Introduction =D HEY!

  • Hey guys My name is Mely. I'm 19 years old and I live in Boston, Massachusetts and I'm also engaged to a wonderful guy.

    I was browsing online for a place about dieting and all I could get was offers for products then I stumbled onto this one. yay! I think this place is my new best friend already.

    I worked in a pizzeria for almost a year and that's where I basically gained most of my weight. Before i started I was 170 and now I'm 240. I don't know how I let myself go. I'm not very active but I could be if I wanted to I'm here searching for a diet that will honestly work. I see some great results from some people and I wish them good luck, now its my turn! So I'll be here quietly browsing and meeting new people. If anyone else is in Boston lets do this.
  • Hey I'm not in boston, but if you want to "talk" via email or aim then let me know