Lawl Losers And Friends - January 2007

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  • I got my new LAWL cookbook from ebay today. I am SO EXCITED...

    I will be putting post its and stuff on the recipes I want to make... I made some recipes from the other book I have now I will tackle this one. I noticed that alot of the recipes are the same in the books.
  • oops - yeah, 2V.
  • Quote: Dan - wondering what "no-salt" is.... Is it a brand of seasoning or something like Mrs Dash? Does it have potassium? Before LAWL I never added salt to my food except if I was cooking with it.... but last week I started getting leg cramps. (especially in my left leg) I started using the Mortons here and there and they have gone away....I would prefer not to use it though.....


    No Salt has been around since I was a little kid in the late 70's or early 80's.. It's basically pure potassium.. It has a VERY strong taste, so I don't use much at once.. There is also another alternative called "AlsoSalt", but I haven't tried that one yet..

    We keep a can of Morton's around, but I try to use the No Salt.. We both prefer the flavor of the lite salt, but like you, I'd rather not deal with any more sodium than is already in our food...

    You can find No Salt in the salt and spice isle at the store...

    Barb - Have fun with the cookbook.. It has some really good stuff in there.. If you like cheesecake, you will be VERY pleased with their recipe.. Liz loved it!
  • I take potassium instead of the Morton's. I couldn't stand the rock salt taste (probably more pronounced because I never used salt before) - I used it in the beginning, until I realized that I was 'ruining' (for me) the taste of the food I was finally allowed to eat on plan.
  • I too do not salt my food to much. I like to use no salt seasonings or make my own spice blends. I am looking forward to reading my cookbook. What i have found with it is it is good for making lunches the following day and when my fiance wants to eat on his own (which does not happen to often LOL) I can just make the 1 serving from the cookbook..
    I would rather eat a food that has potassium instead of getting it from salt.
    My fiance had me go out and buy sea salt when I went shopping b/c he heard it is good for you...

    Lemon chicken is on the table this evening.
  • I crave salt, but then again, lately I have been craving dirt, chalk, and rocks (don't know how I would chew them!). Any ideas what this all means?
  • Is the chicken/veggie loaf posted?
  • I haven't done TO in a very long time. I am on Day 1 today, doing okay so far. I can't remember...can I have a diet soda with my dinner, or just water and TO juice?
  • I will post it for you...
  • Barb- the cookbook is amazing! try the chicken tenders, i'm eating them right now
  • LOL. I have alot of post its on the recipes I want to try and I am not done going through it yet.........
  • WOW, Lots of activity today. That's a good thing.

    I am doing great and I had to get on to tell you about the interesting phone call I got from my COD manager today. She called and said that she was sorry but they had made a mistake and she wanted to try and fix it. She told me with 5 hours or more of exercise a week, that I should be on the Red1plan and they actually have a book that says Red Plan Kit 1. I told her that it was a lot of food, but that I would give it two weeks. She gave me a free bottle of TO juice and asked that I please do it this week, to get a fresh start for the new red plan. I told her that I felt that I was not getting any real answers as to why someone (me) could be following the plan as written, including exercise because exercise is an important part of weightloss, why I am not losing. She tried to assure me that she understood my frustration, but I told her, that she had no idea exactly how frustrated I was. I did tell her that if I didn't get any results in the next two weeks, that I would continue this journey without the center. So we will see what happens. So I guess it's TO on Wed/Thur for me. Then I will visit the COD on Saturday.

    I didn't mean to ramble, but I wanted to let you all know what was happening.

    I think all of this support is definitely going to help me, so please everyone let's keep this great momentum and keep posting.

    Take care everyone and have a wonderful night.
  • Quote: I crave salt, but then again, lately I have been craving dirt, chalk, and rocks (don't know how I would chew them!). Any ideas what this all means?
    Katie- That is a condition known as PICA, a disorder found in children. It could mean you have some type of nutritional deficiency. Do you take vitamins? If not maybe you should.
  • Paula--I'm sorry but I really can't remember. I am pretty sure I did have a diet soda when on TO--especially the first time when i did unlimited. I don't drink many so I really can't remember. Can't see that it would hurt but I'm sure if someone knows otherwise they will chime--maybe too late though--lol.
  • the veggie chicken loaf does sound good, but in my new la cookbook it counts as 1p and 1s. I have found many misprints in the book (ie. instructions for chicken in a beef recipe, no chocolate ingredient in the chocolate truffles recipe, etc.) so maybe this is just one of them!