Returning after 3 years....

  • Hello all.

    I should be a success story. I was last here May 2012 apparently. I have glanced at some of my early posts....I had just started running, and I was still paleo/low carb/ketogenic in those days.

    Long story short. Went plant based, low fat. Lost all the weight, got my life back, took running seriously, started running with walk 1 min, run one min, did 5 km, then 10 km, then a half marathon, then another, a marathon and a 50 km ultra...I even gave talks about running and weight loss.

    And now it is all going to custard. I am going the wrong way. Weight is creeping slowly back up, and the running is dropping away.


    I am back here for accountability and friendship.

    I am 52 years old, mum of 3, one in his last year at school, one at university, one grown and flown. We are shortly to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary and I so want to be heading in the right direction again by then...eating right, not stuffing myself with trigger foods, not overeating, and above all.....running again.

    So hello folks. Here I go...holds out hands to find other hands to hold on the journey.
  • Hi there,

    You did amazingly well with your weight loss and your running, well done!

    I am also back and was probably at my lowest, happiest and most focused three years ago too (just worked it out as it's a friend's third wedding anniversary today and I was feeling fab on her big day!)

    I am now back to fat and unfit but ready to take the challenge again and little by little find and keep the 'other' me....

    Let's both make today a good day
  • Hi Step, together we can do this...we've done it before, we can do it again! I lost 40kg the first time round, and I have about 10 to go again.

    One day at a time!

    Just to let you know....I may be out of step (!) with my posting as I am in a way different time zone
  • back! and for getting back on track and not giving up...You done this before and you certainly can make it happen again. Good luck to you with your running efforts!!
  • Thank you for the encouragement Lilliann. It looks like you are just starting out? Congratulations on making that first step. It's all down hill from here!
  • Welcome back!

    Any idea where it is going wrong for you? Activity or food or ?
  • Don't worry about being out of step

    I get used to it!

    Breakfast here and it's an egg morning, yippeee! I am really enjoying planning and cookking and then enjoying my meals and snacks at the moment.

    I saw a KG disappear on the scales this morning, I know it's beginning water/air/whatever moving on out and that it won't keep up, but hey, a loss is a loss and it's given me great resolve to keep it going!

    I got within 10KG of my goal last time around, maybe 8away and that's when I got really lazy as I already liked how I was so lost focus. This time I'm determined to take it slow but reach healthy BMI for my future health

    Have a great evening/night!