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Whitney on LAWL
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Kim- I was really laughing when I read your posts about your "country drive!" My roommate is from Cincinnati and where we go to college is a lot smaller, but compared to where I live, it's a "big city." In my county we have a few gas stations and a grocery store, but in the town where I live we don't even have a stop light!

Went to WI today and I'm proud to say I'm down to 162! Before Christmas, I was 165 (I never did update my ticker). I also qualified for 4 free weight loss weeks, which I'm hoping I won't have to use, but it may come to that. Oh well, I don't want to dwell on something negative like that! Tomorrow is my LS's (little sister) cheerleading competiton and she is performing an individual routine. I'm telling you, a year and a half ago this girl couldn't even do a cartwheel and she's now working on her full twist! I'll let you know how it goes! I plan on taking my biscotti, some sf jello, and fruit to keep the munchies away.
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Good for you, Whitney! You are so successful already. You are very smart to take snacks along. That is usually my downfall. Being busy, away from home, and stuck without any on plan foods. It makes a big difference. Same for you, Nikki - great job planning for your dinner tonight. (and happy anniversary)
A quote that has stuck with me is: "When you fail to plan, you plan to fail"
True enough for me!
Nance, bet it felt good to purge your closet!
Kristen, I'm going to have to try the beef and broccoli. Especially if it keeps the whole family happy.
I made the Vegetable Ziti Bake from the LA cookbook. It is sooo yummy! I always make enough to have leftovers.
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Well, you will all be happy to know that I am not pregnant!!! TOM is here, and I have not been this happy about it in a long long time. I know, I’m sure none of you were as worried as I was, but I am breathing a sigh of relief!!!

Nance………what a super smart thing to do. I retired a couple pairs of jeans also…….but I am saving the one pair that I wore just about everyday until I reach my goal. I want to see just how big they are on me then. It is awesome that you are walking. The more you ladies talk of exercise, the more enticed I become J

Nikki…….a lot of us have simply avoided restaurants until we’ve felt strong enough. I realize it is your anniversary, and pretty much unavoidable……….I also realize you may have already gone………but if not….here is my advice. Order water right away, along with a diet soda or coffee……..drink the whole water before you order…….then order a salad……..yes, a stinking salad. Pretend you truly wanted a salad…….and pretend you are totally enjoying it. Most of the time, we just want to feel good and feel happy. It is not the actual food that brings us those emotions………it is the company we keep and the experiences we are having at the time we are consuming food. Food is no longer a hobby, but a fuel to keep your body healthy. Food is tasty……….and it can and should be enjoyed……..but it cannot be a source of enjoyment the way it used to be. I used to think that sucked……..and then over Christmas, I went hog wild……..and I felt very let down. I truly feel better when I am in control of my food intake, and food just tastes better when it is eaten in moderation. Also, if you happen to indulge a bit on your night out……..get over it right away. The problem with so many of us is we make a mistake and call it an entire day ruined……which leads to an entire week………which leads to an entire month……..and so on. The change to make is to end the cycle of defeat. You can get through this, and hopefully, you will still be able to enjoy your anniversary.

Whitney…….WTG on your losses!!! You look so pretty in your picture J I can only imagine how difficult this program is for you while in college. You will be so happy you are sticking with it!!!

Rhonda…… is so good to see you posting so frequently now. I love this group, and I always enjoy your posts!!!

Barb………don’t give up….sometimes the scale is just a plain old a******. I had a couple of weeks where I would lose 0.2 pounds or stay the same, and I was getting really nervous…..then, BAM all of a sudden I was losing 3 and 4 pounds a week. Just keep working and staying OP. It will be worth it!!! The most important thing is being healthy… even on the weeks when the scale doesn’t move…..your body is thanking you for taking such good care of it.

Ok, I have to get to bed……..I will catch up with the rest of you tomorrow!!! Have a good one!
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Katie - I watched the whole show! It was funny and their duet was touching (or at least I'll bet it was when they got off stage!)

