Need a Buddy...100+ needed to lose

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    It's a beautiful fall day here in southwestern IL! Temperature is only 60 degrees at 5:15 p.m.!

    Weighed in at LAWL today and lost another 2 pounds! That is almost 9 pounds in two weeks! I'm VERY thankful that I finally found a program that works! Started out two weeks ago at 315.8 pounds. How I ever got this size is beyond me - I really didn't eat that much - it's just WHAT I ate - Wrong choices!

    TONYA: I'm sorry you get no support at home - that would be really tough. My DH and I have been together 33 years and all I can say is he had BETTER support this! My 19 year old is thrilled his mom won't be fat any more and he doesn't have to worry about me dying. My twin 9 year old girls are great little cheer leaders and my 8 and 7 year old boys don't care as long as they get their treats! Hang in there and let me know if I can help you!

    LINDA: Another LAWL buddy! That's great! CONGRATS on your awesome progress!

    DEB: What grade do you teach? I have a degree in elem/spec. ed but just stay home with the 5 kids now - just turned 50 in July and hopefully I can stay home - God willing.

    HI to everyone else! How are you all doing?

    Have a GREAT Friday!
  • Hey lori Thanks for the uplift I need it today i know my hubby wants me to get healty maybe he don't want to hurt my feelings if you know what I mean but some times when you get your feelings hurt it gives you a push but some times it pulls you back also... So I am looking for support here...and I am finding it.....So thanks alot for the support you have gave me today...

    Oh and Lori It looks like we have the same amount to lose maybe we can keep talking to get to know each other more so we can do this together Because I know I need the support of a friend...

    Good job on your two more pounds keep it going