Hi everyone!

  • I'm new. Just trying to find the best diet.
  • hi, and welcome !
    just wrote this in reponse to another posting but maybe it will be of some help ...

    keto is just a re-packaged atkins diet. it works ... they all work, as long as you stay on them. to me the only sustainable diet is the one you can live with for the rest of your life. can you handle high fat/extremely low carbs for the rest of your life ? i couldn't. can you handle high carbs/extremely low fat for the rest of your life ? not me. i am completely done with fad diets. i have decided to minimize packaged/processed foods and drink much more water than i always have. i am finding it difficult to develop this habit i but am determined to do so and i am 100% convinced that it is the way to go. good luck.


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