Just a mom trying to be healthy!

  • Hi there! I am a 37 year old mom, married to my almost highschool sweetheart (we meet at a friends house right after I graduated high school and he was home from college for the summer). I am just a normal sports mom, trying to stay active, fit and healthy while working full time, and running from one sporting event to another.
    I love sweets, beer, and cheese, those are my weaknesses that keep me "fat"!
    I lost 25 lbs about 8 months ago but have since gained 10 of those lbs back, BOO!! I am looking to lose about 15 lbs, and keep it off this time.
    Luckily for me my husband likes to jump on the bandwagon with me when I get on health kicks so that makes it easier.....that is until he wants to go for ice cream!!
    I need to find a happy balance between eating/drinking healthy and exercising while still having fun and enjoying life.
  • Hi, Lots of luck and success! You sound like you have a handle on it! Good for you! I recently lost 52 lbs and have maintained a year! Glad you have come to 3FC. I am new here too!