Lawl Losers And Friends - January 2007

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  • Dh came from COD yesterday letting me know that they have a "new" trial plan for men only ... more starches, more protein, bigger portions... they may "want" to put him on. I told him, "they work for you and if you don't want to change, tell them NO!". If it ain't broke... don't fix it!!!
    Okay, gotta go.
  • Dan - For me, TO rarely works. Usually I only use it as a way to get back on plan and stop the insanity. This time I lost the most ever.

    Nikki - I'm just outside of Albany, so I'm a suburban gal! Yesterday I was halfway between Albany and Poughkeepsie. I felt like Henry Hudson.
  • Morning everyone!

    Well I did my WI today and depressed at the 1lb loss; I was down 2lbs yesterday at the gym, and now only 1lb today -- I even drank lemon water . ..

    I am sort of mad because they said they would do my bloodwork again -- well that was back in November; they called and cancelled that appt. I missed Wed (I had to drive 45 minutes to get to the place and not enough time w/working out and pre-k) and then today they said, oh just call she'll be there again next wed (a different center). Well I called and they said they dont have one either until they hire someone "and they are being extremely picky" - no pun intended.

    So I broke down and called my dr and asked if I could just have my thyroid tested vs. the whole physical thing; I just hate that . . especially at my wieght. I had my blood work done last year at LAWL and my #'s were okay, but ever since I started to work out (weights) last April, my weight loss has stalled. I would have been happy w/2-3lbs with doing TO this week, but its hard not to get discouraged.

    I'm just going to try and stay on target -- keep up my cardio activity and hope for a good result next week.

    Have agreat weekend everyone!
  • Lea Ann - I take the big Kale pieces and tear them up so the pieces are about 3-4" in diameter. I put them all fairly close together on my cookie sheet; remember they shrink; lightly spray them with olive oil spray (PAM makes one; my olive oil spray is from Trader Joes), and sprinkle some morton salt on them. Bake about 12 minutes at the annoying words of Rachel Ray - "YUMMO"

    What's all this talk about new food at the CODs? All my center had was some little soy crispie things. The samples were quite tasty, but I can't stop at one little bag and they take up a starch and Dr. Oz says these are not the best kind of starches to be eating. So, I'm not going to get any yet.

    Pearl - do you think the COD will let me try the guy's trial plan? I'm extremely hungry today. I think it's the gloomy weather. I'll go drink some V8 (low sodium, of course!)
  • Mickey - Woo Hoo! If I had the infamous woo hoo stick, I'd be waving it up and down! You go girl!

    Ok everyone! Shoes... at trip to see the great and powerful Oz himself.... a day at the spa.... you are making me feel special ! I actually have a week at a spa/resort planned with my mom and BFF after I reach goal. (Hopefully I won't have to start over when I get back! ) I don't know.... when I first started this journey 75 pounds seemed like an insurmountable mountain, deserving of something extra special. Now the honeymoon phase is over, and I just want to be past it and to goal. I know it is a huge accomplishment, don't get me wrong, and I am very proud of it, but, I just don't know..... Either way, it won't be THIS week. Dang TOM, and an extremely emotional and loud battle with my 10 year old over homework and hockey (that particular episode lead to an ice cream binge- will I EVER learn????) I was up a stinking 3.2 pounds today! YIKES!!!!!!!

    Montana Deb- Have I ever told you how gorgeous you are? Holy cow, girl!

    Nicole - nope, not nosy at all! I am not using any supplements or lites. I started off using Luna bars, but some things happened at the COD and now I am on purple with no lites, not using any substitutions. This 75 pounds is all me, baby!

    Ulanda, Thanks for the update on "Annie"... I have a budding drama queen at home - I'm hoping she'll take part in some stage works when she is old enough. That is so exciting!

    Pearl!!!!!!! A big holy cow to you too! 12 freakin' pounds?

    Okay, better get my bad self to work...stay strong, we can do this thing!
  • Hi Again gals
    Lori that's the kind of rewards I wanted to see!!!

    I walked to MIL house today to borrow her car to weigh in at COD and then walked home. Was down another .4 so I'm getting hungry to reach my next 5 lb mark of 40lb loss. That will light a post holiday fire under my arse. Still unseasonable mild here so with Daddy's help watching girls this weekend I'm hoping to get out for a walk every day.