Krispie - I actually plan to have the beef and broccoli tonight (Sat.) Along with a recipe I found for cabbage - Lazanki - It's cabbage, spaghetti, onions, and lite soy Sauce. You saute the cabbage and onions, cook the pasta and drain. mix all ingredients together and transfer to a 9X13 dish. Bake at 350 for 30 min. I'll let you know how it is! I'm hoping for something like lo mein... It counts as 1S, 2V.

Nance - what happened to your avatar? I miss your pic! (perhaps a new picture is coming?!?)

Nikki - it sounds like you have it all together! I love the advice from Nicole although I doubt you got it in time - it is sound advice and we all can use it! Happy Anniversary!!!!

Nancy - thanks for bumping that lemon water thread for Dan! I saw that you did it! You're such a sweetie!!!

Barb - struggling and not giving up is a HUGE NSV!!! So keep on keeping on girlfriend! Plan, plan, plan and pump the lemon water! Then, take a look and see if you're getting a good variety. That seems to be the song dh keeps hearing... too much chicken. Too many salads. Too much broccoli... so I've gotten out the cookbook, done a lot of searching here and I've armed myself with some great looking recipes... we'll see what they have to say next! (I got a real kick out the comment they made about my chili a couple months ago) Too much protein! You can't have chili with turkey and beans in it! (it was an LAWL recipe!)

Debster - I don't remember you ever mentioning lemon water before... so I'm glad to know it's one of the things you've been doing. Since you, Lori, and "momma" JM are further down the same path I'm on!!!

Kim - you crack me up talking about the COUNTRY! Of course, you know I'm 30 min. from the nearest grocery or drugstore. about 20 min. from a gas station. 50 min. from the closest mall/walmart/sams... We have deer, red fox, and bear here, as well as moutain lions... (not kidding!) I remember a friend following me home from work years ago and it was POURING rain! We came from the other side of Richmond so the drive was an hour. When he got out of his car he yelled at the TOP OF HIS LUNGS, "WHAT COUNTRY ARE WE IN?!?" I'll never forget it. I laughed so hard! Our current pastor says we live east of Ethiopia and he has to pack a lunch and refill his tank just to visit! (also an hour's drive) Of course, he loves that we're the first to arrive every Sunday! "If they can get here on time..."

Rhonda - Has your name been down there all along?!? I KNOW I've called you Makena several times! Excuse my overlooking it but I have to admit, Makena is a great name! Of course, it could be pronounced Make-an-A! or Ma-kee-nah, or I'm sure many other ways, so RHONDA- where does Makena come from? I remember Sommer talking about the Veggie ziti bake and she loved it too! I'll have to look up that recipe! I know she posted it here.

Nicole - It must be you and I on the same "schedule" shall we say?!? If you're happy - I'm happy! Besides, I'm not "making" anymore boys! I guess the bell doesn't work for you either!!!

As for clothes... I was ready to give up all my summer stuff because I know I won't be wearing it next summer... but it's been so warm here - 70's today - that I'm still in a lot of it even though it's hanging off me! I'm trying to get through the winter without replacing my winter wardrobe because I know I'll be a different size next winter! So, I'm wearing pants that are way to big, shirts that are hanging off my shoulders and almost look like maternity now (sorry Nicole!) but I just can't see buying stuff that I'll only wear a few weeks and then have to buy again! (okay, I'm cheap! I admit it!)

Well, it's 2:35, dh will be home around 4 but I've got to get the boys up at 8 for their youth bowling league, so I guess I better at least catch a nap on the sofa until dh gets home!

Oh yeah - my gazelle started sqeaking so the booklet says to use vaseline on the axel bar. So, while I was in town, I got some. I just can't stand the sqeak, so I've missed a couple days on it! I did hear from the manufacturer and I was able to find the serial number so I hope I'll be able to purchase the part that's missing. I like the pulse reading, but I think the distance and timer would be great too - that way I could keep track of progress. (I can't believe I'm talking about exercising!)

