HI! I'm new!

  • HI guys! I'm basically looking for some kind of support / strength / or just a place to vent.
    I'm 40yrs old and 40+lbs over weight. I have tried all kinds of diets and cant lose weight. and its all my fault. I just cant stick to it and dont know how to either. Its now effecting my emotionally and just making it worse...........
    Hopefully this will help, reading peoples stories and maybe getting some feedback.
  • Hi wil621 :wel3c: you will find support in all areas of weight loss on 3FC. I'm having trouble sticking to any plan this time also. You just have to keep trying to do what you can to get to your goal until something clicks. I post on this thread for accountability and a few other challenge threads. Search around the forums and just in where you'd like Hope to see you around

  • Good luck with your efforts!! Keep us posted with your progress!!