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  • Sherry (Dolphn)- one day at a can do this! TBL Challenge is something that was started mid-December on the main 3FC page. Basically there are two teams (one red and one blue) and we have 12 weeks to see which team will have the biggest weight loss. No prize, just a WL challenge. I joined, but all I'm really doing is reporting my weekly weigh in there for the team. It's too much to chat over there and chat on this site (LAWL) and I much prefer all the folks on this board over any other 3FC site! The challenge is now closed to new folks, but, honestly, you are not missing a thing. You can check out more about it at
  • First, Nance, my mouth dropped when I saw your new avatar! You look hotter than a piece of pottery in the kiln!! Looks like you had some fun doing your photo shoot!

    Welcome Jason!! Now Dan has some manly competition here!

    I took so long just catching up, that now I have to go do more errands (I'm pleased to say I FINALLY got all my Christmas decorations stored away!). I was so off kilter yesterday, I'm not even going to outline my sinful ways. I'm pretty mad at myself, but coming online here today; reading all the posts has cleared my mind and I'm plugging away.

    It's the start of a new week! I wish you all a healthy, POP day.

    A big hello and thanks to all who post and continue to motivate...and that would include Chickies Pearl (PrazTeam), Katie (RepoGirl), Kristin (KrispieD), Lea Ann (BoosMom), Cassi (Bizlaw), Nance (Bajachick), Deb (MTDebster), Nikki (Truelies), Barb (Barb316), Nicole (MamaNicole), Kim (Kimphin), Julie (Juliemarie),Ulanda (2BFit), Lori (Hckchk), Martha (MBFarley), Michelle (MickySue), Christine (BusyBee), Nancy (LittleBlueCat), Megan (Hdsgrl), Rhonda (Makena), Whitney (tigerpawswhit), Sherry (Dolphn545), Debbie (Debbie367), Kelli (KelliNC), Emmysmom, Candace (Cevert), Sue (Sue1968), Evette (Winkie03), Krystal (Klkoppes), Kayla (NascarGirl), Lisa (LJackson), Stephanie (Steph618), Britt (Brittyboo), Alannah (Equinetcan), Liz (Dan’s “sweetie), Rebeca, KYTravelBabe AND
    Roosters Dan and Jason!!
  • Hello All
    Well my TBL challenge is a good motivator. Got back from church and went walking for an hour while DH had kids at park. Having some Chili Lime Tofu and Sesame Tofu for lunch today to shake things up a bit Have been 100%on plan since the New Years Day scale tipping incident. Nothing like a hefty gain and a new calendar year to get you back on track lol!
    Wow Joni what a sensation you are remembering everyone's name and Screen names.. do you have a cheat sheet?
    Cassi, Pearl and Mama Nicole we are missing you gals.. get a postin!

    Have a great Sunday everyone. off to make my Turkey Chili! The Taco Salad and the Kung Pao Shrimp I posted yesterday.. or as DH likes to call it
    Kung Ow Shrimp as I like to spice it up a notch!
  • Just wanted to say to Jason.........I consume more coffee than I am supposed to every day......and I have a salad whenever the **** I feel like it. I am not enorsing my bad habits....I'm just saying that you have to pick your battles, and if it is working out for you...........go with it. If you come to a bad stall, that is the time to take a second look and make changes as needed. I decided I have given up what feels like EVERYTHING, and I just have to have something.....which is my wonderful, delicious, hot, black coffee
  • Back on the Wagon
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to the 3FC site but LAWL since 11/06. I am down to my last 13 pounds and having a heck of a time getting back on since the holidays. I'm going to do express today and tomorrow to get going again. I just keep trying to remember that last year at this time I would have been so excited to be where I am that helps. I appreciate this great website and all of your support.

    I'll keep updating my progress, that will probably help me stay on task!!!

    Thanks...(My LAWL Center folks aren't so great, so this will help me a lot).

    (Hey, where do you get those little characters that post weightloss progress?)
  • Quote: (Hey, where do you get those little characters that post weightloss progress?)
    Just click on any one our's and follow the instructions...
  • My gosh you ladies (and guys) have been chatty while I was gone! DH and I went out of town to see his parents yesterday. NSV for me. They took us to Ruby Tuesday's to dinner to celebrate our anniversary that was earlier this week. We sat down and they ordered an appetizer of cheese fries!!! I really wanted to have some but I controlled myself and even ordered healthy--tilapia with a side of steamed broccoli and rice pilaf. I've been POP since my last weigh in on Thursday so I'm hoping for a good loss when I go on Tuesday.
  • Megan: good luck with the T/O!!

    Jason: That is good that you still were able to go out with the guys and have a good time.

    twopugs: WELCOME!

