Lawl Losers And Friends - January 2007

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  • Quote: DAN...I researched lemon water and found it has some great nutritional and health so it is not just for retention....I was really amazed at its benefits....good luck to you and DW losing together...DH and I are in this thing together forever!!! nance

    Thanks for the words of encouragement... I'm starting to get serious about stepping up my workout routine.. From nothing to something..

    I need to start walking again, now that the snow is melting on our street!
  • Evette, go and enjoy yourself. drink lots of water and the walking will help! I grew up on Long Island and I love NY! The city, Long island EVERYTHING about NY I LOVE!
  • Well, TO is over and I'm officially down 2 more pounds. My at-home scale showed a loss of 3 pounds, but I did weigh in wearing jeans (which I do most of the time) and it's almost that TOM, so hopefully I'll see another sizeable loss later in the week again.

    They also took my measurements, and the girl who measured me this time held the measuring tape WAY tighter than the girl who did it last time, so I don't for a second believe the 16.5 inches she reported to me, but maybe it's 10 inches? I'll take the 10 as a for-real loss.

    Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...I'll get there someday! Almost at the 50-pounds-to-go mark! (how depressing that sounds, hah!)
  • Hellow Guyz!!!

    Dan- Its great to finally have a male opinion around here! WELCOME!!!

    Ljackson- You still looking as hot as hot can be! You go girl!

    Brazil was wonderful, DH didnt enjoy himself at all, but I ate everything I could and visited all of these crazy people that somehow think i am related to them and I still remember things of when I was 7! But it was fun! The food was unbelievable and I walked lots and lots while down there! Cant wait to go back!

    I have been hitting the gym even though the diet part hasnt been perfect but i am trying to improve on that! By Valentine's day I am suppose to be down almost 8lbs...lets see! Have a good day all!
  • Good Afternoon Ladies,

    I went to WI at lunch and wore my unlucky (but pretty) red sweater.....I typically don't worry about my clothes when I weigh but this one always gets me.... Not up a whole pound but still made me sad afer such a good weekend, walking, lemon water, and thinking positive. (Thanks to all of you!) My COD said it is a huge sweater so we'll see.... I think TOM might be knocking at my door also.

    Barb / Deb / Everyone - Thanks for the information on the bars! Chocolate anything is good - LOL! I also love oatmeal raisin cookies so will try that first. I have had the PB South Beach bars and looked at the nutrition label on the Pria and thought they looked good. I think we have Cliff Bars too. I will do some comparing....still have plenty of lites.

    BoosMom / Pearl - Thanks for the help with Sunday. I did talk to COD today and she gave me a couple meal replacement samples. Starting this Sunday I will start my day a little earlier and eat a better breakfast. (This past Sunday I just had a yogurt and a lite and didn't get home until 3pm) Yikes!

    JulieMarie - What a FANTASTIC idea!! Updating my que today!! I'm up for some belly dancing!! DH/DS/DD's will probably laugh their heads off at me though....

    Have a wonderful afternoon!!!
  • Hi chickies (and Rooster Dan). I haven't been here in three days and I have a lot of catching up to do! I am going back to read the threads now, but wanted to say hi to everyone. I am home today because of the back thing, so I missed WI, but I have been OP, although not POP, and the scale is moving in the right direction. Can't wait for Wed. WI. I'll catch up with you guys as I read how everyone's been doing.
  • Yay! It's Cassi!!
  • Dan-One of the wonderful things (or not so wonderful things about the virus) is loss of appetite. So in terms of being POP, I wasn't in the fact that I did not eat anything except some juice and chicken soup.
  • Afternoon all!

    Jason- Maybe I'm the only one "gutsy" enough to respond! What does your girlfriend/wife call you if Ol' man refers to her dad? I love learning other's customs! Here in the country where I live it is a "redneck" term considered by most as disrespectful, although some use it jokingly. I think you're fitting in great! It's so good to have you here and so successful on LAWL too!

    Evette - I'm so excited about your trip! What a fun way to celebrate such a blessed day! I was wondering... would you be willing to share how many inches you've lost with 81 pounds gone?!? I just can't even imagine it but one day, I will know first hand!!!!

