Lawl Losers And Friends - January 2007

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  • Yeah--another male to torment....ahem....I mean chat with.

    Really--WELCOME! Dan already got the warning about the wide range of discussions totally unrelated to losing weight. We are a lot of fun and hope you are not easily offenend. Good thing you weren't around in the summer--we had quite an extensive discussion on "waxing"--OUCH.

    Liz--glad you came to play--you have done amazing! Many of us are slow losers but the inches are the kicker. Mine has become mental because I jinxed myself and said if I could fit--comfortably--into a 10 Lucky I would be satisfied--so here I am in my favorite jeans but not quite satisfied about not making goal. Oh well--getting back in the swing of WL phase--ugh.

    Katie--do the Lunas or Kashi's have the soy? Never paid attention since it wasn't a problem. I know OZ doesn't like the palm oil in Luna but it's better then the hydrogenated oils in Lites--I guess. It's ALL gonna kill me someday!
  • Quote: There are too many welcome threads in here! I think I may have finally found the right one...I'm getting tired of introducing myself! lol I could copy and paste my intro from my other posts I guess. Anyway, once again...I'll keep this one simple...I put on a bunch of weight and am trying to lose it. I joined lawl on 22 Dec 06 weighing in at 272lbs and in less than 3 weeks I have lost just over 15lbs. I do follow it about 85% of the time...but i find I have to cheat to keep my sanity...mostly with coffee and alcohol though. I have cheated a couple of times with things such as dry ribs and chicken wings, but it seems not to be affecting my progress. I guess the fact that I play hockey and exercise around 5 times a week helps quite a bit. Anyway, as I said in other posts, I look forward to getting to know you "guys"...pardon the
    Hey... Some of us, well.. I anyway, accurately qualify for that term!... That's a great total so far... And I have an idea the exercise is helping you more than a bit.. It's amazing what just a little (compared to the lot you're doing) can do for this... Once I started eating healthy, the pounds started dropping off quickly and I think it's becuase I take the dog for walks as well as stay active at work. I'm on the go a lot at the office and I think that helps. Just watch out for plateaus in your weight loss.. You have to be careful not to get discouraged when they eventually hit..

    Nikki - That is SO funny that he said that.. Yes, TKE's have a pretty bad reputation around the country.. They were one of the first fraternities to adopt a "no-pledge" policy and would basically initiate you as soon as your first check cleared.. As a result, they always usually ended up taking all the cast off from the other fraternities.. As the saying goes: "If you can't go greek, go Teek"...

    Well, our trip to the Hockey game went well, except for our team losing.. I drank a bottle of water and not a single piece of popcorn, pretzle or nacho
    made its way into our mouths!

    Have a good night all!!

    PS... Thanks for the really warm welcome for Liz.. She really appreciates it.. Because she's so busy at work, I don't expect her to be quite as active as I am (because I basically sit at my desk doing nothing ), but she'll be around!
  • Hi all!
    Sorry to be so impersonal, but I just wanted to say hello as I'm sitting here waiting for DS 1st hockey game of the morning (its 5:50 AM here!! )
    He is in a tournament and past round 1 of the playoffs. We may have up to 3 games today, at any varying time, so if you have any extra willpower today, will you please send it my way? It is so hard to sit in the arena with all the pizza, hotdogs, cappicinnos etc. (but I CAN do it....) I have my LA delight with me as well as a bunch of snacks and H20!!!
    Will catch up on personals real soon...I miss playing with you all
  • Quote: Good thing you weren't around in the summer--we had quite an extensive discussion on "waxing"--OUCH.
    My only experience with waxing was what i seen in the movie, "40 Year Old Virgin" scares me.

    Dan, I agree that the exercise is helping quite a bit...although I lost 9lbs during my first week at lawl without that normal? Even prior, I always drank 2 to 3 liters of water a that wouldn't be it. Perhaps it was the beer and chicken wings that I gave up? Wow, did i really eat that many wings?

