Weight loss ideas?

  • Hi I am new here and looking for tips and ideas of what has worked for others on this site.

    Thank you,
  • Hi Casey. Welcome to the forum. Weight loss is individual....what works for me might not work for you. I suggest you start by eating healthy food. Lean meat, fruits and vegetables, healthy grains and fat. Avoid snacking and junk food, empty calories, as much as possible. Eat until satisfied but not stuffed. Drink lots of water. And try to get some exercise every day even if it's just going for a walk. Join a gym if there's one nearby that fits your budget, but it's not necessary. You can exercise anywhere. After a week or so you can reasses and make changes if necessary. Good luck to you.
  • My weight loss ideas are fitness (swim, dive, cycling) and healthy food, e.g. apples, bananas.
    One year ago I lost my job and that bad situation helped me a lot about
    - who am I?
    - what are my targets for the near future?

    I get less money than when I was employed, so I had to think about the way I like to spend my money.
    I spend my money in clothing, fitness, travel, healthier food.

    I also found out I got no colds since I lost my job. I'm on my own so I have to find solutions for the problems I have.
    What did I learn from the bad situation? to stop eating when you feel bad. I shop instead or do sports. Even if some people try to make my life hard.

    I'm born in the zodiac sign Leo.
    Leos are strong ^^
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  • Can I join the gym to lose my weight?
  • Some said that banana diet is effective.
  • I've been searching for tips and ideas myself...