18 and looking for a buddy

  • I am 18 and looking for a buddy on a diet similar to mine. I am on atkins. If your interested please respond.
  • hi skyttles!
    my name is genie and i am in dallas. i am trying southbeach, which is similar to atkins, and i am looking for a buddy. i am 24 and recently graduated form college. i am currently a nanny for a 5 month old girl. my goal weight is 135... so what do you think? want to be 3fc buddies?
  • Sounds really good to me. Have you started southbeach yet?
  • hey there...i'm 17 and i'm on the Slim Fast diet
    i've lost 50 pounds so far =)
    i'd love to be your buddy, lol
    you can email me if ya want
    we could help eachother out and keep eachother motivated