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asatch 10-09-2004 01:19 AM

Newbie here and looking for a WW buddy for mutual support and inspiration
Hi Ladies...

I am looking for a WW buddy to aid weight loss. I am a lifetime member returning to WW after baby #3...well she is 2 now...not so much a baby...hee hee

We can check in with eachother for recipes, suggestions, support, inspiration and accountability!

Let me know! I am excited to get back in the swing of WW!

chrily 10-12-2004 11:27 PM

Hey Alissa...
I could possibly fill your buddy shoes. I too am on WW, only since May of this year but I have alot of weight to lose after my last little girl...who is also 2 years old.
Let me know. It would be nice to have an on-line friend to share my struggles with.


Elanajel 10-13-2004 07:21 PM

Count me in! I joined WW in May, followed Flex Points plan, got to goal end of August. Then a new school year started (I teach 6th grade) and a few pounds magically reappeared. I am still on track with the points/journal but need to increase my activity.

I had a good workout at the Y today--treadmill, free weights, Nautilus, stretching. After a reasonable dinner, this was followed by some chocolate cake and Edy's Grand Light peppermint ice cream. Probably just a 5 pt. desert and it was SOOO worth it--very tasty.

Let's keep in touch--

SW 144
Goal 129 (reached 126 in August)
Current 132

asatch 10-15-2004 06:30 PM

Hi ladies...

I am still trying to get used to this posting site. I use iVillage like mad and find it a bit easier to navigate. So are we game? Now that I got some responses, I will check and post regularly...what do you both think??


chrily 10-15-2004 07:28 PM

I think its a great idea...I check in on the 3FC site a couple times a day at least. So I'll be here. Just let me know if we are going to stay on the same thread.


Elanajel 10-15-2004 08:20 PM

I check the site daily or every other day. We could also set up a Yahoo group,which would make it very fast and efficient to stay in touch.

Have a good weekend--

asatch 10-15-2004 09:04 PM

Chris~What do you think about the Yahoo group??

Elana~ You would have to *baby* me through finding it and working it...I catch on fast but am new to this posting stuff...guess I have been HOLED up with my kiddos too long?! How do we set up a Yahoo group??

Chris~You said you have a 2 y/o?? My little one is Megan. I have 2 others (well 4 total if you throw in DH...well make that 5 when DSD is here...she is off to college) Maddie, 7, and Max, 5.

I had hoped we could track and touch in daily...or more :)...as needed to *account* for our choices. When do you guys weigh in? I am due to go in on Monday.

chrily 10-16-2004 12:09 AM

You'll have to educate me on the yahoo group thing. I do have a yahoo screen name and password. I'm another of those half-illiterite computer people. :D

Alissa-Yep, Nicole is my 2 yr old. Then I have two others...Tiana is 11 yrs. old and Kayla is my 5 yr. old. And you could probably count DH as one too. And we also have 4 little furballs (kitties)...making a full house.

I would love to get in touch daily. My WW weigh is on Monday morning. So I guess that is one more thing we have in common. Scary huh? :D

This is going to be great! I don't have (literally) any friends around here. I do most of my yaking with my sisters and my mom. I'm always at home because for alot of things, it's just too stressful to go anywhere with 3 kids. TTFN for now. I gotta check out ebay before I go to bed... :lol:

asatch 10-16-2004 01:11 AM

Hey Chris!
One more thing we have in common...I yak with my SIS' all the time!

I have alot of friends here but they are all skinny minnis! Well, at least they work hard at it.

My weekend goal is to stay in poins each day and write ALL my food choices down!

Also, I will got to Gym both S & S and run for 60 mins on elip as well as do abs and arms...

How about yoou guys???

asatch 10-16-2004 11:07 AM

OK Ladies...Off to the gym I go this morning...I will do 60 mins of cardio. I have a heart monitor that helps me stay on target.

Happy Saturday Morning...I will check in soon...

P.S. only down 1 point today...but last night I tanked...NO MORE TANKING!!! I am looking forward to our *support* helping me from TANKING and caving to the dreaded cookie!!!

chrily 10-16-2004 11:23 AM


I'm going to try to stay within my points today too. I'm going to have to save most of them for the evening. My SIL is cooking us dinner over at my MIL's house. Crab and shrimp scampi...OH YEAH BABY!!!!

I've been a busy little woman this morning so far. I usually park my butt in front of the tv or the computer but first thing this morning I started in on my kitchen. I washed the dishes, the counters, and swept the floor and mopped the floor. Feels good to have one room in the house clean.

