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Deb on LAWL
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Lisa- Great job on the 2 lbs. You ARE back in the game!

Rhonda- I said this in the other thread, but I love you picture, you are very pretty!!

Pearl- I'm glad that DS made it home safe and sound and that he had a wonderful time and learned so much. WOW on the TO numbers!!!

Alanna- Sorry that you had a rough Christmas, it will get better from here out!!!

Joni- Good luck with the boot camp. I am definitely not a morning person, so getting up that early to exercise is just not appealing to me. Love the new picture. I too have one eye that squints smaller than the other.

Nancy- Love the picture. I found the shiratake noodles at a local health food store. If you can't find them, maybe ask if they could special order them.

Megan- 7.8 lbs. in less than a month is not coming of slow, it's coming off perfectly! Great job!!

Sue- Good to see you checking in again.

Katiebug & busybee- Welcome to the group!!

Britt- Great job on the 2 lbs.

Michelle- Congrats on being 1/2 way to your goal. You'll be there before you know it.

Ulanda- How was your aspiring actress daughter? Wonderful I am sure!!

Yesterday's WI had me up a few lbs. since before Christmas. I will move my ticker up after tomorrows WI because that will be my official starting WI for TBL challenge. I also took new pictures to add to my webshots page. Not much, if any, difference from the last one, but I haven't really lost anything since Nov. either. I did exercise Tuesday and Today, so I am on my way to toning up this flabby bod.
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LAWL since October, 2006
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oops sorry Ulanda!! I meant Alanna.... see I really shouldn't post when I am this tired! (*blush - that's embarassing!!)
But Ulanda - you will have to fill us in on the opening night for dd!!! How exciting (and brave of her!!)
Thank you Deb - that's very sweet of you to say. (we are always our own worst critic, aren't we?) I do love looking at your transformation. You are proof that it can be done!! You look so happy in your avtar pic.

MickeySue - Mr. Clean Magic eraser!!! (it is a miracle, that little thingy-even on permanant marker) WOOHOO on the 1/2 way there!!! You go, Girl!

BusyBee - today is my day 2 of Take off, too. It sure does make us plan for tomorrow better, doesn't it?!? Anything sounds good after T/O. Geeez, even the plastic on my water bottle is looking good right about now!! LOL.

Well, goodnight my friends!
Happy POP day tomorrow
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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Megan - here's your

Nascar Girl - a great book for you to get is called Maui Revealed. The island is not very big, but it is beautiful; there is some wonderful scenery. Everything is expensive in Maui, so start saving! They have a Costco right near the airport, so if any of your friends are a member, plan to make a stop before you head to your destination to get some basics. I see that you live not to far from me. Hopefully you can get some good fares in the summer; the best far I got was $800 round trip on DL.

Dan - great new picture. Good to know someone else gets hit by the Food Fairy from time to time!!

Mama Nicole - good to see you posting; nice loss!

Speaking of nice losses....PEARL!!! 12 pounds!! That's more than Juliemarie's new baby girl weighs. Other than doing TO, sucking down lemon water and getting on the Gazelle, what else did you do? Please reassure me that your limbs are still in tact!!!

Kim - your post about Cheese and going to bumble **** had me laughing out load. Your life is so far from boring!

Katie - did your boss ever appear? You must try the kale easy to make. Make sure you use fairly good size pieces of kale since they shrink to about half the original size. If I had some kale, I'd be eating them right now. Something tells me romaine chips would not work out.

So, I only have 3 weeks left on my program and due to many personnel changes at my COD, and the fact that I know what makes this program work, I'm probably going to continue the program on my own. Well, not on my own...I'll have all of you! Other than Evette, who else does this on their own? And does anyone know what happens during stabiliation and maintenance. I wonder if I quit going, and get to goal on my own, can I pop in for my pre-purchased stabilization and weight loss weeks?

Okay, off to be I go. Night all.
(Boards are busy, so I cannot say hi to everyone and I feel really guilty!!!)
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Hi girlies..

Wow, Pearl………what a huge loss on your TO……..wayTOGO!!!!

Rhonda……….you are adorable. Please keep your avatar of you up. You really don’t look old enough to have a 12 yo DS.

Megan…………I think your loss so far is wonderful!!! You have only been on LAWL for a couple of weeks, haven’t you???? It adds up way quicker than you think. Keep up the good work!!!

Lori……….I can hardly believe that you have lost 75 pounds. What an accomplishment!!! I bet you feel like you can do just about anything you set your mind to now. Do you use supplements and/or lites? I am just being nosy. J

Lea Ann……….I too think we should nap. It is just a good thing.

