22 y/o that needs to lose 100

  • I am a 22 year old college student in Bowie, MD who currently weighs 239lbs. I want to get down to 140lbs but more importantly I want to make permanent health changes in my eating and exercise habits. I am looking for a buddy that will be able to share all of the good and bad things about getting healthy. Ideally my buddy would want the same goals of getting healthy, not just weight loss. I am online quite a bit and I use MSN and Yahoo msngrs. Please respond or email me if you're interested!

    Susan aka Piper

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  • Hi PiperGale!

    i too need to loose about 75 to 100 pounds. and its not just novelty to loose it because heart disease and diabetes in runs in my family. i hope to someday have children and do not want to die early or pass my bad eating habits on to them. i really need the support of someone in the same situation. i'm 25 5'3 and about 210 pounds! i've gained about 50 of it from stress and emotional eating in the last 2 th 3 yrs. i would love to be your buddy or anyone that needs one!!
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  • Welcome to both of you! Please feel free to join us in the 100 lb Club too if you would like. There are people of all ages on all different kinds of plans there that all have around 100 pounds or more to lose. You'll find lots of motivation, inspiration and support, as well as making some great friends.
  • thanks mthrgoos68!! wow you've done great!! i hope i can find the strength to do as well as you have!! congratulations!! you are a true insparation!! i'll look into the 100lb club, it is always nice to have support!