    I am lounging today. I dont feel to good so I am in my PJs and laying on the couch. I hope you all have a great day! I maybe back later, if not I will 'see' you all in the AM.
  • Katie--sorry the bars make you icky. Is your IBS still acting up? I can't imagine not having them--they are my only sanity some days--like today--we are about to go to the movies and I am packing Smart Pop and a luna so I can survive my girls munching on movie popcorn! I hate that the Lunas have the palm oil since I told the center I wasn't using many lites because of the hydrogenated oils, etc., I probably just traded one bad for another--at least it's a cheaper bad--lol. Enjoy the VEG day!

    Deb--you look so amazing! You'll get through this stall just fine--you obviously have what it takes or you wouldn't be looking at 80 pounds! Geez--that's my 10 year old!! You are an inspiration to us all.

    Nance--love the sassy photo!

    Sherry--so glad to see you!!! Don't leave us again! That's an order--jk--you know me.

    Joni--don't be mad at yourself--we are all human--you'll get right back to work.

    Nicole--I commend you for being woman enough to drink your coffee black. You really are a WOMAN!!

    Sask & Dan--thanks for hanging with us--it's still a surprise to see our "guys"--we could use a male view--like you can tell us that guys don't like bony women for starters--lol.

    Okay--off to see "Night at the Museum". Talk to you all later.
  • I'm extremely bored at work so I found some LAWL articles on ripoff report and got so mad at some of these peope it is like any other diet, you get back what you put into it.

    twopugs: click on someone else's and it will take you to the page where you make it. your pugs are adorable! i had a pug for 12 years, they are truly wonderful dogs. (except when they shed and snore lol)
  • Happy Sunday All,

    Welcome fellow newbies!!

    After reading that Luna Bars are similiar to Lites I picked up a Lemon Zest and used it instead of my Lite one day last week. I did not care for it at all - are there better flavors? I might switch when I am out of Lites...

    Another quick question - On long Sunday's at church I barely eat anything before I leave and after any volunteer work, meetings, etc... I might get home and have only eaten a dairy and a lite so I have a ton of food left to eat for the day..... should I eat a couple bigger meals or still eat small meals but closer together?

    Rhonda - My thoughts are with you!! I have the opposite problem today but soon all 3 of mine will be back playing sports and I will have to figure out how to plan to stay POP for multiple games...... I guess I will pack all meals and snacks those days since I work 10 hour days and usually eat breakfast when I get to work.... **sigh** I hope your day went well.

  • I recently picked something up at my local discount store (TJ Max, Marshalls, etc) that I thought were worth sharing...I know they are all different but you might see a type of these somewhere...

    Napa Valley Harvest Oil Spritzers (Meyer Lemon Grapeseed Oil, White Truffle Oil, etc...) One spray is ZERO calories, fat, sodium, carbs, etc. I usually use more than one spray and count it as my fat. The spritzer is an awesome way to distribute it evenly without "dumping" oil in stuff.
  • Quote: we could use a male view--like you can tell us that guys don't like bony women for starters--lol.
    lol...this could get me trouble! Honestly, I always liked women with "meat" on their is usually stuff I discuss with other guys. My ex-wife was around 115lbs, so naturally I am a little traumatized over "petit" personal experience shows that they are psycho!! jk

    For me, size doesn't really matter (I hope the same is said about guys...lmao)...I'm an "eye" person...eyes are my weakness.

    As for "bony women", I'd prefer heavier women over bony women any day (not to be offensive to bony women).

    Please don't hold anything I said here against me...Boo'sMom asked me the
  • oh my gosh, it is busy here! I remember the days when the weekends were dead. Now I can't seem to keep up. This is a good thing though.

    Here is my plan this week: I am going to try to put the scale away an only weigh once a week. I have been letting the scale rule my life again and I am tired of playing these games. I stick to plan, loose 2 or 3 pounds, add in exercise and am up 2 or 3 pounds, get mad and eat bad things, skip exercise and I am back down 2 or 3 pounds. In the meantime I get nowhere, just depressed. I have been at this long enough that I know what I am suppposed to be doing, so why do I need the scale to monitor myself? right? So I am going to go right now and lock it up.
  • Jason: that is a great attitude to have about women My fiance has always told me that as long as I am healthy it is what matters!!!!!!!!!

    Lisa: I get obsessed over the scale also. I hate it... Our weight is a number. You are doing what you need to do to be healthy....

    Christine: I think the Oatmeal Raisin Luna bar is good. So it the smores one. I also have gotten the Pria Complete bar also those were good.

    I changed my profile picture to my furbaby Jake in the snow check it out if you would like