    Funny thing about lawl is that prior to signing up, I actually thought I ate fairly healthy. Once I signed up, I found out how bad my eating habits were. The biggest food change for me is simply adding all the veggies and fruits. I have to say, since signing up and following their plan I have been feeling more energetic throughout the day. As well, I don't get those "crashes" an hour or two before a meal and when I do have a meal, I don't feel the need to find a couch and sleep! lol
  • Welcome to Liz and Sask!

    Well, y'all, it's the beginning of Day 2 for my first-ever TO. I did well yesterday...would have been POP except that DB insisted on putting a shred of pepper jack on my dinner last night. *rolls eyes* I'm dreading the thought of more chicken today, but am focusing on tomorrow night's dinner of turkey chili as a reward.
  • Good Morning all!

    Rhonda- Now you have planned well, have the stuff you need, and no reason to cheat. You can do it! Take a page out of Dan and Liz's book, they made through a hockey game being good last night. Have a fun time!

    Dan and Liz- WTG!!!! It can be so hard to break old habits, but you guys did great!

    Sask- Welcome to the group! Your WL is wonderful. I think that I need to intorduce you and Dan to my husband. He really does not think that anything will work for him. What color plan are you on, and do you do the lites?

    Dan- Same question...

    Lee Ann- Yeah, all of the bars have soy. Some have palm oil, some have trans fats, and I think that all have corn syrup. I recently tried the bars again, and besides the tummy trouble, I had miserable blood sugar trouble from them. Not fun.

    Looks like another cold day at home for us. I do need to plan my menu and buy groceries, but other than that, we are gonna veg out so that I can stand the thought of going back to work tomorrow, LOL. Have a wonderful, POP day guys!
  • Sask- Your blood sugar is a lot more stable now, I'll bet. That is why you are not crashing and needing to nap. Good for you! There is nothing better than felling better!

    Megan- I would not worry about the cheese one bit. I usually use a little cheese on TO. You are doing great!!!! Don't forget though, if you are feeling really hungry, brew up some tea and fill up your tummy. It really helps.
  • Quote: Good Morning all!
    Sask- Welcome to the group! Your WL is wonderful. I think that I need to intorduce you and Dan to my husband. He really does not think that anything will work for him. What color plan are you on, and do you do the lites?
    Hi Repo girl...I'm on the red plan and I don't use any lites or other supplements that lawl offers. I simply follow their little checklist for number of servings and actually measure my portions...except when i cheat, but even then i count it towards my portions as best as i can. The biggest thing for me is adding exercise to the plan. Being on lawl makes you feel good and motivated, but when combined with exercise I find I feel great.

    As for why I cheat occasionally, I find that every couple of days I get cravings. I know from experience that if I don't give in, it will eat at me and eventually I'll end up binging around 10pm. So, I give in just enough to satisfy myself pshchologically. It could be something as simple as a couple sips of chocolate milk. The main areas I cheat with are coffee, which i end up having an extra cup or two a day more than allowed. The other one is "wing night" with "the boys". It would be too much to give that one up, so I simply cut back from 30 wings to around 12 and instead of Budweiser, I drink Bacardi and diet Coke.

    Sorry for blabbing on...I know, your question was answered in the first
  • Hi All
    I know Takeoff can be tough but I mixed up my second day a bit and did 130g of zucchini uncooked and 3 ozs of shrimp. I sauteed the shrimp in fresh ginger and garlic and then added the zucchini and sprinkled with no sald added Lemon Pepper Seasoning. It was the most flavorful thing I ate in the two days. Megan way to go on the Turkey Chili. I always plan a great dinner LAWL of course for the day after Takeoff as a motivation to finish it with something to look forward to. We are actually making the chili tonight for supper as my two little ones seem to like it and it's a great easy dinner.

    SaskNewfie.. you have to tell us your nickname or real name! My DH just started following the plan and we always thought we ate healthy.. we just realized our healthy food was about a portion size too big. Whenever he has gone off beer altogether..with much willpower I might add.. he's seen about an 8 or 9lb loss the first week.. of course I have to remind him of that every Sunday when football is on.. as for Superbowl.. hmm will have allow himself to indulge .. a bit!

