Hi eveyone!

  • Hi I am 28 and so excited to be on this forum! I am hoping to make some friends and get and give support in weight loss. so here is a little back story.
    When I was a about 13 I was slightly bulimic I say slightly because I didn't do it for to long before I started just skipping meals. My skipping meals turned into skipping eating for a day then two days well days turned into weeks and eventually almost a month I say that part because I worry I messed up my body ( I wasn't thin thou about 200-210 ) anyway at 17 I seen I had a problem and I started eating in a healthy pattern and the weight dropped by 20 I was 160 by 22 I was 120. Then at 24 I got depressed and gained 100 pounds super fast. that made me more depressed. Now I am 28 and I weigh 264. so hi this is me I have two boys and a husband that likes to hike.
  • I would say depression has definitely not been on my side with weight gain... poor self esteem, other people's rudeness, hypothyroidism, PCOS all has depression with them its like a viscous cycle.