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Boo'sMom 01-04-2007 11:50 AM

Lisa--I think a half package is a condiment. Someone will chime in if I am wrong (and I openly admit I often am!). I think it would be great with chicken stir fry.

truelies 01-04-2007 12:11 PM

hi everyone, i'm back again and hopefully this time for good. i faced the scale this morning and saw a 1.4 lb. weight gain, much less than I expected. hopefully TO will help me lose the 4 lbs. that i have gradually gained back.

how is everyone doing this afternoon?

KrispieD 01-04-2007 12:33 PM

Nikki you hang in there.. you will do super.. if anyone had told me at 251lbs that I would get to where I am I would have laughed and then grabbed a large pizza and consumed it!
Have a look at my webshots and some of the other ladies. MTDebster and Pearl will show you it is doable.. we will get you to goal so have faith!

Mama Nicole 01-04-2007 12:41 PM

Kristen........don't worry about Brett.......he isn't done yet. Every year, it is the same thing........he loves the game too much!!! I LOVED your avatar!!! I used to dress my girls in Packer's cheerleaders uniforms almost every Sunday. I loved it. They won't let me do that anymore, but I think they would still look adorable. Both of my boys have Favre jersies, and I too missed most of the game. Football just hasn't been a huge priority for me this year. I figure if I have to keep yelling at my kids for 3 plus hours, it is probably time to chill for a while. Maybe next yeat........... Congrats on your loss!!! TO was pretty good to me also.......I was down 4.4 this a.m. on my home scale!!! I was very excited to eat real food for breakfast!!!

I have sooo much more to say, but DH is home today, so we are trying to do some more kitchen planning. I love reading all you have to say, and I think of you all as very dear friends. It is great to see everyone popping their heads back in and getting back to business. Even if I forget to ask for some of you by name, I often think of you when you have not been posting.......and then, poof, out of nowhere everyone starts posting again. Very cool.

Cassi.......so worried about you and your back. I hurt mine last spring hauling a wheelbarrow full of dirt, and it still bothers me. I hope yours is getting better and stays that way.

Pearl, Joni, Kim, Lea Ann, Katie, Deb, Nashville Debbie, Michelle, Evette, all ofyou ladies (dan.....you will just have to consider ladies a generic term)....you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!! Here's to a POP day!!!!

Mama Nicole 01-04-2007 12:45 PM

OHHHH, and let me not forget to say..........wow, what a bunch of BEATIFUL women on here. I love all of the face shots, and I will post one soon too. My SIL took a picture of my DS and me over the holidays, I am just waiting for her to e-mail it to me. But really, everyone of you look sooo wonderful. I love having a face to go with the name!!!!

truelies 01-04-2007 12:48 PM

Thank you Kristen! Your username always reminds me of Krispie Kreme doughnuts lol. I just looked at your webshots, you looks amazing! I love looking at everyone's pictures, you all keep me motivated and I am so grateful for that :)

klkoppes 01-04-2007 12:52 PM

Hello Everyone
TO is over! WOO-HOO

Well I stepped on the scale this morning at 155. I am pleased with that since this are my heaviest days of the month as TOM is fast approaching! So I am back to my pre-bad eating holiday weight. I'll take it!

I finally found the noodles (not going to attempt to spell, so I will refer it them "the noodles" from here on out). Now, just to find those bagels!! :devil:

I haven't had time to catch up on todays posts. Work keeps getting in the way....how dare they! :D

Congratulations to all of you losers and as always thanks for your support!


Dan2112 01-04-2007 01:08 PM


Originally Posted by Kimphin (Post 1515780)
Lori - I cannot see the chicken picture, but if it's thin, it ain't what I was talkin about! Can you find a fat, ******ed chicken?

Dan - who snuck that tortilla into your dinner?

It was that pesky Tortilla Fairy... I suspect it's the same fairy that keeps sneaking cookies into my mouth when I let the dogs out before bed... :s:

Good news from DW.. After she picked up a couple pounds during our holiday adventure in California, she's since dropped 3.6 lbs since we got back.. I fully expect our TO, which ended yesterday, to yeild some additional results..

Keep pluggin' away at it losers (I'm still not used to using that word in an positive sense...)

