Lawl Losers And Friends - January 2007

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  • Hey all, quick question, where do I find that recipe for the Cheesebuger Tater Tot recipe. I've looked through the menus and either I'm wrong about the name of it or I'm just blind!!

    Thanks in advance...
  • Jenn - it's the cheeseburger and fries recipe - main dish, maybe at the bottom of pg one or on pg 2.... let me check,....

    yeah, page one. Don't click on the stickies, just go down 1/2 way - original poster was Tree.

  • THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! You are so quick at this responding stuff. I'm at work and between all the phone calls and furnaces going out, I'm trying to plan a congratulatory dinner for my best friend. She just got a job she's been waiting for and had a physical for the job and double woohoo, she found out she lost 80 lbs since last July!!!!!!! She didn't know because she's a larger girl and couldn't get on a scale. So anywhooooo, I'm making a HEALTHY meal for her and I tonight to celebrate!! We're also going to have a pudding pie made with ff/sf pistacio pudding and ff Cool Whip with graham cracker crust...
    Anywho, thanks a bunch for all your help! to everyone!!!
    Oh and yeah, I've recommited to this and just have to keep telling myself that it's only temporarily that I'm feeling deprived and that I'm going to be PHAT (pretty hott and tempting)!!! hehe
  • Kim - How about one of the OP chili recipes? Pearl's chicken tenders? Stupid sounding, but some good fresh salsa (I like Jack's - in the deli section) with celery for dipping? My BBQ chicken "pitza"? And then you can cut up a bunch of veggies and serve on a tray w/rf salad dressing as dip. Make a presentation out of it even if it's only you and DH so it feels special. And if you go a little over on the rf dressing, be happy that's your only sin. My newest dressing/dip has been to take 1T of rf blue cheese dressing and mix it into a good bit of the Walden Farms no calorie blue cheese dressing. Just a bit of the real stuff really blends in well to fool you.
  • Cassi! I forgot to congratulate you on Onderland! Yay! Can't wait to join you . . . .

    And as for the superbowl? I think I'm going to be a hermit that afternoon and pretend it's not happening! Or maybe go to the gym. It'll probably be empty .. .
  • Thanks JM! I know you'll be joining me soon!

    As for Sunday, I'm cooking. And it's not OP. I will, however, plan a little OP treat for me.
  • Hey Everybody!!

    Just wanted to pop in again and say hi. I can't even begin to get caught up, but I do want to make a couple of mentions:

    Cassi - on ONEDERLAND!!

    Ulanda - I'm sorry your COD gave you such a hard time today. I'm glad that you will stick out the remainder of your weeks, plus whatever free weeks they give you. We are always here for you!!

    As for me, well, the scale at COD showed me down 1 lb. Slowly but surely, it will come off!!

    to everybody!! Hope you're having a great POP day!!
  • Not a lot of time to post now...have to go take YDD to get her pics taken. Never a fun thing with her because she HATES it!! Anyway, just wanted to say "hey" and "Congratulations, Cassi!!!!"

    Also, I have a new avatar. Not quite as butt ugly as the last. I'm at least wearing make up in this one!!
  • Sherry - Thank you. And yes, the pounds will come off. I always get so excited when I have a loss of a whole pound since it so rarely happens.

    Wendy - Love the new avatar. You look so cute! Thanks for the congrats. Have fun with the pictures.
  • Quote: Nancy- Next time the cashews won't leve you alone, punish them with the garbage disposal. Works every time!!
    The sad thing is that at our house I used to be the garbage disposal...
  • Hahaha, yeah, me too, eating off the kids plates, etc.
  • Evening you wonderful group of losers,

    Thank you all for your support, I really appreciate it.

    If someone could answer a question for me really quick I would appreciate it...I am trying to find it in the thread her somewhere because I know it's here, but can you please tell me how to do FF with oranges instead of juice?

    Please and thank you!
  • Ulanda - You have four oranges a day in place of the juice. Then since you are doing FF instead of TO (no bars, right?) you get unlimited protein and unlimited green veggies.
  • Tomorrow is a new day right? Well, my recommitment went OUT THE WINDOW... Darn candy dish at work. The funny thing is it is on MY DESK yet any other day I leave the darn thing alone. NOT TODAY THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very stressful time at work right now. I am having alot of problems with one of the ladies in my office and I finally had it and told my supervisor. She then talked to another lady in the office who told her everything I told her and some other things. Needless to say my Supervisor is talking to her tomorrow... I am sure she will come in as a B****H afterwards. I did pack a POP lunch!

    I will do personals tomorrow. Right now I am going to settle in with my fruit (wine) and watch American Idol.
  • Hang in there Barb.. I can't even have candy anywhere around me. Should have seen me resisting DD birthday cake on the weekend. I'd have paid big bucks to have a honkin slice and not pay for it at the scale. At Whole Foods today they had gourmet cheese and I was drooling like a fool.. got some salad intead .. blech. I love FRUIT (read as wine Nance and Barb) too and sometimes a good dose of that gets rid of my cravings.. SOMETIMES!!