I can never seem to get anywhere to walk, so maybe for an early Xmas present I can talk my DH into a treadmill. I'm also wondering what those Gazelles are like. I need something fairly low impact because of that pesky rheumatoid arthritis. I wonder how good they are.


asatch 10-17-2004 02:42 AM

Hey Chris~

I don't know about the Gazelles, but like the elip, they are low/no impact. I broke my neck in 3 places recently (which also accounts for my increased weight and inability to get the *extra* pounds off) and just in the last month was cleared to *run* again as long as no impact. It only took me about a week to get back into the groove. How about just walking???

RE the DH thing...sometimes my DH does not care...but usually he does...he loves me and I know he doesn't really care...but I also know he misses his *slender* wife...he used to LOVE bringing me to work functions and show me *off*...I am the youngest Pilot wife (and 10 years younger than his ex).

HA! I found something we DON'T have in common! I am a neat freak...I can't even sleep if there are dishes in my sink...an illness for sure! I swear it is why I have a hard time not snacking...I am ALWAYS cleaning that darn kitchen. I have black granite counter tops which show finger prints horribly! If I had known...LMAO!

So, how did you do today?

I stayed in points, but did not WRITE all food choices down...I guessed on a few and can remember EVERYTHING I ate. i just need to get back in the habit of WRITING my choices down. I know success happens when I do that...SO THAT IS WHAT I WANTED A BUDDY FOR!!!

Glad I have you to *check up with*

AF showed, so i will also have to take in extra water to compensate...but surprisingly I am not feeling that *water heaviness* at all...hmmm...must mean I am doing something right :)

asatch 10-17-2004 02:44 AM

Hey Chris~~~

I forgot...some friends of mine outfitted thier home gym with some great equipt really cheap by going to one of those *play it again* sports stores...I dont know if you have them where you are, but i bet there is something of that kind out there...used sports equiptment and the like...check it out!


Elanajel 10-17-2004 10:08 AM

I had a great workout at the Y yesterday--my 12 year old son came along and used the treadmill too. I usually go to a Sun a.m. WW mtg. but we are expecting guests for brunch. I have a day off from work later in the week so I will go then.

I am very diligent about food tracking and writing down all points. I've concluded I need to exercise with more intensity to keep the weight off for good. I really enjoy strength training and cardio classes (especially Kickboxing and Cardio Intervals). I don't like using cardio. equipment (treadmill, elliptical, etc.) but having a good magazine helps the time goby.

I'm not as computer-savvy as you all seem to think I am! I will ask Max, my 12 year old, to teach me how to set up a Yahoo group. Basically, I think the way it works is we would link it to the health/fitness groups, give it a name, call it a closed group and we could set designated times to chat, etc. It doesn't matter if you don't use Yahoo for e-mail (BTW, I do, so if anyone wants to exchange e-mail I'm happy to do that as well).

It's a sunny and crisp day here; the fall colors are beautiful so I should definitely get in a good walk today. My daughter seemed a little under the weather last night but she is perky again today. And my house is clean! Life is good!

Have a great day.

chrily 10-17-2004 11:52 AM

Just leave it to c kid to know more about computers than their parents. Same way here. My 2 yr. old even knows how to start up the comuter and get it to the internet...glad she doesn't know how to log on.

We have a PLAY IT AGAIN store here too. I didn't realize they were other places too. I thought it was just a local store. Anyhow, I might have my DH talked into a treadmill. He has some health problems-hypothyroidism, very very high triglycerides, and cholesteral...so he needs to exercise too.

I am only a neat freak on certain things. I hate it when my DH splashes water all over the bathroom and doesn't wipe it up. I hate toothpaste on the mirror or in the sink. I must be rebelling against the way my stepmom raised me. We had to keep everything clean when I was growing up. We probably had the only house with 11 cats, and no cat hair or litter box odors to prove it. Don't get me wrong-It never was a bad thing. I just have a hard time keeping up with the kids now. It might have a little to do with having arthritis because I tire alot easier now.

To all of you-I've been fairly good about tracking my pts., not so good on getting enough exercise. I feel like I can't get that one on track. My DH works alot...days and most nights. Nicole will not stay in her stroller long enough for me to get even 10 min. of walking in. I do not have anyone to babysit. And not enough money to join a gym. That's why I thought maybe a Gazelle or a treadmill might be the answer. I do have to remain no-impact or low-impact because of my arthritis. If I overdo it, I get 4-5 days where I can't do anything because of the pain. I don't think that helps because then I'm not consistently exercising. I just have to save some money for treadmill or whatever. It is sooo frustrating. I often wish I could be just normal...no pain and I wouldn't have ever gotten fat in the first place.


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