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Repo girl 01-02-2007 02:39 PM


Originally Posted by Dan2112 (Post 1512350)
So you put the corn in dry? and leave the bag open? Interesting concept.. I'll try it soon!. I'll skip the honey though. I don't much like sweet popcorn..

Thanks for the great suggestion!!

Roll the top of the bag down 2 or 3 times so that the popcorn does not fill the microwave! This is also awesome with a few shakes of tabasco sauce.

Dan2112 01-02-2007 02:48 PM

Hi gang..

Not sure when my DW will be posting.. She's been slammed at work and the fact that we took a week off only made it worse.. Since she's in the computer programming field, she stays off the computer as much as possible at home, so who knows... LOL...

As for the minor cheats here and there, my COD said to not sweat it.. 5 BBQ chips are not going to hurt you if you've been on the plan for a while.. I did that at Thanksgiving and felt guilty as ****.. But my fav counselor told me that a handful here and there isn't going to affect me because my body has adjusted to the diet and is better able to burn off the food I put in it..

Before we got on the plan, our bodies just packed in whatever we ate, but now, since ideally, we're eating better, exercising more and losing weight, our body can handle minor inclusions of things we shouldn't be eating.. That's not to say you should march down to the vending machine and buy a candy bar or a bag of chips, but if we grab a few from a bowl once in a while, we shouldn't feel to badly..


bizlawchik 01-02-2007 02:50 PM

Katie - I love popcorn w/tabasco too! I also like it w/vinegar. One day I wanted salt and vinegar potato chips so bad, but didn't want to give in, so I put the vinegar on my popcorn for a substitute. I did the same things when I wanted wings one day and put the hot sauce on the popcorn. It was so good! That was a regular item for me during pregnancy. Glad to see I'm not the only weird one out there. My family thinks I'm nuts when I do that.

kytravelbabe 01-02-2007 03:13 PM

Take off, Take off
I started Take off today after 2 weeks of not being POP. I, too, am ready to get back on plan and forget all the eating and drinking I did the past 2 weeks. It all started with December 23rd party and ended New Year's Eve. I went to Nashville for the Music City Bowl where my team won, GO CATS!, and a lot of celebrating was going on. Anyway, I am working at being good and getting the new year off right! Hope everyone has a great day and stays on plan! I know we can do this!!!

klkoppes 01-02-2007 03:20 PM

Good Day All! FF is going well, so far so good! How is everyone else doing?

I am excited to get a decent nights sleep. It seems I haven't slept well since I started eating crappy around December 24th. It amazes me that when I eat junk it affects so many different aspects, after all that is how I used to eat all the time!! No wonder I was always tired.

Hang in there TO and FF friends, only 33 hours and 40 min left CST!!

fastmomma 01-02-2007 04:16 PM

Hello Friends. TO day 2 is going well just a few hours left to go and I will be on program tomorrow for a new start. This time I know I can do it. I will have my 1st official weigh in of the new year on Thursday.

hkychik 01-02-2007 04:28 PM

Tina!!!! I was just thinking about you this morning, while I was in the shower! (Don't ask - it has to do with little girls and pony tails) I am glad to see you back with us!

I am glad to see that everyone has such a positive attitude to start off the new year. If we stick together, we can do this!


KrispieD 01-02-2007 06:50 PM

Lori.. two pound to go to 75 loss? What is the reward going to be??

To all those on Takeoff.. one day down one to go. I actually enjoyed my 3 ozs of chicken and broccoli at lunch.. all the garbage in my system is on it's way out and the remainder is shouting horray for the good food. I wish that this Takeoff was going to net me a good loss instead of taking off what I put on over the holidays.. but such is life!

I've planned my meals for the week, enjoyed a green tea this morning and am looking forward to my 'real' healthy food on Thursday. Joni I'm going to post the Taco Salad but just go get the supplies for it late tomorrow when you are almost done! After takeoff any food to me is a treat!!

Hope you are all hanging in, not dropping from hunger and it's SO NICE to go through this with some other people. I think for some of us we are more honest on here than we are any other place in our life.. you can be sure I did not tell anyone else I gained 6lbs! Please let it be water retention..mmmmggfmmm... sorry sucking on lemons as we speak!

Prazteam 01-02-2007 07:16 PM

Well, TO is "so far, so good!" I actually did lemon juice this morning and I'm "intending" to do it everyday a.m. and p.m. It seems to give me a sore throat temporarily... so I really hate it! But I'm using frozen lemon juice instead of fresh lemons or the bottled stuff. Like it much better!
I agree about the chicken and lettuce for us! I really enjoyed them but still have more to go. I've been running to the potty every 30 min. and my boys are laughing at me!
I got my Gazelle today! It's nice but I can't get the monitor to work except for the pulse. It seems to be missing a "magnet cluster" that evidently goes on one end of the monitor but is a separate piece?!? Anyway, I've sent an email to CServ on the Gazelle site to see if it can be purchased separately. The young lady I purchased it from was 30 min. late meeting me so she knocked off $10, bringing it down to $40, an even BETTER price! So if I don't get the monitor to work, the machine still works! I'm happy! I got two videos with it too. I have to admit, I got on it for a few moments, but I'll need to work on my balance before trying to do too much on it!
ODS is asleep here in the chair - so tired from his trip! YDS is watching Pirates of the Carib. II for the second time. I'm just chilling for now. Got to start some keying tomorrow, but that's tomorrow!
Okay, gotta go (literally!)
I'll check back in later.

