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Wendelina 01-31-2007 09:57 PM

holy crap is right, dan!!

Angie 01-31-2007 10:02 PM

Hey, I posted earlier, but it's gone missing. Oh well...

I was down 1lb at weigh in today, so good news for me.

Jason, when do you go back to the COD?

Jlem, sorry I'm not a vegetarian either. How do you find the plan so far? Is there enough variety for you?

Wendy, I asked at my COD about the online stuff tonight and they asked me why I wanted to see it. lol. Weird, huh? Then they said they checked and the site was down, and that's why it wasn't working. I don't believe them, but I also can't figure out why they would like about it.

Libby, where are you these days? How are things going?

Mama Nicole 01-31-2007 10:06 PM

Angie.........girl............you are just doing AWESOME!!!! Keep it up........I am soo happy for you.....and proud of you. :)

PittieMomma 01-31-2007 10:24 PM

Good Evening All!!
I went to WI today and was down from Monday a whopping 3.4 lbs, so I guess it does pay to eat OP and not screw around!! Woohoo!! :carrot:
Anywho, congrats to all who are losing, and to all who are stuck like me, quit screwin around!! (as my daddy would say):rofl: I hope I didn't offend anyone, it's just that I'm in an awesome mood and want it to rub off if anyone needs it!
I'm not good at personals, but one day soon I'll try...
Pearl, I miss you and your words of wisdom! :wave:
Cassi, I love your posts too, they have helped me more than you'll ever know!
Kristen, Kim, Wendelina, Dan, etc, etc, etc... Thanks, I love reading everyone's posts and feel like I know ya'll!! :hug:
Ok, well, I'm out for the night, just did Tony Little's Advanced Butt Kicking Total Body Workout on my Gazelle, and it kicked my butt!! :kickbutt:
Catch ya'll in the mornin!! :thanks:

Wendelina 01-31-2007 10:39 PM

Yes, I am suffering from frozen nookers! What are nookers you ask?

The word "nookers" originated during some wierd board game that my family was playing.. my dad actually came up with it. We determined that nookers could be substituted for any part of the human anatomy... so that way men and women alike could benefit from this very useful word. :D

The weather here is going to be taking a nasty downward turn by the weekend.. -19 degrees - that's without the windchill. I think nookers of any size or shape will literally make a *clinking* sound while you're walking in that kind of cold!

Welcome to Colleen! It's great that you're here!

That's all I've got tonight.. I have to go find something to eat for my last fruit of the day and then play some poker and go to bed..

Joni135 01-31-2007 10:52 PM

Welcome Colleen - it's about time you got on here. Love the picture......we all adore your sister........she's quite the witty one.

Cassi - OMG........you're waisting away LOL...

Katie - did you get your answer on the plans yet...blue gets 1/2 more protein and 1 more starch.

Kim - well, I'm kicking myself for not having pet insurance right now....Charlie's bills totalled almost $1500 last week and then Emma's silly toe was another $130. So advice to all pet owners is (a) get pet insurance if you can afford it and (b) keep your dog's nails clipped!! Guess new dining room furniture will have to wait another year or two, but I'm okay with that.

Angie - Congrats on your loss.....WTG.

Night all and keep up the good work!

Wendy - are you an online poker player......??? I'm afraid I'd get addicted and y'all would never see me again! Hope you did well. I did buy a "Win for Life" lottery ticket.....I know some folks think it's crazy to buy these things, but I like "dreaming" for a few hours about how I'd spend the money...

mamato2girls 01-31-2007 11:12 PM

Well, getting ready to turn in for the night. Not sure what tomorrow will bring because there predicting some winter weather to begin around 6am. They've already delayed school in our county for 2 hours (always overly cautious here in NC), so I'm working at home. Yay!! And, somehow I managed NOT to get my fat in for today. Not sure how I managed that!! I don't have any nuts or sunflower seeds around the house, and the thought of downing a teaspoon of butter or oil doesn't sound too appetizing right now!!:barf: Guess I could do it like a shot...tee hee. Oh, and more bragging about my ODD. She won the student of the month award at her school today!! Her picture will be in the paper and she got a couple of gift certificates for free ice cream at Dairy Queen and a free kids meal at Texas Steakhouse. I'm so proud of her!!!

And, Dan, that article you posted is unbelievable!! It's amazing that people can have stuff like that growing in their bodies and not know it. How scary!!!

Anyway, hope everyone has a great night!!

Angie 02-01-2007 06:27 AM

Nicole -- You are so sweet. Thank you! I'm very proud of myself too. I had more or less expected myself to give up on this at some point, and I just can't believe the great results I've been having. It really works, and kind words from people like you really help to keep me on track. :hug:

Jenn -- WTG! 3.4 lbs is awesome! It's so nice when POP pays off like that.

Joni -- Thank you too! I second your recommendation for pet insurance. My little furry guy almost died when he was 12 weeks old, and I was lucky enough that it only cost me $600 (only...lol), so the next day I bought pet insurance. Of course, he's been healthy for the 5 yrs since, but insurance is there for when you really need it. I just love that I won't have to make the really hard decisions until we reach the policy limit.

Wendy -- Yay for your ODD!! She must be a hard working student, you have every right to be proud. Have fun working from home today, sounds cozy.

BusyBee3 02-01-2007 07:18 AM

Good Morning Everyone!!

Just thought I would say a quick hello - haven't had a lot of free time lately so I have a bunch of reading to catch up! SLOWLY the scale is going down....I guess I just have to accept that I am a very slow loser! I am 2 lbs over my goal for this month... :( But, I will be OK! :)

Just briefly looking I see a lot of LOSERS! Congrats!

aggie2006 02-01-2007 07:24 AM

katiebug~ great photo, u guys look very cute together...and how great is it that u slimmed down for the photos!!

repogirl~ 98, may we all live to see the day! and thank u, now im craving potato casserole!!! hehe...

our power went out yesterday. so i figured, lemme go to the gym, get a nicw workout, nothing to do around the house anyway...come back, sweaty (not cute!) still, no hot water, no electricity...by evening they promised us it be on...we'll 25 candles lit later, still dark! i have a final tomorrow, so i read under a small book lite, which flickered on and off, not fun! hehe..didnt have coffee all day, so i was on edge! no such thing as 7-11 out here, or dunkin donuts for a quick grab, only cafe's nothing to go!! errr...anyway, today were back on, had a nice bath and a huge cup of java! feelin much better!! i'l catch up with ya ladies later, gotta go read!

Kimphin 02-01-2007 08:57 AM

Welcome Colleen and JLem!

Colleen, You know we're crazy, and We know your sister is nuts, so you have a lot to live up to! No pressure....

Jenn - GREAT loss! you are back with a vengeance!

Wendy II - gotta love family invented words!

Joni - I don't have pet insurance, and thankfully Dodger has been pretty healthy all these years, but I would seriously think about it now. Still thinking about Charlie for you!

Jason - well, now that's different, are you asking us to hope that you gain weight at the COD? I'm not sure we are capable of that!

Dan - HOLY CRAP! ... Makes me want to run to the doctor!

Not much going on here, busy at work, can't look at a sclae... nothing to report. Have a great day losers!

LizzyW 02-01-2007 12:40 PM

Well I am finally at a loss. I am down almost 2 lbs from Tuesdays WI. I think switching to the gold plan may be working for me. My next WI is Saturday so I hope the down ward trend continues. I may not make it to the 10lb goal for VD, but I am sure as **** going to try.

Have a great POP day everyone.

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