• Hi there, guys my name is Urgement Misane Barakanye from Botswana in Africa. I am glad to have been accepted into this Forum. My journey on weight loss started in 2018 and I tried quite a number of tips and ways to lose weight but I am still learning.

    Recommendations are welcome

    Thank you all.
  • Hi all,

    My name is Rose and I live in Miami FL. My weight loss journey has been non stop for at least a decade but I am dedicated to getting back in shape and fit now more than ever. Hoping in getting lots of support and great tips from you all.

  • My name is Shawn (female) and I have struggled with weight loss since hitting my late 40s. It is frustrating, depressing and shameful. I have always maintained a healthy weight and looked good until now. And for the last two years, I have gained 30 pounds! My job use to be exciting and keep me moving, but after COVID hit, I've spent a lot of time at my desk in a hostile atmosphere. I no longer feel like I am a useful part of the team as my boss is not supportive and a micromanager. I basically sit at my desk and keep my head down to avoid confrontation. Our entire office feels this way. AND we have all gained some weight. I'm looking for some support and conversation to help keep me motivated to focus on being healthy again. I've tried EVERY diet on the planet and nothing works (Optavia, South Beach, Keto, etc.). My son wants our mother-son dance to be hip hop and fun (I use to teach Zumba) and I have made up a routine in my head. I just need to find time to practice and hopefully not pass out while doing so. Any encouragement and conversation is welcome!