Prazteam 01-04-2007 01:24 PM

Okay - After TO I'm down 12 pounds with 1.6# to go to get back preHolidays! Not bad for TO!!! :woo: Had my lemon water (EGADS!!!) this a.m., going for our flu shots in a little bit. Worked on my resume this a.m. and am applying for a PT secretarial position at a local church shortly! (what the heck!) I know a couple of you have mentioned my pics. Well, last night at church a friend that has been away for the holiday a couple of weeks just went on and on about how much I've lost and the difference! She kept saying, "Do you even realize?!" And honestly, I don't see much difference in the pics... just keeping them because Debster is such an example for me! So, thanks for the comments. I hope I'll be able to see more as I begin to exercise and yes... drink that darn lemon water! :yikes:

Alannah - I'm soooo glad to hear from you! You know I'm expecting great things for you this year, so the new apartment is just one step closer! I agree that funeral visitation isn't easy, but it is so important! Way to go girlfriend!

Kristen - Shirts for 6#'s huh? Does that mean I get two?!? :) Kristen, as for the addition to my family--- I am reminded of a scripture that I hope you won't mind my sharing... GET THE BEHIND ME SATAN!!! :rofl: :lol3: You have GOT to be kidding!!! You need to talk to Nicole - she's the one counting the days! My "birthing" days are through unless God decides His sense of humor is more warped that I think it is! After all, He gives us the desires of OUR hearts!

Dan - I thought of you this morning when I added my Chipotles in Adobo sauce, and jalepenos to my chicken chili! Would love to get your recipe for the green chili stew! (hint hint!) At our house, the spicier the better - not necessarily too hot, just spicy and somewhat hot!)

Joni - How did I get so lucky as to have you for a friend here? You are sooo encouraging to me even about my family! Thanks so much for that! Of course, you know that's what keeps me going!!! Your ladies boot camp sounds great but unless you're talking about leather versus leatherette - no thanks! (at least not for right now!) Incidently, my next target may be to just fit in the FRIDGE! I'll aim for the drawer a little later!

Nancy - You are adorable! You have such a sweet spirit! Here's a :hug: from me for being so sweet!

Lea Ann - A NEW PICTURE!!! :woo: I love it! I'll bet your smile lights up a whole room! I know your eyes reveal your soul! (a VERY good thing!!) What is "almond breeze unsweetened vanilla"? And what do you do with it?

Lisa - I saw your picture and read your posts but honestly didn't match you with "ljackson" until I read my cheat notes from when I first started coming here! What a difference!!! WOW! I'm so glad you're back!

Kim - WHERE is your new picture?!? Hint hint hint! Okay, forget the hint... where's the pic?!? I know what you mean about that meeting. Living so far out in the boonies, I have to make several stops everytime I drive in just to make it worth the drive!

Nance - I know it sounds corny... but I try and wait up for my DH. He gets in somewhere between 3 and 4 a.m. I love to be up when he gets home and open the door like I can't wait for him to get here! We're usually only up a few minutes but I love that special time! Hokey, I know!

Katie - Are you SURE that's you in that photo and not another daughter with your daughter?!? I swear girlfriend - you look 17 years old! (I'm trying not to have harsh feelings toward you!) :)

Nikki - Way to go on the scale! Hang in there girlfriend!

Nicole - enjoy your time with DH today (although I guess not too much if TOM has shown up!) Of course, we think you're awesome too!

Krystal - Congrats on surviving TO! Sometimes it's easier than others... But it seems to be worth it!

Hugs, Blessings,
:dust: :dust: :dust:

Makena 01-04-2007 01:56 PM

Hiya Chickies (and Rooster Dan, of course!:) )
Day 2 of t/o is okay so far...I have a super busy day, so that kind of helps - not too much time to think about the food I'd LOVE to have right now.
I've been up since WAyyyyy too early because my oldest DS (12) is in a hockey tournament (*caution....proud mom moment ahead*......he got 2 goals and 1 assist!! he's been working really hard this season, as he's a little guy playing with some boys the size of grown men!!) Anyways...lol sorry, but I just love seeing my kids get results from trying hard.
I am going to try to get to some personals here.....

