Looking for some help from a friend

  • Hi there!

    I should say I'm back as I've been in and out for years on diet sites, tracking sites, you name it. But alas, back again.

    So why will this time be different? Well...I'm at my wits end. I cried in class the other day...it was a very unemotional lecture (I won't bore you with the details of that, it's bad enough I had to sit through it), and talking to my boyfriend via text (let me just repeat, it was a boring lecture). We talked about my weight that morning, and tears just started running down my face. I bit my lip, left the room, and cried in the bathroom over the amount of disappointment and sadness i feel whenever I see myself. Clearly, this cannot continue!!!

    I can rant and go on about myself all day but really I'd just LOVE to have a workout/diet/weight loss buddy! And a real person, someone going through what i'm going through, and who I can help motivate along with me - I'm tired of the many sites out there littered with serial praisers, or people insisting i just need to only drink lukewarm water, or those who swear if i just buy this wrap i'll lose 3 inches by next week! No thanks.

    Anyway, if anyone would like to work on their progress with me, please send me a message! Let's find each other and lose some poundage
  • Hey! Are you still up for the weight loss buddy? I'm in! I have faced worser things.. And moreover being 21 and having a bad body is so painful.
  • Hope you stick around and become involved in some of the threads -- they are helpful in finding ways to make weight loss fun.


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