looking for a support system

  • hi all,

    im diane, im 34 and im restarting ww on 2-18, and am looking for some ppl who'd like to join me for daily support, motivation and accountability.
  • Hi Diane,

    My name is Katherine and I started on WW in the middle of January. I would love to have a buddy for daily motivation and support.

    Also if anyone is in the Hampton Roads, VA area and would like to buddy up just PM me.
  • Hi ! My name is Carri and I have been doing WW off and of for a couple of years, ughhhh ... should have had this weight off by now Anyway I have been back on since Jan 3rd and have been going to the gym about 3 times per week. I have alot more to lose but I would like to have it all off by the end of this year ... I need support too !!! Count me in !!
  • Some of the girls I work with are doing WW online. Are any of you doing the same thing or would you recommend going to the actual meetings. I have considered WW but I don't know that I want to get up in front of a group every week to weigh myself. Can anyone fill me in on any of the perks of doing WW?
  • I just do WW at home, not online, I used to go to the meetings but I was not getting that much out of them and I do pretty well on my own. I like the program because I can eat what I want as long as I stay within my points, I do eat better and have smaller portions so it has taught me alot along the way.
  • Personally I like going to the meetings. My leader is really great. As for the weighing in part only the person who is writing your number down sees what you weight. I find knowing I have to go and be weighted every week keeps me motivated.
  • hi ladies!

    thanks for replying! i go to meetings or at least i was til bout a month ago....i need to get back fast