new member here.

  • hello all. as title says i am new to the forum. and wanted to say hello to everyone.

    i thought i would also add a discription of myself.

    im a 6'4" male, 46 yrs old, and as of today im currently weighted in at 295.4 lbs

    both my wife and i are over weight. and we have decided to try losing some.

    i have just gotten us a treadmill for walking here at home for the privacy. because of how over weight we both are we feel very selfconsious when were outside walking around with other people. plus where we are in canada we will be having snow on the ground soon. so we can continue walking no matter what.

    i have been on the treadmill today already and have walked 1 mile so far. i know it is not alot but i dont want to do to much on my first day. so im introducing myself.

    and looking for some feedback. what would be a good amount of miles to start off with each day?

    i am a smoker as well. so running is out of the question right now.
    what im wondering is what would be a good daily goal to start off with. and weather or not to do that ammount at 1 time. or throughout the day.
  • i recommend testing your limits and see how far you can walk without getting tired, once you know that limit thats the distance you would wanna start walking at then increase the distance as you progress.

    if you just want some advice personally i would start off at 1/2 mile to 1 mile starting off and one time would be good doing it through out the day is even better because your basically increasing your distance