New Year! + It's a Life Style Change

  • Hello Everyone!

    Well first of all I hope all of you are having a wonderful start of the year.

    As you all may have seen on social media it is "New Year + New Me" season, and you may have seen how people have been poking fun of those that have made working out + losing weight part of their New Year's resolution. I personally do not find it funny because there are people like me who are actually serious about this. I am actually very serious about sticking to my goals which include losing weight, and becoming a vegetarian.

    I'm very excited for 2015, for I am committed to becoming a healthier me. I always made excuses in the past for not exercising, but that all stops today! I am tired of always being picked on at family reunions for being the "fat one". I am tired of never finding clothes in my size. I m tired of not being satisfied with what I see in the mirror. I am tired of almost having a mental breakdown in the fitting room. Most importantly I am tired of all the negative thoughts and all the negative commentary.

    2015 is my year, for this is the year I turn 15. More specifically this Sunday, January 4. This is the year i will achieve many milestone in my life and hopefully becoming fit is on of them.

  • Hey! We are the same height and starting near the same place (as well as the same goal)

    I'm excited to see how we progress!
  • Welcome fabulousfatty!

    Let me know if you want any tips regarding vegetarianism - it can definitely help weight loss, as long as you don't replace meat with cheese (which is what I did at first and got to my heaviest weight... I'm now vegan).

    Agree about ignoring those who make fun of people who want to get fit. I think the best feeling would be to show them in a few months' time how successful you were because you stuck to it!
  • Welcome and Happy Belated Birthday