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wendybirdx 06-28-2016 07:05 AM

my 3rd introduction, yay
And yet again I've been away so long it's probably worth it to make another intro post.

Mini review of my journey so far: always been on the chubbier side, always wanted to lose weight for aesthetic purposes, realized my health was also being harmed when I got into college and so I decided to really go for it. I managed to lose a lot of weight over a very long time, and I was very happy with my progress. I reached a point where I was exercising everyday and went down clothing sizes and since it had been a long-term thing I knew I'd done it the healthy way. And then a one month trip came along, I totally let go, and just never got back to it for some reason. That was a year ago.

I've definitely gained all that weight back, probably more (haven't weighed myself yet). Having to stay away from some old clothes because they don't fit, went back up a size, back to what I considered my "fat clothes". Yuppee.
However, here's my issue - I knew I wasn't doing too well because I would eat out often, and there weren't many healthy options at home. My entire family has an obesity problem, and my parents have never been particularly supportive on this, and there was nothing much I could do because I can't cook for the life of me. It's something I always considered and thought would be helpful, but would be at the bottom of my priorities list. But, now that I'm definitely going to be studying abroad next year, I figured now is a good of a time as any. While I'm going to take cooking classes next semester, I really can't handle eating so badly and feeling so sluggish and not being able to climb a set of stairs, so I figured, time to learn some basics just to keep my health at bay!

Currently going back to drinking lots of water, starting with cutting out sweets and sodas. It's kind of what I did last time (take very small steps), and eventually I'll cut the salty junk foods (pizza, fried foods, etc.). Thankfully, since this isn't my first time going through this, I've taken some important steps already, like getting used to eating vegetables, but I really need to start taking my own initiative on this and push me to where I want to go.

Way too sick to go to the gym at the moment, but I'll go 3-4x a week when I can.
Wish me luck! (Oh, and I'm Mandy. Not sure if I mentioned it haha)

MonteCristo 06-28-2016 10:12 AM

:welcome: Again. :) This is my second time around too.

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