4 years and still working hard!

  • Hey everyone! My name is Stevi and I have been actively working towards my goal weight for about 4 years now. I am stalled out around 157-161 for the past 2 years. My body won't budge. I have dealt with some big changes in the past year with new jobs, big cross country moves and a house hunting. I always seem to do much better with keeping in my goals if I have a community support system. I don't have much of a system in my city so I searched and found you all.

    I have found the most success with weight watchers where I lost 50lbs but I stalled for a year and it has never worked for me again. I get very bored with it. For the past two years I have done IIFYM or flexible dieting and it has really been and eye opener for me. I am still learning to eat in moderation and not over do it on holidays or special events. I have a cruise in December that I really want to be comfortable in my own body for. If you have any threads or groups that you think would be beneficial or fun for me to join please post them!
  • Hello and welcome! This is a great support forum. All the threads are excellent. I did WW for a while and it did help me. I too got bored with it though. Glad you are here