Ulanda, I'm sorry that 2006 wasn't your best, but I will trust that 2007 will be your year - it sounds like its headed in the right direction.. a new appartment - that's exciting!! I bet your FF will show up in a day or 2. Mine usually takes 2-3 days to show much....
Speaking of FF/ TO...PEARL!?!!! wowsers! That's some major results! 12 LBS!!! You must be so very proud of your son. You have every right to be. You are doing a great job, Momma!:hug:
And Miss Mama Nicole!! 4.4! wtg! I am looking forward to seeing your photo, too!
Whitney - good for you taking charge and learning to cook! That will come in very handy! I didn't learn how to cook before I got married. Needless to say, SU will not even look at Hamburger helper anymore! (he turns green if you even mention it!!)
Kim - hope your meeting is going well..haha. I can't wait to hear your report on it!!;)
Barb - It's great that you can work out at work!! (that sounds funny) Good for you for finding time to make it work!!
Lea Ann - I'm with Pearl, your smile does look like it would light up a room! You are always so positive and encouraging. Thank you for that.
Cassi - I hope your back is treating you okay...
Kristen - 35 lbs!?! You must be soooo proud of yourself! That's great!
I love looking at your photos...what a change. I love your idea for your family portrait. You will be so glad you did it. (thats funny coming from me, who always likes to be BEHIND the camera..lol)
Michelle - I don't think you are being the least bit unreasonable about ds' school. I would be annoyed, too. It sounds like you do so much above and beyond as a parent. keep your chin up, girl!
To all those I didn't mention - i(t's nothing personal, my brain is just old and tired!) Have a great POP day...
My fellow losers...hehe (Dan, I just love saying that in a good way!) I must run and feed my hockey stars before round 2 for the day...
Hugs to you all

hdsqrl 01-04-2007 01:57 PM

Went to WI before lunch and am down another .6, for a total of 7.6, hooray! It's coming off slow, but it IS coming off! Grabbed a bottle of juice, so will do my first ever TO this weekend. Send me lotsa will power dust, y'all! :D

hkychik 01-04-2007 01:57 PM


4 yrs of college, 18 years in public admin.... and it comes down to cheese. sigh.
ahhhh that pretty much sums up life,huh! It sucks to be grown up!

Michelle - go get 'em girl! I too am one of those parents that "check in" the classroom, just to see how things are going. If I don't care about my kiddo's education, who will?

I know what my 75 lb reward will be!!!!!! (see the sudden burst of inspiration??http://www.soulcysters.net/images/sm..._lightbulb.gif)
I will go buy Dr Oz's new book!http://www.mysmilie.de/english/green...ous/1/0009.gif

Dan - great new picture too! I like the happy you!

Stay strong group! We can do this together!

Boo'sMom 01-04-2007 02:00 PM

Pearl--you make me all shiny!! Thanks though. The Almond Breeze is like a fake milk--for a better term. It's with the rice milk (unrefridgerated) etc. They have regular,vanilla, and chocolate then the same flavors in unsweetened which is really low in calories. You can read about it on the "Blue Diamond Almonds" website--Evette posted the web address in the menu thread I think. ANYWAY--8oz counts as a condiment so I don't have to burn a dairy with cereal! The advertise it for cereal, coffee, oatmeal, whatever. I LOVE almonds so I am hoping the taste is good, too. Cassi sent the info to the LA chef and it was "approved"--it's great in the nutritional numbers game we all play! CONGRATS on your MASSIVE loss--you are astounding!!!! I keep telling everyone I don't think their holiday gains are permanent and you guys just keep proving me right! LOL. Good luck with the job search.

katiebug77 01-04-2007 02:05 PM

I have a quick question. I am on Day 1 of Take Off and the information that I have from the COD says I can have coffee, but doesn't mention diet soda. I am not a huge coffee drinker, but I would kill for some diet coke right now. Is that allowed on TO?

Dan2112 01-04-2007 02:06 PM

^^ Regarding the green chile stew recipie, it's very basic.. I usually just get 3 or 4 cups of very low sodium chicken broth, cube two or three chicken breasts.. Pre-boiled to fork tender diced russet potatos (two or three) and dump in a cup and a half of either fresh or frozen New Mexico green chile (is there any other kind? :lol:). I a little water to further cut the sodium and thin the stew if it's too thick, add some sodium free green chile spice mix (but you can use any kinds of pepper/paprika/jalepeno spice you can find at the store). Bring to a boil and then reduce to a simmer for about 30-40 minutes, or until the chicken is cooked through. Let it stand covered for another 30 minutes or so to let the flavors blend or just eat right away...

I make enough so I can freeze it for later consumption...

Usually, green chile stew is made with pork, but chicken works just as well, and is, of course, less fatty...

My COD considers green chile a freebie, as you'd have to eat a whole cup (which is a LOT when it's diced) to equal a veggie...

serving size is about a cup.. Depending on how much chicken and potato you put in your bowl, it's:

1/2 or 1 protein, 1/2 or 1 starch, and maybe 1/2 a veggie serving. I also consider it to be my sodium serving.

Do yourself a favor and save a starch and serve with a small flour tortilla!!

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