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Marko 11-08-2018 11:51 PM

New and hoping to find support
Hey everyone, I'm a 28 year old grad school student and mother of 2 hoping to make some connections here and find support in losing weight.

I was always really skinny and fit as a teenager and even into my early 20s, but after I had my second child, I just couldn't lose the pregnancy weight and then gained even more from poor eating habits. I've been really unhappy with how I look and feel for the past few years, and although I've lost 15-20 pounds a few different times, I always fall back into old habits and gain it back. This time, I'm trying to really focus on changing my mindset so I can make the necessary lifestyle changes to feel healthier and more in-control of my eating habits. As part of that, I think it's important for me to find some support and not just try to do this on my own without telling anyone. And maybe by being supportive to other people, I can learn to be more supportive of myself and have more success losing the weight and keeping it off this time.

I look forward to getting to know some of you!

Wannabehealthy 11-09-2018 08:16 PM

Hi Marko. Welcome to 3FatChicks. Look around the forum and if you see a topic that interests you, jump right on in. The Challenges section might be of interest to you as there are some good challenges going on all the time, and some young mothers just like you working toward similar goals. Good luck to you with your journey.

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