By the way - have I mentioned how awesome you all are?!? What a blessing you are to me?!? How much I appreciate each and every one of you?!? What an awesome bunch of LOSERS!!!

Ulanda- I was getting ready to hit the post button but I felt "led" to post this to you. Just as there are many layers to your being (much like an onion!) there will be many layers involved in your weight loss. In other words, with each "layer" revelation will come. And with each layer, a new level will be achieved. I know I believe that God works on me layer by layer... He peels a layer and sometimes there's some dirt, grit, and "ugliness" in there way down deep. So that is revealed, cleaned up, and it's on to the next layer. The very core of the onion is the most delicately designed and the most tender. Therefore, the core of our being can be the most painful to have evaluated, but with the pain comes amazing revelation and new growth. I feel like I'm rambling here, but I truly think this is for you... let me know... I feel like the message is - Your weight loss journey is not only a weightloss journey but a spiritual journey as well. Self discovery, revelation, new levels and new growth! I hope that makes sense and perhaps after you meditate on it, you'll be encouraged! If I've offended you in ANY way, I repent! Please forgive me! I just REALLY felt this building up in me for you... If I missed it - let me know! It's important!
Blessings everyone!
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I love that advice too, thank you Nicole! I kept reading it over and over again and even read it to my boyfriend.

My anniversary isn't until the 14th, talk about my planning ahead lol.

Pearl, what are you doing up this late?
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Good Morning Everybody!

Well, I finally made it in to WI today, after not having been there since ... beginning of November.
I gained all but 10#'s back from my ORIGINAL weight of last March.
But I am back, and ready to start (again). Third time's the charm, right?

The COD asked if I still wanted my goal weight of 140. I said yes, but she said how about starting off with a mini goal. So, I picked 25 pounds as my first goal weight, to (hopefully) be gone by the end of April. (That's 1 1/2 lbs per week. Hopefully I will lose 2 lbs, but if not, I won't be disappointed.)

So just wanted to say HEY to everybody! You will be seeing more of me again...
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Christine - LAWL
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Good Morning All,

Although a newbie I thought of a couple of you this morning -

Pearl - are you soaking up some sunshine today? I can't believe the weather we are getting!! I am about to go for a LONG walk! DH is shining up the bike for a ride with friends.... any HD enthusiasts out there? I hope to go hit some golf balls this afternoon also....

Krispie - Winds really that bad up there that it made the news down here? Or am I mistaken where you are?

Have a fantastic POP day ladies!

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Default Just checking in

Hi Everyone,
I am still here! I just started my fourth week and had my WI and measurements done. I had stalled during the holidays from not being POP. But with new resolve the scale is moving in the right direction, Down . I have lost 7.5 inches and 8 lbs. I have started to plan my meals in advance and this is helping a lot. Glad to see everyone hanging in there.

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Good morning everyone,

Pearl, Dear Pearl..You could never offend me. I so know where your heart is and yes your message to me makes a ton of sense. I know that this isn't just a journey of weightloss and as a matter of fact I was just thinking about this yesterday. I often get frustrated when I am not seeing the results on the scale that I should, but I look at it too like I am suppose to be learning something else on this road. So thank you so much for just taking the time to encourage me, I appreciate it.

Ok, I went to the COD this morning and I am at the same place I was last week. This is really upsetting. They told me this AM that I was put on purple because I told them in the beginning that I thought the red plan was too much food. I explained to them in what I thought was very clear instruction that I am not going to give up exercise, I feel that at my age and to get to goal, I should exercise and I like the way I feel after exercising. I thought of going back to Gold w/o lites and just sticking with that. That seemed like plenty of food to me. I do admit that the red plan has a lot of food and I didn't normally eat that much before trying to lose weight. We shall see. I am going to give it a shot for at least 2 weeks. I only have 7 weeks left with the center.

