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  • rf peanut butter is a protein
  • Night all, I just posted a pretty funny new profile picture with me and 4 out of our 5 dogs.
  • OK, haven't posted for awhile but I have been lurking...hadn't checked the site since Friday and there are like 6 new pages since then so I am not going to even attempt to catch up, but I will share some exciting news. I found my wedding dress! and I am going to order it a size smaller than what fits now, with the hope that I may have to reorder another size smaller later! That's the goal anyway.
    AND, I read about half of the posts that I was behind on and it motived me to get on the elliptical that is sitting right beside the computer and put in some time, so thanks!
    And! I LOVE LEMON WATER and I am not afraid to share that!
    Thanks for the motivation, ladies. I sincerely appreciate it...
    I've seen lemon water mention in other posts...what's the deal with lemon water?
  • Quote: I LOVE LEMON WATER and I am not afraid to share that!
    Haha I wish I loved it! Would make this soo much easier.

    Jason: Hot lemon water is a diuretic (sp?) and works wonders if used the night before a WI. Ideas on how to prepare it can be found in a few "lemon water" posts a page or so back.
  • Lemon water is an aquired taste I use a bit of splenda, and it REALLY makes it yummy!!! I, also, love lemon water......and it is great to see you posting again Ms. Hawthorne. Cute new avatar. You must post pictures of the dress when you get it
  • Jason - The lemon water gets brought up a lot.... I asked at my COD about it and was told that it's mostly for women who tend to retain water more than men, but it does help flush sodium.. Since Liz and I have basically stopped ingesting added salt all together (We use "No-Salt" rather than "Morton's Lite") I didn't really need to use the lemon water..

    Boo - Cool to see you say "pop" instead of soda.. Takes me back to my young days growing up in Nebraska...

    The Blue plan seems like a lot less at first, and the visiting training supervisor who fills in at our store was a bit concerned as well, but said as long as I'm feeling ok with the amount of food, I should stick to it.. But if I feel I'm not getting enough (food that is!), I'm to tell them and they'll re-assess..
    Only taking in 3 oz of protein isnt' that bad, since I was never really a big eater in the first place.. My problem wasn't quantity, it was quality...

    Nikki - We're allowed Chicken Parmeasean on the frozen foods section of our menus, so treat it like a protein and a starch.. And like you say... Moderation is your friend, no matter what you're eating...

    C y'all tomorrow!!
  • anybody out there?
    Hi- I am new... and new to lawl..... I have 72 lbs to go and it almost seems impossible right now... but You cant win if you dont play...... any advise/ recipies for the first phase? It seems pretty boring.... - also- how do I get the weight tracker and the quote to show at the bottom of my posts? inquiring minds want to know
  • We always said "pop" in Wisconsin and Chicago areas
  • Dan: Oh wow, I totally did not realize that. I'm sure I ate a little more than a small frozen food size portion (the little spaghetti killed it too) but it's nice to know that I didn't totally hurt my plan. Thank you!
  • Tyme: click one of our tickers and it will take you to the site to make one. When you are done making it, you will get a code. Copy the code and go to USER CP (at the top of your screen, above the forum name) and on your left hand side and it will say "Edit Signature". Click that and paste the code into your signature. You can also add text before or after the code in your signature.

    I hope this helped!

    As for advice for the first phase- stick with it, it's only two days and just try your best NOT to go off. (you can have unlimited protein- with the skin too!). Also, the more you eat the more you are likely to lose. Good luck!
  • I have not taken the time to welcome all the newbies by name......but please know we are all so happy you are here!!! This is a fab place for support.......most days I feel that it is my lifeline for success So welcome, welcome, welcome
  • Ok.. So I haven't gone to bed yet.. Liz is snoring away peacefully at this point, but Rome is on HBO..

    Plus, I was just posting a new recipe on the recipe thread...

    Tyme... The trick to the first week is to focus on what you want out of this.. I'm in for roughly 100 lbs, and I'm currently down 46..(will update ticker later on!)...

    By focusing on your goal, and remembering how much you just paid for the plan, you should find enough incentive to do it.. I'm so NOT a will-power person... In all the other diets I've tried, I've never been able to resist the temptation of french fries and breakfast burritos with bacon.. But for some reason, this time around, I have been able to do so..

    Plus, the fact that we can still eat 95% of the food we love to eat.. If you can get past the first two weeks, you can succeed! Just keep checking in here for support..

  • Liz - (it's about time you showed up! Now we can get the REAL story!) My dh and I are also doing this together, although we started out closer in weight than you guys. DH is ahead of me by about a 40 pound loss, but we have our moments when he's at a plateau and I'm still losing... (like now!) and it aggravates him totally! (which I enjoy!) So, hang in there girlfriend, we'll make our goals and have hunkier hubbies on the way instead of chunkier hubbies!!!