    Carol - Great to see you back! We've missed you. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather like so many others! Feel better girlfriend!

    Quote: It was some homemade, nasty porn. DH laughed his head off, wanted to know if I still wanted it for exercise purposes or not.
    Katie - OMG - I am laughing out loud!!! I'll bet your dh was HOPING you wanted to do some exercise to that DVD!!! You probably WILL NOT live that down for a while and dh might hold on to it for blackmail purposes!!

    JM - I'm a dork too! I've had netflix a lot longer and I didn't know they HAD exercise videos! (but then again... I'm just getting to the exercise idea - so maybe I'm just a dorkette! Give me time... I'll graduate in no time at all!

    Tina - OH NO!!! I know NOTHING about braces first hand... but could you sort of chop them up like granola and eat them? Just an idea... Seems I'm full of ideas (among other things!)

    Lori - FEEL BETTER! Maybe time for some warm broth or soup? I wish I was near - I'd come over with some! I'm still trying to think of a way to do that via mail! Next day delivery of LAWL homemade meals...

    Nance - WAY TO GO!!! 2.4 is awesome!!

    Megan - You made it through TO! Way to go girlfriend! 2 pounds is a great start to the week! And 10 inches - WHOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!! (did you hear that? that was my front porch dinner bell ringing for you!!!) If you think 50# to go is depressing... try 110#!!! That's why I don't post my ticker that way! I'd feel like I'll never get there. Instead, I do small/medium goals! Can only eat an elephant one bite at a time! Hmmm, elephant.... is that on LAWL?!?

    Rebecca - You gorgeous hunk of woman you!!! So glad to see you! Valentines day = -8# ... You can definitely do that!!! So, keep up the great work!

    As for dh and I - I deliberately fed him the same way I eat on red and guess what - a loss of 1.6# this weekend! Ta duh!!! Think that tells him anything?!? He really does need to go back to RED!!!
    I'm down 2.6 - that's 1 pound less than pre-holiday!

    Okay - gotta go. Keying... keying... keying...
  • Nance- Great loss!!

    Cassie- Good to see you! I downloaded an exercise routine that you can do on the rack when your back is better, LOL.
  • Thoughts about water weight....

    I am always looking for something to drink so typically I get much more than the 64 oz's of water, at least 24 oz of coffee, most of the time a green tea / lemon water in the evening, and also maybe a diet coke at lunch, etc... I bought some new "Eliminate" that is sappose to help with excess water weight but I only used it once because I am afraid of spending even more time in the restroom.

    Anyhow, I will ask my COD but has does anyone know if drinking too much all the time would cause a bigger fluctuations in weight from day to day. ?? A lot of times I am up one day by a little the next down quite a bit.... It is 2:30and I already had 72 oz of water....

  • WI today!!
    Good afternoon ladies and gentleman ,

    Went to WI today and I was down 4.2 lbs...woooo hooo!!!!

    Did Fast Forward this weekend (because I refuse to do TO), and I guess I did good. 4 inches down, alot more to go.

    Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!!!

    Congrats to everyone on their weightloss, and everyone coming aboard...woooo hooo!!!
  • Nisha: AWESOME WI!
  • looks like everyone is getting back on plan and doing very well. This is good. So far today, I am POP, and I am going to remain that way at least for the remainder of this day!

    CASSI........good to see you. I was really starting to get worried.....between your back and post holiday blahs, I was just crossing my fingers that you would be back soon to cheer us and you on!!! happy to see you too. You don't know how many times I think to myself........wouldn't it be so fun to meet up with some of these awesome women for lunch once a week. Oh least we have this cite.

    JONI......I keep wondering about Holly too. I also love her menus and advice......she's no joke. If you hear from her, let us know

    Everyone else..........I hope you are all having a POP day, or at least a OP day!!! I cannot play too much today (at least I hope I don't). I have a MOUNTAIN of laundry waiting for me to wash/fold/hang/put away. I also have a bedroom to paint, a ceiling and hallway to patch, oh heck, I won't bore you with my chore list..........we all have them Have a great day ladies and gents
  • Good to see you back Rebecca- Thanks for the compliment, although I will never look as good as you do in a bikini! Hang in there, I have slid a little backwards too.