Michelle……..I see why you are a good daycare provider. I felt like I was reading my own post. I have painted many walls and pieces of furniture after they were decorated by my girls. I also used to have one daycare girl that picked every stinkin one of my flowers…..but I could never get mad at her, because she always gave them to her Daddy the minute he came to pick her up. How sweet is that. I love painting….I hope you also enjoy it as you have much to do now!!! LOL

Stephanie…..WTG on facing the COD!!! It is always better to face the music right away and get moving in the right direction!!!

Ulanda……so cool about DD’s musical!!! I love that stuff!!! I hope at least one of my kids gets into drama and/or musicals. I have one DD in choir, and one who plays the violin. Heck, I could get a whole family band going with all of the members we have produced…..LOL. How is the no caffeine going? I hope well. I am considering trying that one day….but not quite yet. I have to be quit smoking at least for 1 year, and closer to goal, and maybe exercising before I take that on. I am super excited for you that you are getting so healthy. I think it is junk that you have not been losing as you had hoped, but do try to keep in mind all of the wonderful healthy changes you have made this last year, and take pride in that, even if your scale is not cooperating!!!

Kayla…..congrats on the walking. I wish I was doing it. Go get your journal right now, and get writing. Don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow, just take care of today!!!

Deb…….whatever you are doing or not doing… are looking GREAT!!! Your DH is very adorable too. You guys make a great looking couple. Have you been exercising all along on LAWL? I am trying to decide if I am ready to start that fun.

Joni……….I love your new avatar. You have a beautiful smile, and you are just too darn cute.

HOLD ON………….when did JM get her baby girl?????????? I have to pause and check this out!!! BRB How totally awesome is that???? We so have to have a shower!!! I will make a cake and eat it in their honor!!!

Anyway, Joni…….I never remember or have time to get to everyone personally. I do the best I can, but I always wish I did a bit more…….in EVERYTHING in this life!!!

Kim……….are you surviving????? How about Cassi???? Well, DH is waiting for me to watch TV, so I should run……

WOW…..I’m still all choked up about JM”s baby Josie!!! I love it when a plan comes together!!! (A team anyone???)

Good night ladies and Dan.
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Evening all!

Pearl- Holy cow!! You rock lady!

Ulanda- Hope the play was wonderful. How fun.

Dan- Thanks for the stew recipe, I am definitely going to have to try that with your New Mexico green chilies and my Idaho potatoes!

Join- No, the boss never showed up. I talked to the apartment manager today who is employed by the same guy, and he says that the boss has been in Vegas all week. I am so irritated. Well, worried, actually. Here is why: When I started with him in Sept, our deal was that he would pay me a base monthly salary until the end of year. Starting January 1st, I would move to a minimal hourly wage, plus 50 percent of the profits each month. Well, here we are now, first of the year, and we have still not signed a contract laying out the new deal. Technically, I am now working for minimum wage. I have asked him over and over again to provide me with something in writing so that we can agree on it, and he failed to do so, then lies to me about coming to Idaho. I cannot wait forever to see what he is proposing, since who knows if I will agree to his terms or if he will try something outrageous. Tomorrow is the day that I turn in payroll to our accountant. DH thinks that I should leave mine in salary mode and refuse to work for less until the boss presents me with a contract that I can live with. If anyone has any thoughts on this, I would love some advice.

Michelle- Congrats on the halfway mark. Also, glad to hear that you were able to get some satisfaction from the school.

Makena- You gotta love that Mr Clean sponge, huh? I have used about a million of them on crayon.

Lori- I am with Kristen, you deserve something big!

NSV for me tonight. I came home from a really trying day a work to a nice dinner in the crockpot, ruined. I forgot to turn it to low before I left for work this morning. I was so mad, so tired, and feeling weak. DH asked what I wanted to do. I thought hard about ordering pizza or running down to Burger King, then I took a deep breath, pulled a package of steak out of the freezer, and DH and I made a nice dinner together. I was OP, instead of POOP. I am so glad that I was able to tackle the emotional eating and do it right.

Have a wonderful night everyone!
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Good Night all, thought I would post before beddy-bye. DH and I have a romantic date tomorrow morning with our DR's (annual exams). I must have a good nights sleep before I, well i'll just say stirrups, sorry Dan! TMI, I know.

Joni- I don't go to the center anymore. I did about 4 years ago, but am doing this cycle on my own. I didn't hit my loss goal back in the "right" amount of time, so I asked them to put my account on hold for 7 weeks (that was the max then). I got to my goal weight, then went back to the COD for stabalization and maintenance. I would just talk to them about it. You will never lose the stabalizaion and manitenance weeks, you may have to pay to rejoin. Another option is to start stabilization, my COD told me (later of course) it is normal for clients to continue to lose weight I believe they said 5-7LBs from that stage. I lost an additional 8, and had to regain 3 to get my "refund" .....those where the days!!!!!!

