New to weight loss and looking for support

  • Hello! I've always been big but after months of clothes not fitting and a lot of stretch marks appearing, I think this is the time for me to get on a weight loss journey.

    I weighed in today at 260 pounds with 46.9% body fat. I'm 5'8'' and my waist is 44inches. The last time I weighed myself in November 2018, I was 253, and before that I was ~190 in 2013. I feel sluggish all the time but love to eat. I'm not sure how I'm going to lose weight because I'm so ashamed of how big I am and don't want to been seen exercising in public. I turn 30 in two years and I hope to be slim by then. I'd love to be at 150, but that's over 100 pounds to lose.

    I never realized how big I was but my size 16 pants won't button and I look/feel like a sausage in my size XL coat. I'm scared someone on the bus might think I'm pregnant and offer me their seat because of how big I am.

    Any words of support or tips? I feel like if i don't try and lose weight I'm only going to get bigger.
  • Start drinking lots of water, water is the answer