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Unhappy College student struggling to lose the weight... needing help in my 100+ lb WL!

Hi. Anyways, I'm a 20 year old art student that has been overweight ever since childhood. I have struggled with dieting, and have tried....everything. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, ketosis based diets.... while having some results but things became so miserable that I gained all my weight back incredibly fast. Usually faster than I got it off.

Currently....I'm between 248-251 lbs at 5'6". My goal until next summer or fall is to lose 100+ lbs and get around 120-135. I need advice on what I should be eating and exercising like in order to maintain the results afterward.

I've read article after article about how people who have always been obese that they will never keep the weight off. I WANT TO DEBUNK THAT. I want to be the best person I can be and be able to wear whatever I want to wear.

I'm also super afraid of my skin not snapping back... that's my worst fear.

So, that's my life currently. I'll be starting serious soon, and I need all the help and support I can get.

Thanks. <3
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S/C/G: 246.5/176.4/125

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Default Calorie Counting

I started off in a very similar place as you- in December I was 246.5 lbs at 5'4". The most foolproof way of losing weight is by counting calories.

Disclaimer: I throw a lot of information at you here. I tried to keep it clear and organized, but I probably made this sound way more complicated than it actually is. If you have any questions please let me know, I'm happy to help!

Start by calculating your TDEE. I don't think I can post links yet because my account is new, but googling "TDEE calculator" will bring you to websites that will tell you how many calories you burn in a day. Select "Sedentary" for your activity level, even if you think it's higher, because you can always adjust it later on.

From there, you can calculate how many calories you should eat every day. To lose 1lb a week, subtract 500 calories from your TDEE, and for 2lb a week, subtract 1000. It's not recommended to lose more than 2lb a week (or 1% of your body weight, so it's ok for you to lose a little faster than that at first), or to go below 1200 calories a day, as that can make it hard to get all of your required nutrients.

Now that you know how much to eat, you can track your intake with an app like myfitnesspal or loseit, or with plain old pen and paper if you prefer. The apps have a huge database of food that makes tracking really easy.

The best part of calorie counting (some call it CICO) is that you can eat pretty much whatever you want, as long as your daily calories are below your budget. If you want to eat a cupcake, go for it, just make sure that you're accounting for it and maybe eating a little less the rest of your day to keep everything on track.

The thing that has kept me on track is online weight loss communities like this one. Instagram and Reddit (/r/loseit) both have really great communities that have helped keep me accountable and motivated, and have helped me lose almost 60lbs so far.

Summary: Calculate TDEE, eat 500-1000 calories less than that number per day, stay accountable

-Reddit's /r/loseit sub goes much further into detail about CICO and is probably way more helpful than I could ever be. They have links for beginners and an FAQ in their sidebar (I don't work for them I promise lol, they've just helped me out a lot).
-While you can eat whatever you want while calorie counting, it's a lot easier to feel full and satisfied with higher levels of protein and fats, and fewer carbs.
-Weighing food on a kitchen scale will give you much more accurate measurements than measuring cups.
-Everyone is different, and what works for someone else might not work for you. Don't be discouraged if it takes you a while to find the best meal plan for you.
-Find a way to keep yourself accountable. Whether it's an online community, a friend/accountability buddy, or a nutritionist/trainer, having someone who understands what you're going through and can motivate you when things are hard is invaluable.
-Exercising is not strictly necessary to lose weight, but it will increase the number of calories you burn in a day and make losing easier. Find a type of exercise that you enjoy and can stick with. Forcing yourself to run when you hate running just makes it more likely for you to quit.
-Make sure to count things like soda, salad dressing, and cooking oil into your calories. These things seem small but they add up fast!
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S/C/G: 246.5/176.4/125

Height: 5'4"


Also! In terms of loose skin. You're still young so you have a higher chance of your skin going back to normal than someone older, but it's definitely a possibility when losing 100+ pounds. The longer you keep the weight off, the more any stretched skin will go back to normal and personally, I'd rather have some loose skin on my stomach than continue being obese and unable to live life to its fullest.

Strength training and gaining muscle will reduce the appearance of loose skin, and you can help prevent it in the first place by drinking lots of water, moisturizing your skin, and losing weight at a reasonable pace (ie not crash dieting).
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Hi!! I'm a college student too! It's so hard to manage class, life, and weight loss at the same time! I have also been overweight my whole life, and I'll help you debunk that! Let's do this together!!
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Hello! My best suggestion would be to change or alter habits such as eating breakfast daily, drinking plenty of fluids during the day and having good healthy food choices in your fridge and pantry to choose from....just simple small changes can make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself and can be empowering. I am also an artist. I use art as an outlet to help me maintain a good mood. You are so smart to take control of your health goals at such a young age, I really admire that!
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@shandygaffs, your post was so clear and helpful!
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