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Deb on LAWL
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Originally Posted by Mama Nicole View Post

Deb…….whatever you are doing or not doing… are looking GREAT!!! Your DH is very adorable too. You guys make a great looking couple. Have you been exercising all along on LAWL? I am trying to decide if I am ready to start that fun.

HOLD ON………….when did JM get her baby girl?????????? I have to pause and check this out!!! BRB How totally awesome is that???? We so have to have a shower!!! I will make a cake and eat it in their honor!!!
Did you think nobody would see that??!?!? Make sure it is a LA approved cake!!!!!

Unfortunately I am a terrible exerciser. I have the best intentions in the world, but never act on them. I am afraid that I am never going to get rid of my thunder thighs unless I start doing some of that dreaded exercise.

Thanks for the compliment about me and about DH, It wasn't a great picture, but I think that he's a pretty adorable too.
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Deb on LAWL
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Joni- Why don't you go ahead and change your goal to your current weight at the end of your weeks and tell them you want to go into maintenance so you get your info. Then if you really don't want to go back, call the customer service number and explain your disgust in your center and that you want a refund on your unused weeks, no need in wasting money.
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LAWL Salt Police
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One more thing regarding that Green Chile Stew recipe... A lot of people put some diced tomatoes in as well as some onions and garlic.. I tend to use a bunch of garlic, but I leave out the tomatoes and onions.. If you use the onions, saute them until they are translucent and then toss in the garlic to cook for a minute.. Then add that to your pot!

I know a lot of you go down the list and reply to many people's posts.. I'm sorry I'm not there yet.. I read all your posts, believe me, even if I don't respond to them all... I guess it's just the guy in me..

See you all tomorrow... (or today, I guess, depending on where you live!)
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Deb on LAWL
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Katie- If it was me, I would just leave the payroll the way it is until the boss can decide to be a responsible business man and do what is right. I think DH is right on this. Stay tough and don't settle for less than you are worth!!!
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Thread Starter
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Thanks all for the comments on TO! Of course, remember it was probably ALL salt weight! So, I'm not jumping up and down - although that would be considered exercise... nope, better not, the whole family would think we were having an earthquake! After all, it's not 7 a.m. yet!

Deb- I know I mentioned it on the other thread - but your new avatar is AMAZING!!!

Makena - You leave that avatar just the way it is! You have got the most GORGEOUS eyes! They are coming across on my (dial up) 'puter as GREEN!!! OMG!! You are a gorgeous woman! Are you crazy?!? (oops, sorry, that was a little rough, but come on girlfriend, get in FRONT of that camera! Obviously, the camera IS your friend!) Can you say... PHOTOGENIC?!? (can I SPELL photogenic?!?)

Originally Posted by LottaMe2MiniMe View Post
Speaking of nice losses....PEARL!!! 12 pounds!! That's more than Juliemarie's new baby girl weighs. Other than doing TO, sucking down lemon water and getting on the Gazelle, what else did you do? Please reassure me that your limbs are still in tact!!!
Oh my gosh!!! I laughed out loud (that was at 5:30!) and that woke up the "rex" dog, which in turn woke up the "digger" dog, which in turn woke up the YDS... which of course now will be referring to you as MUD instead of "the lady with the dog"...
You are sooo hysterical! I have all my limbs... although I think my upper arms are now at the point of being called "wings"! As I mentioned... it was all salt retention I'm sure... so I can't really be toooo impressed! Besides... Like Nicole... TOM came in like a lion, so who knows what the scale is gonna do in the next week?!?

DH has decided to take his OWN measurements since they do it differently every time at the COD... He wants to measure according to Dr. Oz and really focus on the waist measurement! I've never measured (no tape measure), so I'm getting one tonight and measuring this weekend.

Okay - gotta go. Time for a nap before everyone gets up in a few hours.

Lea Ann and Nicole - What do you mean? You mean EVERYONE doesn't take a nap? We are 90% napsters on Sunday p.m. because we get up at 5. And as you can see, sometimes instead of getting a LONG night's sleep, sometimes I get a few hours... get up for a couple of hours... and then take a nap for a couple of hours... so--- I say... NAP AWAY!!!
PS - dh's "big boss" told him when they hired him because of his hours... that power naps were fine as long as they didn't go over an hour! (That's never been acted upon because dh would need an alarm clock!)
Hugs, YYYYAAAAWWWWWWWNNNNNNNNNNnnnnnnnmmmmm---... . . . .
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LAWL Member
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Makena - Magic Erasers leave a discolored residue on my looks like I have white washed them ...I have spent hours...litterally...trying to wash the residue off. They are great on white walls though I agree....I think I am just going to primer over the area she has decorated and then paint it! But thanks for the thought!

