new and need a buddy

  • hi my name is tanya and i live in indiana and i need a buddy for support and to give support back to them. i started at 323 and am down to 320 in 4 weeks and i am online alot and need someone to be able to talk to and give and get advice and tips and support and just talk. i am disabled and have bben for 7 yrs now and just found out that i am insulin resistent and new to this, not dieting but the new meds and the new kind of diet. i do not have any kids due to my illness. but someday want several. u can email me anytime at [email protected]
  • hi tanya and welcome. congrats on the 3 lbs.that is a great start. i am new to this sight myself but have found some great and very inspirational women here. i am not online alot but do feel free to email me at [email protected]. keep up the good work.
  • Hi. Ive been looking for a buddy awhile for the same reasons you are. Im also online alot so you can email me at [email protected]