    Have a great Sunday everyone!
  • Sask- Thanks for the info. I would really like to help my DH lose a little. I worry about his heart health.
  • Quote: SaskNewfie.. you have to tell us your nickname or real name!
    It's up to you what you call me...My real name is can call me Sask or Newfie...doesn't matter to me. I'll avoid some of the titles my ol' lady has for
  • welcome Sask....good to have some real guys here...but yes we do ha ve fun but we are serious..oh weighing is the best..I read your next post and itlooks like you look to drink too....but I really need to do back to the way I was in the beginning..Four wine...but I lost fast....I think I am re-committing.....

    Megan ---it sounds like in general your DB is supportive...I have yet to do a TO..could be time here also..good luck

    Katie...enjoy your veging are right about the crashing and needing to nap...healthy eating really changes that. hey are still saving for Vegas...we are going in a week or so...WHat do you play there????

    Kristen---I know we are close in our wt. loss.....I have never done a TO..I have the juice....You look great, by the are a great motivator.

    all is great here.....but I need to rally up for more wt. loss...DH and I decided today that we would go back to doing what worked soooo well for us for four months. I will wt. food. like I did. and not drink wine is not really a fruit on lawl.....If it was I could have three a day...heeheehee

    Have a super SUnday everyone...nance
  • SaskNewfie- Welcome to the group. You are doing great so far, even though you dang men can just give up beer and drop 20 lbs. !! Really, I am glad for you , just a little jealous. Cute son you've got there.

    Dan- Great job at staying strong at the hockey game!!

    Megan- Good luck with TO day 2. Just remember for the next 4 days to eat a little lighter and try to keep the condiments to a minimum, and your loss will most likely stick.

    Rhonda- Good luck at all those hockey games today. Stay strong, you can do it!!

    Kristen- That is cool about your center wanting to put up your pictures. You are an inspiration yourself and a blonde bombshell too, so put yourself in the category you have put us in and get those pictures up on the wall.

    Apparently some of the weight I have lost has found it's way to DH. He is a meat and potatoes kind of guy. Hate's most kind of veggies and eats sweets like they're going out of style. I was hoping that when I started losing weight he would want to follow along, but no go. He seems to eat more and eat worse. If I try to talk to him about it, he gets all mad, so I just let it go. When I start looking through my cookbooks to make a meal plan he starts cringing. Sometimes he won't eat what I make and ends up making his own meal which usually is soaked in grease. So Katie if you find some magic way to get DH on board (not secretly though!! ) You let me know the secret.......

    Ok, I am currently around the weight I was when I was in high school. I am having a heck of a time getting lower than this. I am having a hard time sticking to plan. Lots of BLT's going on here. Last night it was a handful of chips and 3 mini snickers. I did drag out the treadmill, dust it off and set it up in the dining room. Got on it for 15 minutes last night and am planning on getting on it here in a little bit. So send me some will power dust and say a prayer to the weight loss gods for me.

    Have a super Sunday everybody!!!
  • WOW! You guys/gals are soooooo fast in posting that it is almost impossible to do personals!! There's about what? 20 some people posting regularly? a handful posts a day?

    To cut things short, to newbies! A big to all the regulars! Have a wonderful Sunday with the family, and be POP all next week.

    For the ones that are part of the TBL Challenge, you need to remember to post your weight by Monday night, I think...

  • Hey Everybody!

    Well, day 2 of being POP, and so far so good.
    Baby steps, and I will get there!!

    Just wanted to say to all the newbies!! While I may seem to be a newbie to alot of you, I have been around for a bit. Just not posting ...

    Whitney - I agree with Katie about the bars. I was going to suggest the LAWL Biscotti if you feel you need a chocolate/sweet fix that's OP, but I just checked the ingredients, and they have soy in them as well.

    Megan - with Day 2!

    Deb - sending some your way!!

    To everyone else

    What is the TBL challenge?

    Here's to a GREAT POP day everybody!!