most NOT POP weekend I have had since I started back on the diet. Got on the scale this morning, up 4 lbs... 4lbs...PEOPLE!!! How do you do that? I have not had anything fried, any red meat, nothing, I mean I did have about 10 chips, and 1 piece of a brownie, and ok a lil debbie cookie, but that's it I SWEAR!!! But 4 lbs!!! Well TOM this week, starting today. No excuse for 4 lbs...huh!! Ugh, I just wanna give up. SOMEONE HELP..
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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Meagan - welcome back! A lot of us are still here; we survived the holidays with minimal gains and we're still plugging away. I've not tried any of the apple cider vinegar products, but will be interested in hearing what folks have to say about them. However, if your tummy couldn't handle lemon water, what makes you think it will like applie cider vinegar????
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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Nisha - look at your signature and "Keep on keepin on!" Don't obsess over that number on the scale and giving up is NOT AN OPTION!!

You did not gain 4 lbs from your little cheats. It's water retention and/or TOM can easily up my weight 5 lbs; just get back on track and the numbers will fall in place! Don't focus so much on the number on the scale; instead focus on how you are going to get in healthy food exchanges and how you are going to get in a 15 minute walk. Those 4 lbs will be gone before you know it!
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Hey all! I've been checking in but not much to get caught up on! Haven't been to WI since last Wednesday, and we're basically snowed in at the moment, so not sure when my next visit will be. Hopefully tomorrow the roads will be more driveable. I've been semi-OP this weekend...getting most of my foods in but not all my water, and haven't been cheating TOO badly, so hopefully I'll see a small loss next time I go.

Cassi, I'm so sorry about your DD's friend...we've had a rash of teen accidents around here lately, mainly due to the weather. *sad* I hope this reminds all who knew her (and knew of her) to be extra safe from now on.

Yikes, Donisha! Down that lemon water, chica!! Drink! Drink! Drink! You've done so well so far...don't give up!
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Kim - IP 9/10
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Cassi - I'm so sorry to hear your sad news. It's so awful, and so hard for kids to grasp when it is someone their age.

We are in the middle of an ice storm here, it's pretty wild. Luckily both DH and I have the day off, so we just hunkered down!

Day one of the slimdown challenge is going OK - I hope everyone else is hanging in there so far.

Kristen - Yay on the 40! and...
I posted before but who else is in for a try to lose 10lbs by Valentines? We have a month and I think we can do it!
- as I said before - I'm up for anything!

Gotta go, DH is installing our new foyer lights and he need a hand...
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One pound at a time...
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A big for hitting the 40lbs!
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Jennifer aka Jenn
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Unhappy I'm Still Here!!

Hey All!!
I'm still here lurking around. I finally read this whole month of the posts so far, whew!!! Congrats to all the losers, Welcome to all the newbies and Hey Ya'll to all the regulars!!!
I really missed you guys and I guess you could say I was in a funk during the holidays. I think it was because I felt like I was denying myself GOOD things to eat! Bad girl huh?? I know, my COD keeps telling me that it's only temporary, but it's really hard to see that when your friends are all out partying it up and you can't or just don't have the willpower to do it without falling off...

Butt, I am much better now!! It's a new year and I have my goals all laid out in front of me and I'm back on the wagon!!

One good thing is I DIDN'T gain anything, butt I didn't lose anything in almost a month either. My fav counselor keeps telling me I need to remember that I am NOT in maintenance yet, and to get my butt in gear!!
I just love my counselor, and don't think I'd be still doing this if it wasn't for her...
Anywho, I just wanted to say Hey everybuddy and to promise that I'll be posting more often. I PROMISE!!!

Hmm, I just thought to myself that since I haven't been here is when I started falling off my wagon. Must be that I need you guys!!!
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Kristen: WAY TO GO on 40lbs that is so great to hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi everyone! Well I didn't make it to weigh in on Friday so I went in this morning. I was down .4 to 159.6!!! I'm so excited to be out of the 160's. I can't get back in to the COD till Friday. My counselor gave me a goal to be down at least a pound by then. So we'll see what happens.
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