Nicole - I will be painting alot of furniture in the coming months as well.....I have thrown cases of markers, colored pencils, crayons, etc. in the trash in the past 6 months, why do they magically reappear? That being said I believe it is very important that children have access to supplies to let out all that creativity and a safe enviroment that helps them do that. My DD's room is a patchwork of wall centers, felt board...chalk board, dry erase board, magnetic board, and her walls are going to be painted this spring...lime green with hot pink and pale pink circles ... so, yes I love to paint! It keeps me from buying new furniture and gives me an outlet for my creative energy...

Julie Marie - How beautiful that baby is! Congrats! You will be a wonderfull mommy!
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Barb on LAWL
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I have a couple of weeks left in my Weight loss phase also. I dont think I am going to make the goal. I dont know what I am going to do about getting back there. I would hate to lose out on the money I paid these people, I dread going to my center. I have had like 1 good counselor and I have not seen her since.

T/O did not help this time. I cant get in the groove. What is the deal? I WANT to lose the weight but my brain is fighting me to the end.
I need help and I am not getting it from the COD. That is why I come to you all. This is the best support I can ask for~
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All this talk about naps! I woke up at 3:45 am and couldn't get back to seelp so have been working my fanny off (I wish that was literal!) on the computer!
I would have been awake when your DH came home Pearl and you could have slept in if I lived closer LOL. Watch yourself rolling on the floor laughing at Joni's wit or you may injure yourself to such a point the gazelle will not be an option for you!
I hope Takeoff is over for everyone.. we on't all be seeing results like Pearl's but it gets everyone back on track for the new year, new you!
Girls are at school for the first time in 3 weeks so I am looking forward to some time to catch up.. once I put away their 4 loads of laundry that is! Making some Cheesy Beef and Broccoli tonight from the LA books as both kids love it and it is similar to a Hamburger Helper casserole.. comfort food for a rainy and tired day!
Nicole if DH is back at work you got some catch up ahead of you girl!
Joni we are all going to chip in and buy you extra weeks so you can stay on program and not leave this board. We've discussed something similar with Evette as no one is allowed to LEAVE!
Whitny what did you and Mom cook up last night?
Deb your new photo is stunning.. any newbies just go check out before and afters and if you don't think it can be done you'll change your mind quickly.
Kim we didn't hear from you after the meeting.. did you have road rage? job rage? meeting rage? Get back on line and show us your photo!

COD UPDATE: At my center yesterday I was harping at them a bit as they have been out of stock on almost all of the Lites since the week before Xmas. There is always a problem with supply there as they say it gets held up at the border. I got switched to Gold in October and don't even have a book for it and our choices of bars are the Chocolate Cherry or Smores (I'd rather suck on an old shoe!) They said they were working on a lot of things "getting rid of TriMax and FB and a bunch of wonderful new supplements including a super multivitamin." They already have Vitamax which was touted to me as a super multivitamin so I guess the new year means new cash grab opportunities to push new items. I was also told that many clients find it hard on the plan as it is too open so they are bringing out prepackaged food like Jenny Craig that certain plans can purchase and follow. I asked the girl about this as they have always advertised here that you can use everything in your own fridge so they'll have to change marketing? So that's the latest and greatest COD update I have for you.

Hope you all have a super day!
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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Deb – Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll definitely do the first part (change my goal weight). I’m really not disgusted with my COD, just not as happy with the new counselors as I was with the original ones. There’s actually one great counselor there, and I need to just ask for her all the time, but I feel bad when I ignore the other gals.

Pearl – I’m happy you mentioned naps. Next week I’ll have to start getting up at 4:30 AM and I’ll definitely a quick nap somewhere in there. I love naps too, just don’t get too many in. And make sure DS, Digger, Rex, etc., know that you waking them up was NOT my fault!

Dan – no worries on all the personals. This group can get pretty chatty; focus on what you want to comment on and/or talk about or need help with.

Katie – I would stick with your current pay method until the boss puts something in writing. Does he not know the golden business rule – you don’t mess with employees when it comes to their paycheck! Funny about the crockpot (sounds like something I would do!), but great NSV staying POP!!

Martha – I was going through the photo thread and YOWSER…You have lost an amazing amount in such a short time. You must be so happy! Great before and after shot you shared !!

I read through The Biggest Loser magazine that Prevention magazine put out. It's pretty good (not sure it was worth $3.99). One thing that really stuck out to me, and that I really like, is their food pyramid, which is a lot like LAWL. With TBL plan you get 3 proteins (dairy falls in the protein category), a minimum of 4 fruits and veggies (but you can't have more fruit than veggies), 2 whole grain servings and a 200 calorie budget for all the extras (and that would include your low-cal dressings, good fats, nuts, catsup, bouillon, etc.). I was sort of shocked by the amount of calories it said I should eat - at 160, only 1,120 calories; sure doesn't sound like much.
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