Barb316 01-02-2007 07:39 PM

I am happy to see we are all onto a good start, renewing our minds and bodies with T/O and coming here. I will have to agree I am more honest here about what I am doing and not doing on my weight loss journey then in other places. I appreciate all the support and feedback we are all giving to each other. I find more support here then I can at the COD ANYDAY. Thank you to you all! WE CAN AND WILL DO THIS IN 2007.... 2007 is the year for the LOSERS!

Repo girl 01-02-2007 07:58 PM

Hey all! Another great POP day for me so far. I am making one of the tuna cassaroles from the threads for dinner. Work really was not too bad. The owner of the day care is coming tomorrow so that we can solidify our contract. There are a few things that I need to confront him on, and I really get intimidated by this guy, so wish me strength!

Tina- So good to see you girl!

Lori- What else do you think about in the shower?

Cassie- Vinegar on popcorn? That sounds awesome! I am really gonna have to try that!

Nascar Girl 01-02-2007 08:02 PM

Good evening everyone!
Pearl - you go girl! I am so uncordinated; I'd never get the hang of that contraption! My coordination is not very well! I'd look like I was doing wacky splits like Jerry Lewis!: LOL:!!
Hope everyone is doing well.
Well, I was suppose to be off today and ended up driving all the way to Pelham, AL (5 hr RT) to take DH his shaving bag and meds he left this AM I was not a happy camper! :rollpin: He started out the new year being a horses rear. He was mighty lucky that I'm a good wife!
So.... my walking has been postponed until tomorrow; I do have my bag ready to go though; I plan on leaving work and go to the track before coming home.
Evette - you rock! You deserve a big hug for staying POP over the Holiday!:grouphug:
Loir: 73 pounds :cheer::cheer::cheer: congradulations!!
Dan the Man welcome to the hen house! I was born in the great state of New Mexico! I love it out west! I can actually breathe allergy free out there!

Well gonna go catch some reruns of CSI before bed everyone have a great night!

tigerpawswhit 01-02-2007 08:15 PM

Hello Everyone!! Today was a great op day today. My mom and I actually cooked dinner together tonight. We fixed the chicken parmesan and the cheddar cheese soup from the lawl cookbook and they were wonderful. We also tried the stir fried asparagus, but we just don't have a taste for asparagus!

I am also proud to say that my mom is starting her diet. Her workplace is doing their own version of TBL and last time they did it, she quit halfway through. This time she plans on sticking it out with help from me and this site (she doesn't post, but always is ''lurking''). I'm looking forward to experiencing success with her!! I have 2 weeks left of christmas vacation, so we're going to try lots of recipes. She's glad to have some help in the kitchen!

Dan2112 01-02-2007 08:43 PM

Hi gang..
Well, TO has been hard to take today, considering how much food we ate over the holiday..

But I'm happy to report that the exercising I did counteracted some of the damage we did (unintentionally or not) and I actually was down 1.2 at today's weigh in!

My DW was up a couple lbs, but she's taking it in stride and knows that the TO will help a lot..

Have a good night all!!

bizlawchik 01-02-2007 09:17 PM

Good evening ladies! It seems that everyone is doing well with staying OP today. I think we are all ready to say goodbye to the past few weeks of putting junk into our bodies.

Krystal – I know what you mean about the sleep. I’ve definitely been more tired over the past two weeks. And to think this was normal for us before?

Lori – So what’s the 75lb reward going to be? You may not post as often as you’d like, but the scale still keeps going down. I really admire your strength.

Kristen – I made a taco salad today for lunch using the Morningstar black bean burgers. It was so good, I think I actually prefer it over the taco meat. I just put all of the ingredients in little containers and mixed it at work. Yum-O!

Pearl – My Gazelle works except for the pulse monitor! It really is fun to do. I don’t even use the videos. I just put something good on the TV and go.

Katie – I’m sending you some good vibes, and praying that you have the strength to negotiate fairly. Let us know how it goes.

Whitney – Glad to see you’ve made Mom a converyt. My COD is having a new year special starting 1/15 that anyone you refer gets 50% off the program fee and the weeks, and the person doing the referring gets $50 credit. Maybe you can convince mom to sign up.

Whitney’s mom – Stop lurking and come out and play with us! J

Dan – Great TO results! I did TO the day after Christmas and I noticed that this time I was really hungry too. I think it’s because of the junk we put into our bodies. I also think it doesn’t take too long for your stomach to stretch back to where it used to be. But it also doesn’t take long to shrink back. At least I’m hoping so.

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