Slim for summer-Week 7

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  • WEEK 7-Whoa time flies!
    So how did everyone do last week?? My weeek went great until the weekend then I was an OINKER!! haha okay Ill push that aside and move on with things! I have been feeling really tierd the last few days, not really sure why, but all I want to do is sleep! Maybe I am not drinking enough H20? not enough veggies? bah I dunno but its annoying!

    so anyway, I will be doing the usual 3 healthy meals and 2 snacks (fruit/veggies)

    I have decided to try to cut back on the Tim Horton's coffee, so instead of Large I will get Medium...
    as for exercise, I will do 5 walks this week, plus the gym, should my energy let me

    My "fun" goal will be to make posters for the upcoming "relay for life" Cancer fundraising event in June in my hometown...My team has already raise over $2000, and counting!! Yay us

    Hope everyone is doing well!
  • I'm in again! Goals:
    Meals: 3 healthy, 2 snacks
    Water: 4 glasses daily
    Exercise: 4 days
    Fun Goal: start my weight loss scrapbook
    Reward: 1 bag of M&M's
    This week is going to be awesome. I have so much motivation. I can't wait!

    meatloaf, potatoes, peas
    chocolate covered strawberries/pineapples

    Burger King for breakfast (I know, bad!)
    Healthy Choice meal for dinner
  • Hi Ladies-

    My week was great over the weekend I cheated a bit had salty foods. But I am confident I will lose tomorrow. I started right back to it on Monday and feel great.

  • So another week gone. really where is the time going.. shame the weight isnt going anywhere haha. for me anyways. so i havent weighed this morning as didnt have the time. Also had a bad week/weekend with work. i resigned if thats what u wanna call it today. . so now im jobless. i know i shouldnt of done it but i feel so much better now.

    so thats enough for nwo. will weigh 2morra and post it.

    bye x
  • emzi-if you are happy about leaving your job, good for you! you did the right thing. that's all that matters is you!
  • Morning Ladies-

    Well I weighed in today andI lost 2 lbs this week. I am down to 160. 5 more to go for my May 27th challenge. It was raining yesterday so I used that as an excuse why I did not make my 5,000 step goal. Today I will walk around the house if I have to I am aiming for 6,000 steps today.
    Hope everyone is having a great day / week.

  • Hey ladies!

    Emzi~~ I agree if you feel good about it than it was for the shouldn't be doing a job you hate its not good for you or your spirit! Take some time for yourself then get back out hunting for something you will be happier with!!

    Nikki! way to go on the loss!!!! yippie!
  • Morning-

    fitgal thanks for the encouragement. Yesterday was an amazing day. I was able to up my walking to 3.5 miles yesterday. I created a new goal of walking 21 miles a week. Right now I have about 10.5 miles walked so far this week. I am figuring even if I did nothing else all of that walking would help tone etc. I plan to eat healthy and do supplimental workouts in addition to the walking. 130's here I come !!

    Have a great day ladies

  • Hi ladies -

    I found a before picture and am going to attempt to post a before and after picture. Let's see if it works. Here goes.


    Ok that was a complete failure anyone know how I can add these images in a size you can see?

  • Nikki-congrats on those two pounds. that's awesome.
    i just took Dr. Phils Ultimate Weight Loss Book out of the library. Just thought I'd read it to see what it says. Maybe I'll even follow it!
  • So yeah im feeling loads happier. but i really do need to get out and get another one straight away. trying to get into the hairdressing industry is so hard. alot of the modern places. i think look at u as a person more than what u can do. theres this one place where i would love to work but bcoz i dnt weigh like 100lbs lol. they wudnt dream of employing me haha.

    well. so i didnt weigh in this week with everything going on but i will do next week.
    so how is everyone?
  • emzi hang in there girl. Something will turn up it always does.
    buck Let me know if the Dr Phil book is any good . I bought the french girls don't get fat book and I was highly disapointed it was nothing new just portion control. I learned that years ago.

    Today I am bummed. I thought for sure I would see 159. Well my digi scale is holding steady at 160.0 and my regular old scale says I weigh 158. I don't know which scale to believe. I have dropped the digi on several ocassions and don't know if that affects the weight. I walked 7,754 steps yesterday 1,754 over my goal for 3.5 miles. My total for the week is 29352 steps or roughly 5 miles so far only 6 more miles to go to meet my goal. I never thought I would be able to walk 21 miles in a week but I'm really doing it.

    Have a great one ladies and any advice on the scale is appreciated.

  • Hey all!

    Emzi-I think being a hairdresser is soo cool! You are basically making people feel good about them selves the second they walk out with their new "do"

    Buck- yes let us know ho the bbok is...I am interested in what he has to say

    Nikki- lol I would go with the regular digital always weighs different than the non digitals...I dunno if its more accurate??? PLUS if you use the non digital you can now say you are in the 150s lol

    My week is going well. eating good, haven't done the whole "cut back on coffee thing" I dunno I just like my coffee and I figure its my only REAL treat so what the heck! lol

    as for exercise I have bee tierd all week so I have not been pushingmyself, I am going to the gym just not work 100% oh well something is better than nothing!

    Later gators!
  • Fitgal- That does have some appeal LOL. On the digi scale on tile floor I was 159 so I am officially in the 150's Yay. Now I need to keep that going so I meet my May 27th goal.

  • Yay Nikki!!!! Way to go!!! What is your May 27th goal?