Lawl Losers And Friends - January 2007

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  • Quote: Ok, I have time to do personals I am going to start with this morning on..

    Evette: I think you are inspirational! You are doing so great! What an inspirational thing for us all to see that this program DOES work if you work it and that even when we are struggling (like I am now), seeing your progress is amazing and drives me to want to continue on.
    Aww...Thanks Barb. That's really nice of you to say. All of you are an inspiration to me too!! Keep up the good work, stay POP and the weight WILL come off. Take it from me.

    Hello gals and Dan! Just wanted to say a quick "hello" to all of you before I start my day. I'm still trying to catch up on the posts. Still on page 18 or 19. I had to stop and quote Barb, since she did a personal. Thanks again, Barb.

    I do have some awesome news. I'm going to celebrate my 34th Birthday this year (March 12) in New York!! It'll be my first time there. Although I'm going by myself, (DH couldn't take the time off) I'll be spending some time in New Jersey with my cousins, aunts, and uncles. My weight goal is to be at 123-125 by the time I leave for New York. Ya know, just so I can have 5 pounds to play with, if I decided to splurge a little bit on the food. I hear "the city's" got some great food!!
  • Quote: By the way... you DIDN'T call your love "ol'lady" here amidst all these chickies did you?!?
    lol..I was surprised you were the first to respond to that. That's a common expression where I'm from. Ol' lady refers to your wife/girlfriend and ol' man refers to your father. Trust me, it's not an offensive term...If it was, i wouldn't be that crazy and post it here! lol And believe me, if it was offensive, it wouldn't have been used for generations back home because Newfoundland women wouldn't put up with it!!
  • Katie - love the profile picture; isn't it funny how the big dogs think they are lap dogs! I assume that is you in the picture; you look great!

    I'm from Chicago and say "pop." When I first moved to Atlanta they told me that they called all soda pop "Coke," even if you were drinking root beer or something. I still say pop and I've lived here 20 years!

    Had my first "boot camp" class this morning at 5:15 AM (I think that's Pearl's bedtime!). It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. The hardest part for me is running outside (I'm such a treadmill goddess when it comes to running!). I'm actually already excited for tomorrow's workout because I'll watch my taped episode of last night's Desperate Housewives! And, as is always the case for me, now that I've got my workout in gear, my eating habits suck. Why can't I get the two (eating and exercising) to go hand in hand!

    Cassi - you've been awfully quiet.......hope the back is better. Check in!

    Someone asked in another thread about Holly - doesn't look like she has posted since mid December. I always liked her menu threads......very healthy young lady! Perhaps I'll PM her and see whassup?????????

    Evette - I see you changed your goal weight and that you've lost yet another pound! Have a grand time in New York City!
  • Morning Ladies, I am back! I do not have time to do personals yet, but I wanted to let you know I missed you guys! I was laid low with a nasty virus that is making the rounds which is why I have been MIA. Toodles and I will catch up with you later!
  • Carol: I am glad you are feeling better!

    I am from NY grew up there and I still say soda. I cant get myself to say "pop"
  • We say "pop" in Ontario, however, growing up in Quebec, we called it "softdrink"
  • Joni- Yep, that's me. Those dogs make me laugh. Everytime you try to sit down on the couch, they "dog pile" on top of you. This really aggrevates my little dogs, dauschund and chihauhau, and they will chew the faces off of the big dogs. Those two prove that it really is the size of fight in a dog....

    Jason- Ole man, old lady, very accepted terms around here too. People are always calling people up asking to talk to the ole man or lady, and we are only 29!

    Evette- New York? How cool is that? Hmmmmm, I am having a brainstorm here.....don't you all think that in honor of Evette's fantastic weight loss that Regis and Kelly should take her on a shopping spree or something?

    Pearl- Sounds like a crazy busy day at your house. Now I remember why I don't go to church! Lol, just kidding, just kidding, that's not why!

    Lara- Great news on the wedding dress!

    As for me, I am just staying POP, drinking tons of water, and waiting until Thursday morning to weigh. Right now I am eating a bowl of raspberries and huckleberries with FF half and half. Yum! Yesterday I decided to download an exercise program and burn it to DVD with our new computer. It took 5 hours. I was so excited when it was done, ready to exercise, when DH previewed it before burning it. Turns out it was incorrectly labled. It was some homemade, nasty porn. DH laughed his head off, wanted to know if I still wanted it for exercise purposes or not. I won't live this one down for a long time, I fear. Hopefully today will be my day to get the gym membership figured out. I woke up this morning really hurting all over. I am hoping that some gentle exercise will help.

    Have a wonderful, POP day all!
  • Quote:
    Yesterday I decided to download an exercise program and burn it to DVD with our new computer. It took 5 hours. I was so excited when it was done, ready to exercise, when DH previewed it before burning it. Turns out it was incorrectly labled. It was some homemade, nasty porn.
    Poor girl! That would be horrible.... I am going to go onto our cable and do the on demand for free of some excerise things.
  • Katie - Good thing you didn't offer to burn off copies for everyone here.. Then again, perhaps.. Well.. Nevermind..

    Carol - How did you do staying on Plan while you were sick? Liz and I tend to stray a bit.. Getting sick is our guilt free way to cheat (on the diet that is ).. That said, we don't use it as an excuse to go overboard!!

  • Hey guys-

    I'm such a dork-I've had a netflix membership for 6 months or more now and I just now realized that I can get exercise DVDs on it. So-I get 3 movies at a time-and this way I can try a new exercise DVD every week or so and still have 2 movie DVDs. A great way not to get bored with your workout for only 17.99 a month. I'm trying a belly dancing one this week!
  • That's a great idea.. We have Netflix too... But I think I might pass on the belly dancing...
  • C'mon Dan-Embrace your feminine side! Oh-and there's all the Carmen Electra StripTease ones also!
  • Oh my Katie - I am laughing out loud! DH would be all about exercising if my workout tapes/DVDs were that exciting.

    Juliemarie - great idea on the Netflix, but since I'm already paying a fortune for HDTV cable, high speed internet, gym membership, boot camp, etc. I'll have to hold up on that for a while...BUT, it's great to know that is available.

    Barb316 - are the exchanges listed in your muffin recipe for one or two muffins....I want it to be two muffins, so it's probably only 1.
  • Joni-If I had all the good cable stuff-I wouldn't need netflix. There's that one exercise channel that is all on-demand exercise shows. Which is such an awesome idea!

    I have a gym membership too. But I'm trying to incorporate some at home exercise in anticipation of canceling my gym membership one Josie arrives. No way am I going to have her in day care all week and then dump her in another day care at the gym so I can work out . . . I have quite a few DVDs already-The Firm, Yoga Booty Ballet, Tae Bo, Pilates, and Yoga ones.
  • Whew! OK, I know I don't check in on weekends, but I DID this weekend and I still had to catch up on 7 pages of posts. Chatty losers!

    Welcome to Jason and Liz!

    Katie - the picture of you with the dogs is hysterical! You need a bigger couch, apparently.

    OK, just a quick check-in, busy day!