    Hope you are all having a good day and I'll try to throw another recipe or two on for you this weekend.
  • Kristin - does you MIL live next door (LOL!!)? Now if you had said "I walked 1 mile or 15 minutes to MIL's house to borrow car" I may be copying Lori's little bowing smiley guy for you! Okay, I'm giving you a hard time because I can!
    Wow - 40 lbs...what a milestone, huh? I know what you mean though when we get close to a number how much more exciting the program can seem. I was doing so good before Christmas - one day my home scale said 151.5. If I had just stuck to plan, it could very well be in the 140s but I probably won't see those now until March!
  • Heya Chickies,
    Just dropping in quick on my way to yet ANOTHER hockey game for DS.
    I wanted to share that I lost 3 lbs on t/o. (another 1 to go for my pre-holiday weight.) In hindsight, that food so wasn't worth it!!
    I hope to catch up on all the posts when I get back!
    Have a great day.
  • Well off to Lowes soon to but infamous paint, then to my DS's favorite Mexican resturaunt...I feel a gain coming on and really do not want one. Should I try sneaking my own food in....just double up the water or what? I have 1 Fruit, 3 veg, 1 fat, 1 fruit, 1 protein, 1 dairy, and 2 condiments left.....Is their a such thing as chicken Fajitas? Do I just go for a salad and take a veggie burger...Help!!!! I have been saving up all day for tonight and know I want it really bad but don't think I can controll my self with the chips and yummo salsa or the yummo queso or those warm tortillas and how about that guacamole....yikes! Why couldn't he have just chosen Applebees or Pizza Hut like he usually does?
  • Lori- Thanks - Your making me blush!! You look pretty hot yourself!!

    Kim- You would think you had fallen off the earth if you were to go for a drive up here in Montana and Wyoming. I am only 15 miles out of town and I drive the interstate every day to get to work and if I pass 40 cars on the way it's like rush hour. Then next big city (if you can call it that) is 90 miles to the south, 140 miles to the west, 200 miles to the southeast and 180 miles to the north (That is in Canada!!) When we went back home and went to the mall in Colo. Spgs. There were more people in that mall than in the whole city of Great Falls. I was really glad to get back home though, I really do love my little house on the prairie. So quiet and peaceful.

    Kristen- You are doing so awesome that you will reach that 40 lbs. in no time flat.

    I haven't heard anything at my COD about new lites, new foods or new supplements. Heck, they haven't even gotten the word on the increase in the veggies. I think that different areas are run completely different, and my COD is a corporate center.
  • Michelle- They should have chicken fajitas. Just forego the tortillas and eat the meat and veggies. Ask them how they cook it and request no oil, and very little salt. Have a glass of wine for your fruit, cheese for your dairy and a small amount of the guacamole for your fat. Try to stay away from the chips, maybe just a few if you just can't resist. Drink a few extra glasses of water today and maybe drink a couple of glasses full at the restaurant before you actually eat to fill you up some. Good luck, you can do it!!!!
  • Mickey-I would order chicken fajitas and skip the tortillas. Enlist your family to police the chips and salsa. Tell them they are not to let you have any. Then you just have to worry about the excess sodium.
  • Deb-great minds think alike!
  • Quote: Pearl!!!!!!! A big holy cow to you too! 12 freakin' pounds?
    Lori - Okay, now YOU'VE got me

    Remember everyone... H-A-M!!! S-A-L-T!! 10 DAYS in a R-O-W!!
    I'm actually still 1.6 over where I was pre-holidays. So I'm feeling rather guilty for all the "woos" I'm getting! TO gives different results every time I do it. The first time, I gained, but I ate my food like meals... chicken, lite, chicken and broccoli, lite, chicken and broccoli. DH is the one that told me to s p r e a d it all out! So now, I eat chicken in the a.m. When I get hungry, I eat 1/2 lite, when I get hungry, I eat broccoli, then 1/2 lite, then chicken... and so on. It really helps me NOT to be hungry!

    Did I ever mention that I bought a new scale before Thanksgiving? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! OMG! It is a digital stainless one, you put your dish on it and push the button and it zeros out, you put your food on it and voila! And it has an auto off feature! Now I weigh all proteins instead of "eyeing" them. Caterers are pretty good at portion control, so the eyeing was pretty good, but I love the scale! And when I'm baking, I can add the "pound of wheat flour", zero it out, add the "1/4 pound of cheese, zero out... yep... a good investment!

    Joni - Not a chance they'll put you on the new men's plan... are you kidding? They'd have to be worse than a ******ed chicken to see you as a man! (no offense to any ******ed chickens that may be reading this!)

    Sue - Could it be that like my dh, you're not getting enough food now that you're working out? As you know, you have to eat on this plan to lose! Just a thought. You could have someone here check it out for ya. They are a lot smarter at that than I! But no matter what happens, you keep on working the plan! You ARE getting healthier! You ARE worth it! You CAN do it!!!

    Okay, gotta go...
    P.S. - if anyone remembers where the post is for the benefits of lemon water... Dan is looking for it on the "lemon water help" thread.
  • Have any of you gone to the LAWL website lately? They are revamping it. If you are in an area that doesn't offer the LA at home website, you can sign up for a weekly newsletter. If you are in an area that has it, like Cassie or Tina, go ahead and use my zip code (59404) and sign up for it anyway. Here is the latest newsletter:

    I just realized that in the recipes, they didn't give a breakdown on how to count them. I sent them an email about it.

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    • ½ Teaspoon Orange Peel
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    7. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 to 18 minutes until lightly browned.

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