Sorry to ramble this morning, but I just wanted to let you know where things were.

The play was adorable again last night. The little girl who plays Annie, I think she was just born to be her. She did such a great job. DD did really well last night too. She is the one of the only 8th graders in the cast, the majority of them are 6th and 7th graders. They are great!!
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Martha's losing on LAWL!
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Good morning all from cloudy and gray Alabama! Congrats to all of you losers! Pearl, I know how you feelabout clothes, My daughter pointed out that all my pants are too big for me (Praise the Lord! These are the pants I bought a couple of months ago!) But we'll just have to be "baggy drawers" together Pearl ) because I too need towait to buy more clothes! WTG with your exercise routine! You are amazing!

My scale this am indicates I am up from yesterday. Not sure why but my next official WI is Monday. It will be 3 weeks since I last went in. So hopefully I will be down on their scales a considerable amount. I"ll see how it goes monday...I really don't want to go back to the COD. But I'm gonna give it another shot.

Sister losers, I need some encouragement to start exercising. I keep thinking about it, but just can't seem to take the first step!

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!
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ok today is the day...avatar here I come......I must fix this mop (my hair,hee hee) first....then DH hopefully will help with this process...good morning all...had talapia last nite..feel thinner today hee hee..nance
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NIcole..thanks ... the walk did feel good..I think we can all give ourselves a certain amount lf time per day is soo important..Martha maybe we should all walk or do some other form of exercise..the same time all across the US...wouldnt that be fun for one hour....maybe we could coordinate that for Sunday??????

Pearl....pic is coming..hee hee
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oh I also gave away the shirt I was wearing when I looked blown up...inflato grandma....hee still fit..but I wanted it out of my life....I tried on some tops yesterday at the mall but nothing looked super....I will be there soon!!!

thanks for al the support..nance....I am chatty today
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Nance- Good for you! Feeling thinner is the best feeling.

Ulanda- Hope the change is just what you need, you deserve this!

Martha- Great news about the pants!

Pearl- Wow, what a powerful message to Ulanda. Funny, because I felt like you were speaking right to my heart. I am really struggling my way through some personal issues right now, and I needed to hear what you said. So even though it was not for me, thank you.

Hey Sherry- Don't worry about the gain, 2007 is your year!

Nicole- Oh, what a relief! I'll bet you have never been happier to have cramps, bloating, and irritability!

Whitney- Great job!

Rhonda- I wanted to agree with others on your avatar, just beautiful.

Barb- It sucks to be stalled, no doubt. I always come back to something that Oprah's trainer, Bob Greene, said. He said that after a certain amount of weight has been lost, the body with stall for a little while in order to readjust to the new weight, think hormes, body fluids, body temp, etc. After the body is adjusted, you will start losing again. This theory makes a lot of sense to me.

As for me, big NSV last night. We went out to dinner for my Grandma's 84th birthday. The restaurant brought huge, heaping baskets of scones with honey butter. I did not have one, not even a bite. I ate my OP dinner, then had 2 bites of my daughters cake. I was so proud of myself for not going crazy! We are home today. I told the kids maybe we could go to some local hot pools for a soak this afternoon, but the temp is currently 4 degrees with windchill, so I am not so sure about that. We may just make it a jammy day here, too. Have a wonderful day ladies and Dan!!!
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Sherry- are you doing the lites? if not, I believe that moves you up a plan (someone not on lites would know for sure). According to weight, you should be on Gold I believe but without lites, purple. I'm on red and I weigh 100 lbs. more than you (holy crap... sorry that wasn't the easiest thing for me to type) so red is way too much food.

I could be wrong though, they may have put you on red for specific reasons such as like a health thing but normally, that seems to be what they do.

Katie- Wow, that is amazing! I bet that feels 13947739727x better than any stupid scone would!

Rhonda- I'm also jumping on, you are gorgeous! I love your eyes.
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