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Default please help me understand what happened in my own body

long story short i lost 85 pounds over the course of just a few months, i gained muscle mass through it all. it all started from a medical condition and ended with me having this diet, which in no way was extraordinarily well planned:

i have a bowl of oats each morning
i eat unlimited amounts of as many different veggies as possible throughout the day, that is dressing free salads, veggie shakes and such
if i get really hungry over the course of the day i eat more oats
each evening i prepare a meal for my family when we are all together that is typically fish, but also sometimes red meat and so on. its always homemade, its never processed.

and then i do not eat anything for the next 12 hours.

sugar is never allowed, ever, no alcohol and no restaurant food.

i went from a peak hospital reading of 268 to a stable 177-183, as it happens during these months i tore an abdominal muscle playing sports so exercise was kinda not possible. every single thing in my blood tests went better than normal, my fasting blood glucose is at the extreme low end of normal, sometimes in the 60s . my heart rate dropped from the 90s to 60, what happened in my body ancient people would call a miracle.

its not keto, its not vegan, but its pretty much knocking on the door of both, and it changed my life. help me understand why, if you kindly would.

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during the peak of the weight loss it was visible day to day, absolutely everything got better, right down to my johnson, and while i have a great sense of why, i truly want other intelligent people to comment.
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It never hurts to consult your doctor, you lost 85 lbs successfully, what is the problem ?
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Originally Posted by FrankB View Post
It never hurts to consult your doctor, you lost 85 lbs successfully, what is the problem ?
If the fast weight loss was caused by some type of illness, then it would be a problem.

However, if he had a blood test and there was nothing wrong, I guess he'll probably be ok.
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