    Sask - Hockey huh? Street or Ice? Just curious. We do talk about waxing - not as in "raindance", we talk about our cycles - not as in choppers, we talk about TOM - not as in your neighbor's cat or your buddy Thomas, we talk about our POOs - not as in Winnie the..., and we talk about our tinkling - not as in ANYTHING you would relate to Tinkerbell, so excuse us - we'll try to remember to post "warnings" so you don't have to read it! It's great to have some men here, my dh is doing great on the program, just unable to post at work and not allowed computer time when he's home! BTW, DH was told he could have no MORE than 24 oz of coffee a day because of his work schedule, he explained he NEEDS the caffiene sometimes just to finish the drive home at 4am... So, I bought the 1/2 and 1/2 caf and decaf coffee and now he can drink up to 48 oz because of the difference in the caffiene and he still gets a "jolt" out of it if needed... I posted a "hot wings" recipe on the menu thread - it really will satisfy your craving for hot wings and you can always make enough for "the boys", mine love 'em!!!
    AND - they are HOT if you want to make them HOT!! - By the way... you DIDN'T call your love "ol'lady" here amidst all these chickies did you?!? Come on man... what are you thinking?!? You don't want us to ride you on that like a stolen dirt bike!!! (you see, I DO live with too much testosterone here!)

    Nance - love the new pic... You ARE a hotty! You go girlfriend!

    Whitney - have you tried the rice cakes? I find the caramel really helps with my sweet tooth, and dh loves the apple ones. Today I got the multigrain in maple brown sugar and cinn. toast... Love to add a little peanut butter and sub for a lite! YUM!

    Dan - great NSV on making it through the game without any snacks!!! From what you've said, that was a biggie!!!

    Megan - It's easier some days and harder some day! The good news's only 2 days!!! Hang in there honey and tell that well meaning honey to support you instead of sabotage you!!!

    Deb - I hope to have the Gazelle fixed today (Monday) so it's you and me girlfriend! You on the treadmill, me on the Gazelle! WE can DO THIS!!!

    Sherry (Dolphn) - You're doing great! One day at a time... one meal at a time... one bite at a time!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

    Kristin - thanks for missing me! Sundays are SOO busy for us... we get up at 5 and it's church until 12:30, then misc. errands while in town, then home for POP lunch - by that time, we're all exhausted and take naps... then we spend as long as we can with dh because Sunday is his only day off (if you want to call it that!)... so here I am at 1 a.m. MONDAY catching up and theres 5 pages!!! OMG!!!

    Nicole - You crack me up!!! Out of that cute little mouth of yours... Anyway, I agree about the "pick your battles"... I do NOT worry if we overeat veggies - as long as they aren't covered in butter, cheese, or some sort of sauce! After all, we didn't get fat eating veggies!!! And I too love my coffee, but I like it with ff half and half and splenda and I don't care about the caffiene!

    TwoPugs &
    Tyme - - - - - There's a ticker site here... http://www. - or you can go to - or you can do a search on weight loss tickers...

    Stephanie - Great NSV on the Ruby Tuesday Anniversary Celebration! Didn't you feel empowered?!? Don't you love how you feel when you OVERCOME?!?

    Barb - Hope you're feeling better! There's a YUK going around... many were out today from church with it!

    Christine - as you can see from my post to Kristen... we have a LONG Sunday also. We eat our breakfast before we leave... then we take an apple and our lite with us and eat it during a break and then it's lunch for us around 2... I know that didn't answer your question... but I hope it gives you an idea?!? It's important to keep fuel going in or you go into a NO LOSE pattern... and if you wait too long and your meals pile up... then you're taking a lot to bed with you... I'ms ure one of these wise women will answer much better than I did! I still want to know what part of VA you're close to!!!

    Jason - I think you're very brave to even TRY to answer that question!!!

    Lisa - Okay, so now your scale's under lock and key?! Why don't you get out the tape measure and use that for a while?!? After all, according to Dr. Oz, your waist measurement is the most important!!! (I'm sooo glad you're back!)

    Dan - you just HAD to throw in that note about cheating affecting you men less didn't you?!? Talk about adding insult to pain!!! Hey... you WERE talking about the diet, weren't you ?!?

    Nikki - I just finished my second cup of the day... (lemon water that is) and if I can do it....

    Lara - love the pic! Congrats on finding "the dress"!!! I remember how exciting that is! (even though it was almost 22 years ago!) And did you HAVE to mention how much you love lemon water?!?

    As for me... down 1.4 today... only .2 to go to reach pre-holiday weight! I made the Oriental beef and broccoli (sort of) and it was FABULOUS!!! I also made the cabbage and pasta recipe and it was much like lo mein and it was also FABULOUS!!!
    I FINALLY tried the southwestern black bean patties and they were much better than I expected and I got dh to eat them too! He actually enjoyed them cut up on a taco salad for dinner!!! Now that's a huge NSV for him because he HATES anything like that! (I love it when a plan comes together!)
    I'll post the recipe for the pasta later on... It took over an hour to catch up and write personals... good grief and this is a SUNDAY!!!
    Blessings everyone!
  • Lara: Way to go on finding the dress... When are you getting married? What does it look like? I am getting married in May...

    tyme: WELCOME!

    Pearl: I look forward to the pasta recipe! I went through the cookbook and put post its on all the recipes I want to do. It is nice b/c they make 1 serving (most of them) and I can make them for lunches the night before and not have to worry about left overs.

    I hope you all have a great day. I will be back later on!